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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doctor Calls For Evacuation of Japan

Our Astonishing Universe

Dr. Jim Willie: Doubling of Gold Price Overnight

Somalia cyclone: 140 confirmed dead in Puntland

A cyclone that hit Somalia's north-eastern Puntland region at the weekend is known to have killed 140 people, and the number could rise to 300, a government minister has said.

The central government has declared a state of emergency in the region, and has appealed for international aid.

Thousands of livestock have also died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the cyclone, known as 03A.

The cyclone has subsided, but officials say heavy rains are still expected.

Puntland is a semi-autonomous region within Somalia and a large part of its population relies on livestock herding and fishing.

'Medicines needed'

The tropical cyclone swept through the Eyl, Beyla, Dangorayo and Hafun districts along the east coast and across to Alula on the tip of the Horn of Africa.

"So far we have confirmed the storm killed 140 people. We are afraid the death toll may reach 300 because many people are still missing," Puntland's Interior Minister Abdullahi Ahmed told Reuters news agency.

A government statement said Puntland's security forces had failed to transport 60 tonnes of aid to affected communities because heavy flooding had made many dirt roads to the worst-affected areas impassable.

"The storm has destroyed entire villages, homes, buildings and boats," the statement added.

Makeshift shelters had been built to accommodate displaced people, it said.

The government has appealed to international aid agencies to help with air-drops of relief supplies, including clean water, non-perishable food, tents, blankets and medicines.

Ten doctors and two ambulances were attending to people in need of medical treatment, the statement said.

On Tuesday, Somalia's government pledged $1m (£628,000) to help communities devastated by the cyclone.

The central government "shared the pain" of communities, Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon said.


Jim Rogers: "This Is Absolute Insanity"

"It's not just the Fed, it's central banking," Jim Rogers exclaims to Reuters,"this is absolute insanity." As the world's central banks, for the first time in history "try to debase their currencies," simultaneously, Rogers cautions, "the world's floating around on a huge artificial sea of liquidity." Rogers goes on to explain that he doesn't expect Bernanke to taper and fears that Yellen won't either but hopes that she "knows that this is going to cause problems when they stop producing so much money." His ominous warning, eventually "it's going to dry up.. and when it dries up, we're all going to pay the price for this madness."

Is the Fed doing more harm than good..?

"Central Banks are making a terrible mistake..."

Credit to Zero Hedge

Using Philippine Crisis to Push Gun Control Agenda

Beast Tech Part Number 10

Now consider the Federal Reserve, an entity closely tied to the policies and policymakers of the CFR. 

We all are familiar with the term “prime rate.” That is the lowest interest rate set by the Fed (the rate paid by large banks that borrow from them and then increase the interest rate as they lend the money to you, i.e., “prime-plus”). The prime rate fluctuates frequently and regularly, with interest rates determined by the Fed in an attempt to manipulate inflation and recession, followed by immediate reaction by the stock market in response to whichever direction the variable interest takes. In a brochure by Thomas D. Schauf, a certified public accountant, the Fed is exposed totally. He encourages reprinting his brochure freely, so I have quoted some of his information below:

The Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) can write a check for an unlimited amount of money to buy government bonds and the US Treasury prints the money to back up the check. UNBELIEVABLE… IT’S TRUE. Read National Geographic, January 1993, pg. 84. Go to the library and read the books exposing this SCAM. The Fed is a private bank for profit…just like any business. Check the Encyclopaedia Britannica or, easier yet, look in the 1992 Yellow Pages. The Fed is listed under COMMERCIAL BANKS, not GOVERNMENT. The Fed is no more a Federal agency than Federal Express.

Schauf goes on to explain some of the intricacies of how the Fed prints currency, then sells it to the government in exchange for government bonds, on which we pay interest, and that become part of the national debt that we, the taxpayers, are obligated to repay. Then the Fed sells these instruments to others, including foreign agencies, spreading around, as it were, our debtors. It seems the Fed doesn’t want to keep all its eggs in one basket, or, to put it another way, if it spreads around the debt, it also spreads around the risks. Just remember, as it sells off this debt and receives funds or obligations for funds in exchange, it hasn’t yet done anything to earn this money but authorize the printing of the currency. A pretty good scam, isn’t it? For a more detailed account of how all this works, I recommend reading Wright Patman’s A Primer on Money.

