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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nigeria Central Bank Diversifies Reserves: Sells Dollars, Buys Chinese Yuan

It seems the "dollar is a reserve currency for ever and ever" propaganda has not reached Africa, also known as Southern China as explained here two years ago, where moments ago the Central Bank of Nigeria issued the following surprise announcement:

But why would anyone buy Yuan when there are so many ever-more diluted dollars available? And now, let's open it up for the most creative Nigerian email scam involving Chinese Yuan...
Credit to Zero Hedge

Bank Run Fears Spread As Capital Controls Hit America

Russian Bank Halts All Cash Withdrawals

It would appear the fears of a global bank run are spreading. From HSBC's limiting large cash withdrawals (for your own good) to Lloyds ATMs going down, Bloomberg reports that 'My Bank' - one of Russia's top 200 lenders by assets - has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week. While the Ruble has been losing ground rapidly recently, we suspect few have been expecting bank runs in Russia. Russia sovereign CDS had recently weakned to 4-month wides at 192bps.

Via Bloomberg,
Lender has introduced complete ban on cash withdrawals until end of week, news agency reports, citing unidentified person in call center.

Bank spokeswoman declined to comment by phone

My Bank is top 200 lender by assets: Prime

NOTE: Central bank has revoked about 30 banking licenses since July 1 when Elvira Nabiullina succeeded Sergei Ignatiev as governor, compared with three in the firt half of the year
Interestingly, Russia's biggest lender Sberbank has seen a 8.7% rise in deposits in December... it seems the Russian's are realizing that bank deposits are nothing more than risky loans to highly levered entities...
Credit to Zero Hedge

Coming Mega Crash Will Lead to Fight for Freedom.

The Silent Muslim Invasion of America

islam will dominate
In the last article in this series, I noted the reasons why America could not be saved. It distresses me greatly to publish an article which condemns the collective manhood of our country. However, the facts are the facts. Collectively, the American male has been feminized and domesticated. What took over 230 years to create and maintain, we have lost over in just over a decade following the 9/11 attacks. We have totally lost the Constitution and we barely hear a whimper from the supposed men in this country.
The reason that I could be so certain that our country will not survive in the new age, the New World Order, if you will, is because America is going down a very familiar path which witnesses the toppling of civil liberties in the annals of history in which previous generations of men lost their collective manhood. Please consider the following quote as People’s Exhibit Number One:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist, dramatist, and historian. Solzhenitsyn’s publications helped make the public aware of the Gulag, the Soviet Union’s forced labor camp system (i.e. Gulag), or what we might call today, a FEMA camp.
The sheep of the world not only reside in contemporary America, they exist everywhere tyranny flourishes. The sheep proliferate where there is the existence of brutal dictatorships or wherever the terror associated with unwarranted persecutions are found and, of course, the sheep are omnipresent  where one finds the unspeakable existence of genocide. Genocide, in particular, succeeds because supposed men, afraid of their own shadow, do nothing in the face of evil. Please consider People’s Exhibit Number Two:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The Sightings Intensify

Since I first revealed the significant presence of Russian troops on American soil, such as the reports from the town of Gatlinburg, TN., I have been receiving these reports on a nonstop basis. Not only have I interviewed people from the area on my talk show, I have received over 40 emails from people from the area, or people who have relatives in the Gatlinburg area who tell similar stories of Russians in this small, sleepy town.
In the last several weeks, the emails as well as the web postings on the comment board on The Common Sense Show,have begun to appear with regularity. An increasing number of newly arrived Muslims have been observed cavorting with known Russians in places like Gatlinburg. At first, I did not pay any significant attention to the sightings of Muslims. After all, are we not a nation of supposed religious toleration? Aren’t good, law-abiding Americans free to practice whatever religion they please? Therefore, to me, these reported sightings of Muslims did not garner my attention. However, there has been a groundswell around the country of increased sightings of  Muslims in conjunction with Russian troops. This is noteworthy and should be a matter of national security for our federal government. However, this present administration is not investigating these occurrences. Instead, as I will reveal in this article, the Obama administration is elevating the status of Muslims above all other Americans. As an aside, the vast majority of Muslims in this country are law-abiding and appreciate the religious freedoms that they enjoy. Most Muslims do not request any special status be given to them by Obama. However, this article is about the radical factions of this religion which do pose a real and present danger. And when this danger is associated with the presence of Russian troops on American soil, perhaps we should all take a moment and look under our collective beds.

