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Saturday, December 13, 2014

US Congress readies new sanctions on Russia

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U.S. lawmakers were expected on Friday to approve new sanctions on Russian weapons companies and investors in the country's high-tech oil projects, putting more U.S. pressure on President Vladimir Putin for interference in eastern Ukraine.

Late on Thursday, the Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. A House panel made a small change and sent the bill back to the Senate for a last vote expected as soon as late Friday.

President Barack Obama has said he opposes further sanctions on Russia unless Europe is on board.

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Derivative Death Nail: CROMNIBUS Passes House, Big Banks Win

Paying Down The Debt Is Now Almost Mathematically Impossible

Exactly 199 years ago, in 1815, a “temporary” committee was established in the US Senate called the Committee on Finance and Uniform National Currency.
It was set up to address economic issues and the debt accrued by the US government after the War of 1812.
Of course, because there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary government measure, the committee became a permanent one after just one year.
It soon expanded its role from raising tariffs to having influence over taxation, banking, currency, and appropriations.
In subsequent wars, notably the American Civil War, the Committee was quick to use its powers and introduced the union’s first income tax. They also detached the dollar from gold to help fund the war.
This was all an indication of things to come.
Over the subsequent decades there was a sustained push to finally establish the country’s central bank that will control money and credit, as well as institute a permanent income tax to feed the expanding aspirations of government.
They succeeded in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed and the 16th Amendment ratified, binding the country in the shackles of central banking and taxation of income.
Over the century that followed, the US has gone from being the biggest creditor in the world to its biggest debtor.
Decades of expanding government programs, waste, endless and costly wars, etc. have racked up such an enormous pile of debt that it has become almost impossible to pay it down.
A lot of folks don’t realize that, since the end of World War II, the US government’s total tax revenue has been almost constant at roughly 17% of GDP.
In other words, even though the actual tax rates themselves rise and fall, the government’s ‘slice’ of the economic pie is almost always the same - 17%.
I’ve worked out a mathematical model which shows that, even with absurd assumptions (7%+ GDP growth for years at a time, low interest rates, etc.), it is simply not feasible for the US government to ‘grow’ its way out.
Default has become the only option. And that could mean a number of things.
They could default on their creditors (other governments like China who loaned money to the US government). But this would spark a global financial and banking crisis.

They could default on the Federal Reserve, which owns trillions of dollars of US debt. But this would create an epic currency crisis for the US dollar.

They could also default on their obligations to their citizens—primarily to future beneficiaries of Social Security (who collectively own trillions of dollars of US debt).

Or they could choose to default on their obligations to every human being alive who holds US dollars… and engineer rampant inflation.
None of these is a good option. And simply put, the US government has reached a point of no return.
I aim to demonstrate this to you in today’s video podcast episode. It’s a very sobering realization.
Join me to see it for yourself:

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What Is Going on in Kentucky? Residents Report “Emergency Alert” Messages and Low-Flying Military Helicopters

On Tuesday, thousands of Kentucky residents received an alarming “Civil Emergencyalert on their cell phones.
The message was sent by the Emergency Operations Center. Spokesman Buddy Rogers saidthe alert was accidentally sent out “during testing” and was the result of  a “computer error followed by a human error.”
Rogers said the message was sent to cell phones via the Federal Communication Commission’s Wireless Emergency Alert system.
From WTVQ.com:New
According to the FCC, the Wireless Emergency Alert system is a publicsafety system that allows customers who own certain wireless phonemodels and other enabled mobile devices to receive geographically-targeted, text-like messages alerting them of imminent threats to safety in their area.
Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reported that many residents find the messages – which are meant to warn people of immediate safety threats in their area – invasive.
Here’s Watson reporting on the story:

The bizarre message isn’t the only funny business going on in Kentucky, though:
As Watson reported yesterday:
Kentucky residents flooded the Laurel Co. Sheriff Department’s Facebook page with complaints about low flying military helicopters which coincided with a government “emergency alert” sent to thousands of people’s cellphones yesterday.
However, over a hundred respondents flooded the comments of a Sheriff Department’s Facebook post, many of whom reported seeing military helicopters performing low-flying maneuvers immediately after the alert was sent out.
Residents also contacted Infowars, with one writing, “I’m a London Kentucky resident who received this horrible message today along with all of my friends and family. The most un-nerving part of it all was all of the Black Hawk Helicopters in our skies at the same time… This was NO ACCIDENT!!!”
The reader went on to state that locals watched the helicopters “take off from our tiny airport out of nowhere”.
Residents questioned the timing of the “erroneous” message and the presence of the helicopters in the area:
“What was the deal with the low flying Chinook that rattled my roof shortly before the test msg,” asked Casey Woods.
“6 black helicopters above our house this morning shook the whole house!! Then this..scary!” stated Leila Hughes.
“Black hawks everywhere…something isn’t right.. or is it just a parade?” questioned Kyndra Mink.
“If it was just a test then how come 6 army helicopters was flying in formation over Clay Co just moments after the text was sent out?” asked Angie Gibson.
“I don’t care what they say, that wasn’t a test, it was a warning….there’s a few other comments from people that know what I’m talking about,” stated Vince Bowling.
“Maybe they just want us to think it’s a test,” said Angel Norton.
Some speculated that perhaps the message wasn’t sent in error – maybe it was just sent to the wrong people. Maybe it was meant for government employees or emergency responders.
Watson and others have suggested this could be a cover-up of some kind, or a test run formartial law.
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