This system can be bypassed; we can print our own money, as the Constitution requires. “On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy (JFK) [issued] Executive Order 11110 [one of the rare instances when this executive power was used for something worthwhile] [and] printed real US dollars with no debt or interest attached, because he bypassed the Federal Reserve Bank. Upon his death the printing ceased and the currency was withdrawn. Want proof? Ask any coin-dealer for a 1963 Kennedy dollar… It says ‘United States Note,’ NOT ‘Federal Reserve Note’” (Thomas D. Schauf, CPA, FED-UPTM, in a tax petition letter to concerned citizens, viewable here: last accessed September 25, 2013).

Another major faction involved in world control through economics and trade is the Trilateral Commission (founded 1973, by David Rockefeller), the purpose of which was “to promote world government by encouraging economic interdependence among the [three] superpowers [North America, Japan, and Europe]” (“New World Order Quotes—1975–79”). Rockefeller selected Zbigniew Brzezinski (later to become President Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor) as the commission’s first director and invited President Carter to become a founding member. In his book, Between Two Ages, Brzezinski calls for a new international monetary system and a global taxation system. He praised Marxism as a “creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision” and quoted New Ager de Chardin.

By 1979, just six years after the TLC was founded, its activities were already known well enough to be addressed by retiring Arizona senator Barry Goldwater in his autobiography, With No Apologies. Goldwater writes:

In my view the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate four centers of power—political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. All this is to be done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. What the Trilateralists truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved. They believe the abundant materialism they propose to create will overwhelm existing differences. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future.

There are three main democratic and industrialized zones: Europe, Japan, and America (including Canada). These three areas make up the Trilateral Commission, to which approximately 325 important figureheads with varying responsibilities belong.

In 1973, upon the initiation of the first triennium (of the Trilateral Commission), during a period of great tension between world governments, the supposed principal function of this group of distinguished dignitaries was to draw the nations together and examine more closely and cooperatively the difficulties facing each area.

Under the surface, the United States had begun to impress that the American government was losing its sovereignty as international leader. The founders of the TLC saw bringing Europe and Japan in as equals as the obvious solution toward the common goal of a smoothly operating international system, one that would achieve to plot a more successful and mutually beneficial course for the nations in the coming years as challenges arose.

The rise of Japan and the emergence of the European Community (EC) dramatizes the importance of such shared leadership in the eyes of TLC members. And instead of seeing the breakup of the Soviet Union as beneficial, the TLC viewed it as the receding Soviet threat dissolving the “glue” holding the regions together as it began its 1991–94 triennium. They claim that handling economic tensions among our countries and sustaining the advantages of a global economy would be more of a struggle and demand upon those actively involved than it had prior.

From the 325-plus membership, an executive committee is selected, including the chairmen (one from each side of the triangle), deputy chairmen, and thirty-five others. Once each year, the full commission gathers in one of the regions; recent meeting locations have included Paris, Washington, DC, and Tokyo. Members insist these are not secret meetings, and as mentioned earlier, Henry Kissinger was interviewed by the media when entering a hotel conference room at one meeting, where he pointed out that the commission was not a secret organization; its meeting times and locations were in plain view for all to see. Of course, he failed to mention that the media representatives were not welcome at the meeting, nor would information discussed behind closed doors be made available for public discussion.

According to the TLC Organization and Policy Program publication, “A substantial portion of each annual meeting is devoted to consideration of draft [task] force reports to the Commission. These reports are generally the joint product of authors from each of the three regions who draw on a range of consultants in the course of their work. Publication follows discussion in the Commission’s annual meeting” (Antony Sutton, “Trilaterals Over America,” CPA Book Publishers, 1995; pdf of book available here: pdf). Although a number of changes are usually made after discussion, the authors are solely responsible for their final text.

