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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Because she married a Christian....GRAPHIC VIDEO

Inhumane: In the 2010 video an unidentified woman is ordered to get on her knees as police gear up to whip her

Meriam is still recovering from giving birth to her daughter Maya two weeks ago in the prison in the Sudanese capital Khartoum where she has been held captive since last September.

Her son Martin, 20 months, has been in custody with her the whole time too.

Meriam, 27, a doctor, was put on death row after being convicted of apostasy and adultery by a strict Islamic court.

Her case has attracted the condemnation of the governments of Britain, the US and the Netherlands who have branded her treatment as 'barbaric'.

The Sudanese government appeared to be on the verge of agreeing to releasing Meriam last week under the growing international pressure - but did a dramatic U-turn.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2655299/The-barbaric-fate-awaits-mother-sentenced-hang-100-lashes-Sudan-marrying-Christian-Meriam-Ibrahims-supporters-release-shocking-video-woman-flogged-public.html#ixzz34N15sXmV

Same number of troops to Russia and Nato

Russia's Baltic Fleet practices air assault and amphibious assault landing (Archive)

MOSCOW, June 11 (RIA Novosti) – Russia deployed a number of troops in the military exercise in Kaliningrad Region comparable to the number of NATO drill participants in the Baltic region, Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported Wednesday.

“The forces and equipment that Russia’s Ministry of Defense involved in Kaliningrad Region drills is comparable to the number of soldiers, weapons and equipment deployed by NATO member countries in their border exercises,” the ministry’s press release reads.

Russia’s Baltic Fleet is taking part in the exercises together with the Air Force and paratroopers. The exercises are taking place at the same time as the NATO international Saber Strike and Baltops drills. NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen earlier connected the Russian exercise with the alliance’s measures to beef up their defense.

Twenty-four warships and other vessels are providing security for the exercises. Currently, participants in the Russian drill are completing their relocation and starting to prepare for joint activities.

Marines are to equip field command centers and fortifications, work on tactical activities to defend the coast from marines landing by sea, and train to block and eliminate illegal military groups.

After the situation in Ukraine escalated, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described NATO troops increased activities in Eastern Europe near Russian borders as “unprecedented.”

Recently, US President Barack Obama confirmed the US intends to strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe and guarantee security to its non-NATO allies.

Credit t RIA Novosti

The True Story of The Bilderberg Group and the Nuclear War with Russia

Israel Defence Forces Camera's Register Syrian Army Attack

Watch: Muslim Mob Block Jewish Entry to Temple Mount

Muslims visitors to the Temple Mount formed a riotous mob on Tuesday on the inner side of the Mughrabi Gate, the only point of access for Jewish visitors, prompting Israeli police to submit to their violent outbursts and ban Jewish entry.

The ban blocked Jews from visiting the holiest site in Judaism during the only hour in the afternoon when they are generally allowed access. The move follows police removing Jewish visitors on Sunday and Monday, also due to Muslim violence.

Video from the raucous incident was uploaded to YouTube later on Tuesday by the Joint HQ for Temple Movements:

On Sunday, Jewish visitors were removed from the site by police through the Chain Gate on the western side of the Temple Mount, after Muslim rioters threw stones and shoes at them from the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The script repeated itself on Monday, when police removed a Jewish group consisting of a groom and his entourage through the Gate of the Tribes, after Muslim visitors tried to corner them from different sides in a threatening manner.

In the latest incident on Tuesday, Muslim rioters organized themselves in advance, with dozens of them marching to the only gate through which Jewish access is permitted by the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic trust) that administers the site in a de facto manner.

Their march was under the declared intention of blocking Jews from visiting the Mount, in an act of revenge to the police for limiting entrance to Muslim visitors and allowing Jewish visitors on Shavuot eve last Tuesday, after receiving intelligence of planned violence by Islamists. Police banned Jews again on the Shavuot holiday itself, as Muslim rioters were witnessed on site.

Yehuda Glick, head of the LIBA Movement for Freedom of Movement on the Temple Mount, condemned the police submission to Muslim violence.

"Someone has to wake up before there's a tragedy. We can't give a prize to rioters. The barrage in recent days doesn't bode well; the government has to order the police to take serious preventative actions before this dangerous snowball explodes in all our faces," warned Glick.