The Commander-In-Chief Elevates the Status of Muslims Over Christians In the Military

When an American male enlists in the military, one of the first things that happens to them is the infamous buzz cut. This symbolizes the loss of individual identity and the adoption of a collective and cohesive mentality shared by recruits who are equal in status before their respective commanding officers.
There soon will be a dangerous departure from this time honored indoctrination. In the near future, beards, turbans and other religious demonstrations will become an accepted part of the American military uniform. The newly announcedPentagon policy does not specifically rule out Christians from doing the same. However, what kind of beard, turban, burkas, etc., would Christians display?  Where is the religious equality in the military? And what about unit cohesion? Individuality erodes traditional military discipline where all soldiers represent one ideal which is characterized by a membership to a fraternity which defends the country from both its foreign and domestic entities.
It is noteworthy that this announced policy comes on the heels of some very blatant set of discriminations levied by the Pentagon against members of the Christian faith. These abuses of our American military personnel, of the Christian persuasion, are outlined here.

Pilots Forced to Fly Illegal Alien Muslims Into the US

Former pilot and present Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick has publicly acknowledged his part in the forced transporting of illegal Muslims secretly onto American soil. A repentant Womick now devotes his political career to stopping this rape of this great country. Womick was part of a team of experts coordinated by his D.C.-based Center for Security Policy that produced a report last year titled entitled “Shariah: The Threat to America.”
Womick who piloted untold numbers of Muslims into America stated that “They taxied right past immigration and those people [the passengers] were literally lead off and escorted off the airplane and they would give them thousands of dollars in their pockets”.


Muslims cavorting with known Russian soldiers on American soil. Preferential treatment of Muslims in the military, while Christians are discriminated against. Revelations of illegal alien Muslims illegally flown in to the country and then each are given thousands of dollars. Where is all this headed? Where do you think this is headed?
In the next part in this series, there are new and stunning details regarding the covert invasion of the West, not just America, by Muslims. A new weapon is being employed, by the Bastards from Basel, which is designed to subjugate both Western Europe and the United States.
This article is the metaphorical equivalent to the music associated with movie, Jaws. The 1970′s movie played the music as a prelude to an imminent and lethal attack. Some much needed dot connecting will take place in the next part of this series.
Credit to Common Sense

False Gestures/Jesters of Peace

A profound parable was observed yesterday when at the conclusion of the Vatican’s annual Caravan of Peace event two doves were released and immediately attacked by a crow and a seagull.

The crow grabbed one of the doves in flight. It also pecked at it and tore feathers from its body.

The seagull similarly harassed the other peace dove that had been released in what proved to be a stunningly symbolic visual testimony of the false posturing of world religious and political leaders who purport to be men of peace.

I had reported last year that a very similar event took place when Pope Benedict released a single white dove from the same balcony window and a seagull at once attacked the dove. In the post titled The Darkness Draws Nearer - Part Two, I commented on a photo that the world media used to introduce Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the world. This is the name of the man now known to the world as Pope Francis I. Below is the photo that was printed in the global media which is controlled by the masters of the New World Order.

Why did the Illuminati controlled media choose this particular photo to show to the world the face of the new Pope? Bergoglio is clothed completely in black and his hand is hidden inside of his coat. Compare this image to that of the Pope standing at the balcony window at the top of this post. In the image from yesterday he is clothed all in white. Even as he has been given a new name, he has also been given a new image. The truth remains, however, that Pope Francis I is none other than Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit priest who now shares the same name as Francis Xavier, one of the founders of the Jesuits. A study of the Jesuit order reveals that they have been one of the most violent, wicked, cunning, and deceptive organizations the world has known since their founding in 1540 A.D.. It was the Jesuits who were behind the Gunpowder Plot (1605 A.D.) that attempted to blow up the British House of Lords when the King James I and parliament were to be gathered there.

The Gunpowder Plot is also known as the Jesuit Treason. All of the main actors in this attempted act of murder and destruction were members of The Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Though many people do not recognize the source of the following image, it is traceable back to this act of Jesuit treason.

Guy Fawkes Mask

Interestingly, Fawkes and Fox are phonetically identical. The fox is renowned for its cunning, and so are the Jesuits. Guy Fawkes was given charge of the gunpowder that was smuggled underneath the House of Lords as he had ten years of military experience. He was discovered at midnight on November 4, 1605 guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder, enough to reduce the House of Lords to rubble and to kill everyone inside.

I find it very significant that the Guy Fawkes mask has become a cultural symbol of anonymity. Guy Fawkes, a member of the Jesuit Treason, was a worker of evil, violence and deception while pretending to be a follower of Jesus. The actions of these Jesuit men were not those of Jesus. They were of the same spirit as those who came to arrest the Son of God in the Garden of Gethsemane. That spirit is the spirit of antichrist and of Satan. These were not men of peace. They were men of violence who clothed themselves in darkness.