In addition to task force reports, the commission considers other issues in seminars or topical sessions at its meetings. A wide range of subjects has been covered, including the social and political implications of inflation, prospects for peace in the Middle East, macroeconomic policy coordination, nuclear weapons proliferation, China and the international community, employment/unemployment trends and their implications, and the uses of space. Relations with developing countries have been a particular concern of the commission, and speakers from developing countries have addressed each annual meeting since 1980.

Task force reports are distributed only “to interested persons inside and outside government.” The same is true for the publication issued on each annual meeting.

The Bilderbergers

“Last, but not least” is a phrase that definitely fits this group. The Bilderbergers are power brokers of the world, and that is no exaggeration.

The Bilderbergers were founded in 1954 by Queen Juliana’s husband, Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. Queen Juliana was “among the first endorsers of ‘Planetary Citizens’ in the 1970s. Numerous leading Americans have been Bilderbergers, including Dean Acheson, Christian Herter, Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, George Ball,Henry Kissinger, and Gerald Ford” (Dennis L. Cuddy, “The New World Order—A Critique and Chronology,”Argumentations, January 1, 1992.)

The Bilderbergers, funded by major one-world institutions, was created to regionalize Europe. The Treaty of Rome, which established the Common Market (today’s European Community), was produced at Bilderberger secret meetings. Cross-membership with the CFR includes David Rockefeller, Winston Lord (State Department official and Bones family tree), Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski,Cyrus Vance, Robert McNamara (former World Bank president), George Ball (State Department and director of Lehman Brothers), Robert Anderson (ARCO president),Gerald Ford, Henry Grunwald (managing editor, Time),Henry J. Heinz II, Theodore Hesburgh (former Notre Dame president), and others.

Some reliable unnamed sources have provided a pipeline into the secret organization’s meetings and furnished copies of the “not for circulation” agenda and roster of attendees to reporters from the Spotlight. Again, the names read like a Who’s Who from around the world. In a report on the Bilderbergers meeting at Baden-Baden, Germany, June 6–9, 1991, reporter James P. Tucker, Jr. writes:

The Bilderbergers group plans another war within five years.

This grim news came from a “main pipeline”—a high-ranking Bilderberg staffer who secretly cooperated with our investigation—behind the guarded walls of the Badischer Hof, who was operating from inside with colleagues serving as “connecting pipe­lines.”…

While war plans were being outlined in “Bilderbergese,” the air traffic controller at Baden-Baden’s private airport reported numerous incoming flights from Brussels, where NATO headquarters are based.…

Aboard one of those planes, en route to the Bilderberg meeting, was Manfred Woerner, NATO’s general secretary.

It was repeatedly stated at the Bilderberg meeting that there will be “other Saddams” in the years ahead who must be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

What the Bilderberg group intends is a global army at the disposal of the United Nations, which is to become the world government to which all nations will be subservient by the year 2000.

Crucial to making the U.N. a strong world government…is to bestow it with “enforcement powers.” “A U.N. army must be able to act immediately, anywhere in the world, without the delays involved in each country making its own decision whether to participate, based on parochial considerations,” said Henry Kissinger…[who] expressed pleasure over the conduct of the Persian Gulf war, stressing that it had been sanctioned by the U.N., at the request of President George Bush, himself a Trilateral luminary, before the issue was laid before the U.S. Congress.

The fact that the president would make his case to the U.N. first, when the Constitution empowers only Congress to declare war, was viewed as a significant step in “leading Americans away from nationalism.”…

It was “good psychology” for Bush to allow congressional and other leaders to express their fear of losing 20,000 to 40,000 American lives [in the Gulf War]…when Bush knew the loss of life would be much lower.

When the allied casualty toll reached “only 378” and Americans read and heard of “only four” Americans dying in a week of ground war, it “was like nobody had died at all,” one said, “and Americans enjoyed it like an international sporting match.”