Credit to Arutz Sheva

Enslaving Humanity by Weaponizing Water

The ultimate control: The Weaponizing of Water
The ultimate control: The Weaponizing of Water

Many people are aware that the globalists are attacking humanity in every aspect on multiple fronts. However, what many do not realize is the globalist attacks upon humanity is present in every fabric of our lives. It is stories like these that make this fact so abundantly clear.

Venezuela: The Canary In the Mine

In a scene reminiscent of the 2008 bailouts in which Hank Paulson and friends raped the American economy, Venezuela’s economy is in shambles because its leaders are more worried about pleasing bondholders and importers than meeting the basic needs of its citizens.
Venezuela presently is a record $25 billion in arrears to importers and has its citizens waiting hours in line to buy drinking water. Further, its citizens are finding it increasingly necessary to cross borders in search of medicine. Meanwhile, President Nicolas Maduro is using the nation’s dwindling supply of dollars to enrich bondholders.
The real story in Venezuela is not the declining dollars, but the emerging water crisis. The situation is turning very threatening to well-being of the population. If Maduro continues to serve the banksters and the preferred insiders, the water crisis could lead to a civil war. In fact, there are widespread water shortages across the planet that threaten to push the entire planet into a state of perpetual state of social unrest and even war could break out over control of this most precious resource. 
Much has been written about the past wars that have been fought over oil (e.g. Gulf War 1), the wars that have been fought over oil and gas (e.g. Arab Spring) and the wars which will be fought over oil and gas (e.g. Ukraine, Syria and Iran). What is missing from most conversations is that the wars of the future will be fought over water, leaving oil as a secondary consideration.

The Next Ten Years

According to the United Nations research and scientific studies, nearly two-thirds of the entire population inhabiting the planet will face severe, life-threatening water shortages by the year 2025. The reasons most often cited for the water shortages are waste and poor planning which will result in uneven distribution.
Presently this problem is primarily a third world problem. However, the UN report and other ancillary reports mention that England faces serious water shortages and the United States is not far behind England.
In the United States, the planning and contrived water shortages are already underway. T. Boone Pickens is buying up the Ogallala Water Aquifer, the largest in North America. Jesse Ventura, on his show Conspiracy Theory, documented how Nestle is shipping Great Lake water to places like China at the expense of the American taxpayers. I have also documented how in places like Northern and Central California and Southern Oregon, the EPA is systematically removing local farmer and rancher access to water.

The Defense Intelligence Agency Warns the World

Even the Defense Intelligence Agency has clearly echoed the dire warnings of the United Nations report by stating that unstable water supplies will greatly impact all and water will subsequently be used as a weapon. The DIA report evoked a reaction from former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,just prior to leaving office as she commented that the DIA’s findings are “sobering” and that as the world’s population continues to expand, the demand for water will increase but fresh water supplies will not keep pace.

Overpopulation Is the New Globalist Paradigm

Please take note of the fact that the globalists never miss an opportunity to promote the false paradigm of overpopulation in order to justify their depopulation agenda. In several places, the globalists are proclaiming overpopulation to be the new threat to humanity. This has become necessary because the globalists believe that an increasing number of people are waking up to the man-made climate change fraud. Hillary Clinton has commented that as water shortages grow, this inevitably will lead to regional conflicts and violence between nation states and within nation states and that overpopulation is at the root of the problem.
One has to tip their hat to the globalists for their dynamic and flexible approach to achieve total global domination. As the world tires of the phony excuses to fight the banker inspired wars over oil, the globalists have shifted their strategy to appeal to human beings’ basic instinct, the inherent need to possess food and water in order to survive. Clinton, the United Nations and the Defense Intelligence Agency are nicely setting the table for what is to come; a planned global water shortage which can be manipulated into a greater stranglehold on vital resources by the globalists. Look at the latest media documentaries, many are merely a reproduction of this same mantra. This is a classic case of the Hegelian Dialectic in action.
In reality, the plan to bring the world to its knees through the global elite’s creation of artificial water shortages, is already underway. The reports from the DIA and the UN should be labeled status reports, instead of futuristic projections. Consider the following water-related facts from an existing set of realities. Twenty percent of the world’s population, presently lack access to an adequate supply of clean drinking water. Global water consumption is doubling every 20 years, more than twice the rate of human population growth.