Such an adventure was essential to getting Americans into “the right frame of mind for the years ahead,” said another.… They promised each other, there will be “more incidents” for the U.N. to deal with in the years ahead. The Bilderberg group and its little brother, the Trilateral Commission, can set up “incidents” on schedule, they said, but in less direct words. The words “within five years” were heard repeatedly.

Another important step toward a strong, recognized, and accepted world government is taxing power.…

At its April meeting in Tokyo, the Trilateralists called for a U.N. levy of 10 cents per barrel of oil coming from the Persian Gulf. It would be as “temporary,” lasting only long enough to rebuild Kuwait and feed the Kurds until they are back on their feet.

The Bilderbergers approved of the move by their brother group, in which Rockefeller and Kissinger…serve as leaders. Once people get used to a tax, it never is repealed…it could be extended worldwide “with appropriate increases” in the years ahead.

From the sum total of all things said, the Bilderberg strategy emerged: Start the tax by imposing it on a newly established “bad guy” who must suffer, and use the revenue for such humanitarian purposes as feeding the Kurds. Keep the initial tax so low that the public is unaware that it is levied. Then kick it up. (James P. Tucker, Jr., “World Shadow Government Planning for Another War,”Spotlight, September 1991)

Also discussed was the dividing of the world into major regions, eliminating individual countries’ borders, “for convenience of administration.” Then the group was to apply pressure to the US to pass the free trade treaty with Mexico, another step toward establishing the Western Hemisphere as another region—first free trade with Canada, then Mexico, followed by all other Latin American nations.

The plan was to have a single currency for all of Europe by 1996, with a one-currency movement for the Western Hemisphere to follow, and ultimately a world government with world currency. The Bilderbergers have expressed their pleasure with the progress of the trade agreements/treaties that were underway.

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Australia says “No” to UN wish list of billions – will “not support socialism masquerading as environmentalism”

The UN wants $100 billion from wealthier countries (about $2.4 billion from Australians or $100 a person). The Australian government has produced a position statement for the Warsaw UNFCCC conference. It is unusually brutal. I don’t think I remember seeing the phrase about socialism “masquerading as environmentalism” in an official statement before. (I’m sure readers will correct me). It’s good to see some recognition that the science has become less clear, and that it may become more so.

Essentially, the new Australian government ‘s message to the UN is: we are reducing CO2, but we’re not giving you a cent. Furthermore, if the science becomes muddier, we might drop it. We don’t think this UN meeting is remotely important and we have better things to do. And when it comes to wealth transfer through the UN the answer is No. Thank. You.
The Australian has seen part of the document and it declares that, while Australia will remain “a good international citizen” and remains “committed to achieving the 5 per cent reduction” by 2020 of the 2000 levels of emissions, it will not sign up to any new agreement that involves spending money or levying taxes. - The Australian
The government’s document also says that Australia “will not support any measures which are socialism masquerading as environmentalism”.
The document’s commitment that the government “will review its commitment in 2015 in light of the science and international developments” deliberately allows a range of policy outcomes.
In the unlikely event that all major economies move in a concerted way, Australia could join in. However, the language provides that if the science becomes more unclear, and if nations move away from their earlier enthusiasm for action, then Australia also could wind back its efforts.
The timing of the Warsaw conference on climate change is difficult for the government. It has decided that neither Environment Minister Greg Hunt nor Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will attend.
The Abbott government does not expect any significant progress to occur at the Poland meeting.
Ms Bishop will be at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting while part of the conference is on, and then at the annual AUSMIN talks as the Warsaw conference draws to a conclusion.
The government regards AUSMIN, the annual foreign and defence ministers’ meeting between Australia and the US, as vastly more important.
Mr Hunt will be in parliament supervising the introduction of the legislation to repeal the carbon tax while the Warsaw conference is on. However, the government would most likely not have sent a minister in any circumstances as it does not believe the meeting will be of great significance.
Mr Abbott has been strongly critical of agreements in which Australian funds are used to buy permits that are meant to fund cuts to greenhouse gas reductions in other countries – a key mechanism in the global talks.
The Coalition based its criticism of Labor policy on official forecasts showing Australian emissions would rise over time and that the 5 per cent target was only reached by purchasing overseas permits at an eventual cost of $150bn a year in 2050.
“This is by far the biggest wealth transfer from Australians to foreigners that’s ever been contemplated,” Mr Abbott said of purchasing offshore carbon permits.

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Grid EX II and the Impact of An EMP Attack On America

The following material is grim, very grim. Let me get the dramatics out of the way in the very beginning. If a nation-wide EMP attack ever takes place in America, given our present level of preparedness, it will prove to be the most cataclysmic event in human history.
This is an article that I did not want to write. However, it is an article which represents completely known information but is normally not available outside academic and government sponsored conferences. I have synthesized and simplified much of the research in the hope of making the material understandable and useful to the general public.
Many authors who would write such an article would be immediately accused of fear-mongering. In this instance, I believe there is much to fear. Short of a 3 mile-wide asteroid landing n the ocean, I cannot think of a more devastating event than an EMP attack. If anything, the scenarios I present are on the very conservative side.
I strongly concur with my Congressman, Trent Franks, that an EMP attack is the most devastating event that our country could ever face. Congressman Franks represents a small group of Congressmen who have desperately been trying to attract attention to the possibility that a nation-wide EMP attack would prove more devastating than if a dozen of our cities were to be hit by a nuclear attack. America could mostly recover from the latter, but there might not be any recovery from a nationwide EMP attack.
This article is not an inventory of all things that could go wrong following an EMP attack, it is a cross-sectional view of events. Suffice it to say that there would be nobody who would be left untouched by an EMP attack.

Our Power Grid Is Very Vulnerable

Our power grid is susceptible to hurricanes, flooding, lightening strikes and Corona Mass Ejections (CME). The grid is also vulnerable to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Dr. John Casti, author of the book, X Events The Collapse of Everythingstates that EMP is only something that we have known about since the 1950′s when the United States detonated nuclear weapons in above-ground testing in the South Pacific. When one sets off a nuclear weapon, a pulse is emitted which “short circuits” all electronics and permanently damages them.
In 2010, an executive summary from the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission, warned that an EMP would destroy the power grid, or at minimum, would seriously damage it. The most malicious threat would be a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP).  A HEMP attack would have a devastating impact on all the normal channels of government coordination and communication, including intelligence and data gathering assets, and nuclear forensics. Indeed, with a  severe societal breakdown, the basic continuity of government agencies would be at risk. Under such circumstances, it is judged unlikely that the source of a  HEMP attack, given even a minimal attempt to disguise it, would ever be known.
Our constitutional freedoms and liberties as well as our 300 million handguns would prove to be an effective deterrent against an occupying force.
If the globalists desire totally to collapse the resistance of America an EMP/HEMP would be an excellent method to eliminate the American civilian threat. The cap and trade extreme environmentalists would jump for joy because all industrial activity would be immediately halted.
In two years following an EMP attack, with the majority of people dead (see below), there would be no opposition to a Chinese/Russian military occupation for the remaining populace.
You say, that you don’t believe that this will happen? Then explain to me why the Russians and the Chinese are being allowed to participate in Grid EX II (see the previous article)? Until this question can be satisfactorily answered, then we must view their presence on our soil as provocative to say the least.
Adding to the likelihood that an EMP would be used to subdue this country is the fact that the United States military system is protected against EMP and the American businesses and the general public are not. Therefore, critical infrastructure controlled by the globalists could survive while the rest of us fight for our survival.

The Most Devastating Delivery Method of a HEMP

Most experts agree that the most effective delivery method for a nation-wide EMP, or HEMP attack would be the Club-K Container Missile System.  In its advertised versions, it is designed for launching four or six cruise missiles; It could obviously be converted for a long-range ballistic missile. A Scud-D ballistic missile would fit quite easily into this container as well. These delivery devices would be readily available on the open market and a cargo ship could be rigged to launch such missiles.
I have publicly heard Congressman Trent Franks speak to the fact that ah EMP attack would likely consist of two high-altitude nuclear explosions over the mid-continental United States. The resulting EMP, or HEMP to be more accurate, would take out the power grid.