The Progress of Contrived Water Shortages

The above-mentioned facts can be exploited by the globalists through controlling water supplies and creating more artificial shortages. The globalist plan to bring the world to its knees by controlling water is already bearing fruit as 31 countries currently face water scarcity. Globalist industries have been doing their part to ferment this conspiracy as more than half the world’s major rivers are either dead or are hopelessly polluted. More evidence to support the notion that the globalist plan is working is evidenced by the fact that, in third world countries, water borne illnesses account for most deaths. Water safety issues are being exacerbated and the death curve is dramatically spiking. Tragically, these deaths are almost completely preventable. As both the UN and DIA reports mention, that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in absolute water scarcity and accompanying food shortages. There will no shortage of willing and desperate soldiers to fight in the coming water wars.
The globalists plan for complete planetary domination is brilliant. First, the globalists are making very good progress at privatizing (i.e. stealing) the most precious resource on the planet. Secondly, the globalists will be in position to carry out their much exalted strategy of depopulation. Their plan is incredibly evil due to the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of innocent people who will perish, but it is very brilliant.

Bolivia Was the Beta Test

Bolivia was the beta test for this planned takeover of water.  Bolivia defaulted on its World Bank debt obligations and their water supplies went into receivership, controlled by the globalists, and water prices skyrocketed by 400%.
This scheme is also present in Lima, Peru, where the typical poor family pays private vendors up to $3 per cubic meter to collect contaminated water in buckets while the elite pay 30 cents per cubic meter for treated water that pours out of taps in their homes.
In India, some families spend a quarter of their income on water. Debt manipulation, for the ultimate purpose of controlling water, is not just in play in the third world. The derivative debt has paralyzed the economies of Europe and the United States. Debt default, followed by the banker bailouts. How long will it be until the globalists have to bail out the American economy while we continue on our trek towards unsustainable debt?  When America’s economy falters, the bankers, armed with their central bank printing presses, will come to the rescue. The price for their intervention, judging by what happened in Bolivia, will be total control over our infrastructure and the control of all water will be at the top of the list. Collecting rainwater and purifying stream water to drink, will become illegal acts. All water will be obtained through the public private partnership corporations and you can bet, as history has set the precedent, water will get very expensive. The legal framework for the takeover of American water is already underway in many states, like Colorado, which has adopted policies which prohibit the trapping of rainwater or the reuse of irrigation water. This is how it started in Bolivia and now we are seeing the same thing within the United States.

Controlling Water Gives the Banksters Control Over Food

The DIA report prominently mentions that agriculture uses 70% of the world’s water supply. Therefore, it follows that water shortages will quickly lead to food shortages. And what do the globalists see as the solution to the resulting food crisis which will follow on the heels of the contrived water shortages? The globalists are using this opportunity to promote drought resistant GMO crops. That is right, they are promoting GMO’s on the heels of artificially contrived water shortages!  So, if you don’t die of thirst or break the family budget by attempting to obtain water, you will increasingly find yourself being poisoned by toxic, drought resistant GMO’s. These are the same GMO’s, when examined in French longitudinal studies that demonstrated that lab rats who consumed GMO’s developed fatal tumors and died. Again, the brilliance of this plan is stunning in which an artificial water shortage is created and the public will clamor for GMO drought resistant crops.

A False Paradigm

The globalist notion that they must reduce population in order to save humanity, is a based upon unproven facts and should be considered to be nothing but a deception.
History clearly shows that if one would want to reduce population the best way to do so is through massive industrialization. Presently, the Italian birthrate is 1,2 and the in the United States, the indigenous birthrate is 1.8. Both countries are symbolic of the fact that in industrialized societies, the birthrate declines dramatically because high numbers of children are not needed to work on farms that are far fewer in number. Any sociologist will tell you that birth control and industrialization go hand in hand. Therefore, the globalists should be trying to industrialize the third world instead of preventing progress and deindustrializing everyone else.


The United States is also being pulled into this unhealthy paradigm of an artificially contrived water shortage, through outright theft, government assisted privatization and subsequent hording. Some local American municipalities are already experiencing similar rate increases which are common in the third world.
If all of the other globalist plans to manipulate the planet into accepting a world-wide government and economic system were to fail, the control of water would still represent their default position. If one controls the water, one controls the planet and everyone in it.

water wars 1

 Credit to Common Sense

USA Embassy In Israel "Raised The Gay Pride Flag"

A rainbow flag indicating support for the LGBTQ community was raised over the US embassy in Tel Aviv for the first time Tuesday, according to US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro.