Grid EX II

I emphatically stated in my last article that I do not believe that the November 13-14 Grid EX II drill will produce an EMP event. I want to emphasize that it is not likely that a false flag EMP attack will occur this week as part of the Grid EX II drill. However, it is highly likely that such an attack will take place in our future. Remember, outgoing DHS director, Janet Napolitano, stated in her August 2013 farewell address that it is not a matter of if but when such an attack will occur.
Even if the attack did not take the form a false flag attack, Russia, China and North Korea all possess devastating EMP capabilities. Russia is considered the leader in EMP weapons technology.
I want to emphatically reiterate that I am highly concerned about the presence of two nations, who have both threatened to nuke the United States in the past two years, and the fact that they are being allowed to participate in the simulated take-down drill involving our power grid. Treason or insanity? You decide.
The reasons that I do not think that we will see a false flag event, despite the fact that this event is unfolding like so many false flag events of the past (e.g. 9/11, 7/7 London bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing), is due to the fact that the bad guys are not ready. The military’s leadership has not been sufficiently purged and Obama needs more time to complete an absolute takeover of the American military from a leadership standpoint. Secondly, the martial law troops consisting of the Russians and Chinese, both a part of Grid EX II, need to be trained on how to carry their roles on American soil.
I do believe that it is likely that we will see sporadic power outages in isolated portions of the country as a part of a beta test. However, just like the EBT beta test a few weeks ago, the event should not last very long, and if you are unlucky enough to get caught in the in the wrong place at the wrong time, don’t panic.
Just like the Boston Marathon bombing, the Grid EX II is a dress rehearsal for the event and the subsequent martial law enforcement from the Chinese and Russian troops which are participating in the drill.
grid ex ii

A Cross-Section of Effects of A HEMP

Nearly all of the commercial sector is not protected. Most data backups of commercial systems are protected from just about every other threat, but not protected against EMP; and most data backups are located within the area likely to be affected by the EMP attack. Computer systems and the information they contain are especially vulnerable.  In the oldDark Angel television series used to say, in the first episode of the old Dark Angel television series, “ . . . the electromagnetic pulse turned all the one and zeros into plain old zeros . . .”
An EMP attack would literally send thousands of small and mid-sized businesses in the United States into bankruptcy in less than a millisecond. Other than your printed statements, the banks would have no records of your ledger sheet.


Education records would be destroyed and only hard copies of transcripts would serve as the remnants of an extinct system. If there is a silver-lining, at least Common Core would stop wreaking its havoc on American students before the damage was too widespread.


America would see catastrophic conditions immediately take place in our hospitals and convalescent centers. Within a few days, old age homes would lack the resources and services of the staff to help preserve the lives of those who are virtually helpless. Patients on the operating table would stand a good chance of not surviving. Hospital backup generating systems would be rendered unusable. Food and water would become a scarce resource. Many hospital personnel would walk off the job by the beginning of the third day. The only medical personnel that would stay would be those that live too far away from home to walk. People would not be able to get their life-sustaining medications and services, most of which are electrically powered. Our worst fears would be realized.


In one of the most dramatic effects, airplanes would fall from the skies. Untold thousands of people would immediately be plunged to their deaths. And their deaths might be considered merciful compared to the fate that the majority of the rest of us would face over the next two years. Most automobiles will not work unless they have all pre-electrical parts. Even then how long would gasoline be available? Many people on the various subways, would be hopelessly trapped depending on the time that an electromagnetic pulse would be released. And we can all be sure, that the release of an EMP, through false flag planning, would occur at the optimal time to ensure the maximum loss of life.

Schools and Children

One of the most tragic developments arising from an EMP attack with the fate of schoolchildren geographically isolated from their parents who have already commuted to work. Reuniting parents and their children would be next to impossible for the majority of Americans who have a 30 minute commute or more to work (20 miles). In an earlier article this year, I identified and detailed the questionnaire which went out to all school personnel which was inventorying staff school individual skill sets such as  law enforcement experience, construction as well electrical and engineering talents. Sounds like a strange set of skills to be surveying at our public schools. What do the originators of this document know that the rest of us should?
If you were a teacher, how long would you stay on the job and ignore the welfare of your family?
Getting home and reuniting with family will be problematic.