“For the first time in history,” wrote Shapiro on his Facebook page, “the US Embassy in Tel Aviv has raised the Pride flag together with our American flag. We are proud to join with the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and its residents in celebrating LGBT Pride Week.”

Read more: US embassy raises flag in support of TLV pride week | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/us-embassy-raises-flag-in-support-of-tlv-pride-week/#ixzz34LUt9pqh

Russia holds Baltic drills alongside NATO Saber Strike war games

Will Spain Default?

With 10Y yields trading below those of US Treasuries, asking the question of Spain's rising default risk seems risible but as Bloomberg's Maxime Sbaihi notes, the longer the euro flirts with deflation, the higher the risk that the heavily indebted (and becoming more so) countries will be tempted to default. Of course, this 'concern' is entirely ignored by the 'market' as Draghi has promised enough liquidity to soak up every short-dated bond but as the European Union's so-called "1/20 rule" suggests - requiring states to reduce excessive (over 60% Debt/GDP) by 1/20th every year or face a fine of 0.2% of GDP - Spain, it appears has 5 options to escape this vicious circle... and one of those isrestructuring...

To reduce its public debt, Spain can choose among five options, which are not mutually exclusive.
  1. The first is to attempt to grow GDP faster than public debt in order to reduce the ratio. According to International Monetary Fund forecasts, annual GDP growth in Spain will remain below 1.3 percent until 2020. This is not enough to stabilize the debt ratio, according to Bloomberg Brief calculations.
  2. The second option is to pursue fiscal adjustment until the primary balance — the budget balance without debt interest payments — reaches a surplus. With a primary deficit of 4 percent, Spain still needs further consolidation, heightening political risk from voters who show increasing signs of austerity fatigue. Reducing the deficit too quickly might also endanger the recovery.
  3. Another option is financial repression,involving state-dictated measures such as interest-rate caps, direct lending to the government or regulation of capital flows. This runs up against reputation risk, political backlash and legal issues, especially in a currency union. Yet it remains a possibility after some features were implemented during the banking sector bailout in Cyprus.
  4. Another even more radical option is torestructure or fully default on the debt.That has become more conceivable with the Greek precedent and years of austerity fatigue. In a December 2013 paper on debt restructuring, Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff warned: “restructurings will be needed, particularly, for example, in the periphery of Europe, far beyond anything discussed in public to this point.”
  5. One final option is to rely on inflation.Spain’s public debt is fixed in nominal terms, except for one 5 billion euro inflation-linked bond issuance last month. Higher inflation means a lower real value for repayments. Given the current debt stock, even 3 percent inflation in Spain would only reduce public debt to GDP by 1 percentage point by 2025, according to Bloomberg Brief calculations based on IMF projections
Repression has been tried and the banks are already neck deep in it... growth is a joke in the new normal... fiscal adjustment is simply (as we have seen) too much pain for politicians... and inflation is going the wrong way... leaving one option (as unpalatable as it is)... default/restructure.
Credit to Zero Hedge

Freedom Is Now Terrorism

Expert Says European 'Intifada' is Coming

British Islamists protest Danish cartoon insulting Mohammed, 2006

Dr. Boaz Ganor, the Director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), predicted Tuesday that Europe will be facing a full-blown Muslim-Arab intifada soon, much like the violent uprising that Israel faced starting in the late 1980s.

Ganor based his prediction on the recent upsurge in islamist terror, and explained that the second generation of Muslim immigrants in Europe does not remember the characteristics of the lives their parents led in their countries of origin, does not feel gratitude for the European citizenship that their parents received. These second-generation immigrants and feel alienated and discriminated against, and believe they are treated as second rate citizens.

Speaking at a conference held by the Van Leer Institute, Ganor said that the main threat against Israel is Iran, because Syria and Iraq are in no condition for war. Relations with Egypt are peaceful, and the Egyptian army was badly damaged by the internecine fighting in the country.

He also pointed to cooperation regarding security arrangements along the Sinai border and in Gaza as signs that no danger is facing Israel from Egypt at the moment.

Credit to Arutz Sheva

Obama's: Goal Collapse America