Your cell phones, your land lines, text, twitter, emails and faxes will not work. Nearly all broadcast stations, especially television stations, would go off the air.  Due to the high level of computerized automation, the equipment in most radio and television studios would be so completely destroyed that most commercial stations would be damaged beyond repair. Radio studios are actually more vulnerable to permanent damage than many portable radio receivers. When America emerges from the event, the NSA police state surveillance grid would be permanently in place for the extreme martial law dictatorship that will follow.
According to a statement of Damon Penn, a DHS official, made to a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on July 8, 2011, a limited number of critical radio stations are being retrofitted with some EMP protection.  However, most of us will be without the benefit of mass communication.  Smoke signals anyone?
Somewhere between 250,000 to 500,000 people will die in the first few minutes. Perhaps as many as 1-2 million would be dead within three days.

Water Borne Diseases

The greatest threat to human survival, in the aftermath of HEMP, is the public’s availability to obtain clean drinking water. This access would be greatly imperiled.
In 2010, when Haiti was hit by a major earthquake which killed over 200,000 people, the misery did not stop with the survivors. Six weeks following the earthquake, Haiti announced its first cholera outbreak in over a century. The cholera outbreak went on to claim 8000 more lives. The disease thrives in places where there is insufficient water treatment, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene. This is what precisely would happen in most areas following an EMP attack.
Keeping drinking water clean and separate from human sewage and other contaminates would prove to be humanity’s biggest challenge. Cholera would also prove to be the biggest threat to long term survival. It is likely that in the 24 months following the event, that most people would succumb to cholera and other water-borne diseases.
Cholera is a horrible disease which grants its victims a very painful and agonizing death. In the 20th century, human lifespan in United States increased by 35 years. Thirty of those 35 years was due to improvements in sanitation. Following an EMP attack, effective sanitation would all but disappear.

Access to Water

Human beings require approximately 2 Liters of water per day in order to survive. If we do not get that water, we will die in approximately 5 days. With regard to a HEMP attack, our water supplies are especially vulnerable. The power to distribute water is highly concentrated within the United States. Only eight municipalities provide 82% of the drinking water in the United States.
There are multiple technologies which are used to pump water from the source to its final destination. Some require no electricity, however, most do. And even if your water system was powered by non-electrical means, how would the personnel and staff, who monitors and maintains your water supply, get to work without proper transportation?
In all of Southern California, the water must make its way over mountains. What will happen when all electricity is gone? The resulting casualty rates stemming from civil disorder and death due to lack of water would be unimaginable.
In a time of a HEMP attack, the availability of water, as well as the safety of water would come into question for the vast majority of Americans. The availability of clean water supplies would be the most critical threat and would claim the most victims.
These grim possibilities makes one wonder why T. Boone Pickens is buying up the Ogallala reservoir. What does he know that the rest of us should know?


The food supply would be imperiled as well. What do crops need to grow? With hydroelectric power gone, where would the water come from for many food-growing regions in the country? Our food supplies would dry up and disappear, thus exacerbating the threat.
Most people will perish within 30 days of famine, thus, making water shortages the greatest threat to survival.

Social Chaos

Survivors would undoubtedly form collectives to forcefully procure food and water. The levels of violence would be horrific. Yet, I was unable to locate any government or academic documents which attempted to project how bad it will get. It is safe to say that it will be a waste of time to call 911 and that every person would be under threat of attack 24/7/365.

How Bad Will It Get?

Sociologists tell us that there are five levels of societal development.
1. Nomadic Hunting and Gathering
2. Horticulture and Pastoral
3. Agriculture
4. Industrial
5. Post-industrial.
Much of America is entering into the Post-Industrial phase. An EMP attack would reduce most Americans to a violent existence in the first stage, Nomadic Hunting and Gathering. Without easy access to water, most would not be able to maintain a Horticulture and Pastoral society for long. And those that did would face dire threats from those seeking resources. This would make the death curve for the elderly and the infirm skyrocket. Child mortality would dramatically rise. I am not predicting a return to 10,000 Years BC. However, a pre-Revolutionary War existence would largely be out of reach because of the lack of obtainable clean water. Water is the organizing foundation for any society. Society, as we know it, would collapse.


I have read the Naval War College projections which tell us that within two years of the event, 90% of all Americans would be dead. In the video below, Congressman Franks predicts a 60% mortality rate. The fact remains that nobody knows for certain how many of us would perish. However, it is safe to say that most of us would perish.
I will prepare a short list of things that I think all of us, even those with limited budgets, can be doing to prepare in a future article.
I will close the most grim article that I have written with the words of Congressman Trent Franks who at the seven minute mark tells us his view of the expected casualty rates following an EMP attack.

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Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System: Ex-Banker Faces Death Penalty For Fraud

The lack of prosecution of bankers responsible for the great financial collapse has been a hotly debated topic over the years, leading to the coinage of such terms as "Too Big To Prosecute", the termination of at least one corrupt DOJ official, the revelation that Eric Holder is the most useless Attorney General in history, and even members of the judicial bashing other members of the judicial such as in last night's essay by district judge Jed Rakoff
And naturally, the lack of incentives that punish cheating and fraud, is one of the main reasons why such fraud will not only continue but get bigger and bigger, until once again, the entire system crashes under the weight of all the corruption and all the Fed-driven malinvestment. But what can be done? In this case, Vietnam may have just shown America the way - use the death penalty on convicted embezzling bankers. Because if one wants to promptly stop an end to financial crime, there is nothing quite like the fear of death to halt it.
Bloomberg reports that a Vietnam court will consider the death penalty for a Vu Quoc Hao, the former general director of Agribank Financial Leasing Co. who is charged with embezzling 531 billion dong. While that sounds like a whole lot of dong, converted into USD it is only $25 million, or what Goldman would call "weekend lunch money." Just imagine how much cleaner Wall Street would be, where the typical bank fraud is generally in the billions, if bankers and other white collar criminals had the fear of death if caught manipulating petty prices or outright stealing amounts that are considered petty cash by most of the 0.001%.
The trial comes as the government seeks to shore up Vietnamese banks saddled with Southeast Asia’s highest rate of bad debt and turn around an economy that grew last year at the slowest pace since 1999. The central bank governor vowed to crack down on violations by groups of shareholders working against banking reforms last year.

Eleven defendants, including Hao, 58, and Hai, are charged with embezzlement, mismanagement, abuse of power and fraud, according to a statement on the court’s website. Prosecutors allege that Hao and Hai formed 10 fake financial leasing contracts to disperse almost 800 billion dong.

At the trial yesterday, Hao said he regrets his violations and hopes the judges will give other defendants lighter sentences, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported today. The verdict and sentencing is expected to be announced Nov. 15, according to the newspaper.

Under Vietnam law, those convicted of embezzling property valued at 500 million dong or more, or creating “other particularly serious consequences,” can be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.

“The party, the government, prosecutors and our courts will give stiff verdicts in these types of cases,” Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, said on the sidelines of an anti-corruption conference in Hanoi yesterday. “We need to make our regulations and legal framework tighter to reduce and prevent corruption.”

“It would be a signal: You could be executed for being caught doing large-scale corruption,” said Adam McCarty, the Hanoi-based chief economist at Mekong Economics. “It has implications for the whole bank restructuring the government is about to do. They want to really dig into these bad debt issues and find out who is responsible for the problems.”

And while one can dream, an outcome such as this in the US is impossible: after all it is these same embezzling bankers that control the legislative and judicial branches (the executive branch is too busy with 404 website errors), which is why deterrence of any substantial scale will never take place in the US and small, medium and large-scale theft will continue unabated, with the occasional slaps on the wrist, until there is nothing left to steal.
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