Luke 22:52-53
And Yahshua said to the chief priests and officers of the temple and elders who had come against Him, "Have you come out with swords and clubs as against a robber? While I was with you daily in the temple, you did not lay hands on Me; but this hour and the power of darkness are yours."

Observing the image of Pope Francis I standing on the balcony at the Vatican, a person could rightly ask, “What do you have to do with peace, for you are a man of deception, darkness, violence, wickedness and intrigue?” Yet, here is the man under a new name, garbed in white from the cap on top of his head all the way down to his feet. He fulfills the warning of the apostle Paul for the true disciples of Christ to not be deceived by men who are evil workers.

II Corinthians 11:13-15
For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their deeds.

The Oxford Dictionary lists the word “equivocating” as a secondary meaning of the word Jesuit. One who equivocates uses ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or in an attempt to mislead others. The Jesuits have been condemned for their penchant for employing casuistry, which is unsound rational arguments to support unjust actions or false doctrinal positions. Pope Francis is no stranger to the use of casuistry. Since his election to Pope of the Roman Catholic Church a number of staged encounters have been reported where he has given what seem to be spontaneous comments to reporters that are afterwards qualified and explained by employees of the Vatican.

A case in point is his statement to reporters on board a flight returning from Brazil to Rome. When asked about the subject of homosexuals serving as priests, Bergoglio/Francis declared, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” This is an example of Jesuit casuistry. It is false reasoning and it opens the door for homosexuality to eventually be normalized by the Roman Catholic Church. It is not Christians who “judge” that homosexuality is deviant moral behavior. This is God’s judgment, and it is stated plainly in the Scriptures. It is the responsibility of Christians to align themselves with the judgment of Yahweh, not to make judgments independent of God through the reasoning of their own soul.

The media has not given this much positive attention to an individual since Barack Obama first ran for President of the United States. The Illuminati controlled media is pulling out all stops in their drive to present Pope Francis I as a humble, compassionate, and righteous man. He was recently named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. The global media has swooned over his every act of self-righteous posturing, from his decision to not live in the Papal palace, to his washing the feet of prisoners, to choosing a 1984 model Renault for his personal transport (when he is not using the mass transit system). NBC Worldnews provided the following glowing testimonial of Pope Francis.

"He has rebranded the church as welcoming, compassionate, a church for the poor as opposed to a church that nags people and is worried about rules and regulations," said Reese, author of "Inside the Vatican."

"The analogy I love to use is when you go home for Christmas, what you want is a hug from your mom. You don't want to be asked about your nose ring, or why you dyed your hair, or who are you sleeping with now? He is trying to turn the church into a loving parent, not a nagging parent."
[Source: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/22/21984495-who-am-i-to-judge-the-popes-most-powerful-phrase-in-2013?lite]

In Pope Francis, I am reminded of the media adoration of Barack Obama. Prior to his election as President, Barack Obama aligned himself with the mainstream views of the majority of Americans. He famously declared that he believed that marriage was defined as the union of a man and a woman. The global powers continued to build up the saintly persona of this man, even awarding him the Noble Peace Prize in 2009 when he had done nothing of note to deserve it.

Although the media has clothed Obama in the garb of a peacemaker, he has been just the opposite. He failed in his promise to immediately remove U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and to shut down the prison at Guantanamo. He has been instrumental in sowing racial strife in a number of high profile cases since his election. He has assented to the overthrow of the sovereign government of Libya and the violent public murder of the Libyan’s elected leader. He has fomented civil unrest and supported government oppression in Egypt. He has additionally been agitating for American military involvement in Syria. He is no dove. He is a hawk, and a servant to the military industrial complex.

Barack Obama has proven to be a liar (“If you like your healthcare policy, you can keep it.” “If you like your doctors, you can keep them.” etc.) He is also a deceiver. Once he was securely in office he began to reveal his true character as the greatest promoter of homosexuality that America has ever known. He justified his endorsement of homosexual marriage by stating that he has “evolved” in his thinking on the subject. Obama betrayed the American people who believed his lies when he was campaigning. His behavior is not the result of evolution, it is an act of treason.

People of God, we live in an hour where men are assuming personas as righteous workers who care for the common man, but their true character is quite different. To see the disparity between what these men say and what they actually do, I recommend the following page that includes short video clips of Obama’s many lies.


We are now observing a similar work of deception being carried out around the character of Pope Francis I. The whitewashed image being present to the public in the global media is of a humble, compassionate, man of peace. Nothing is further from the truth. Following is an excerpt from the post titled The Darkness Draws Nearer - Part Two which warned of what we could expect from this man.
Seagulls are vicious birds that are known to attack other birds and to eat them. I see in this a testimony of this unclean bird that is Rome, attacking the Spirit led saints of Christ who are symbolized by the dove. This event takes on further significance due to something that was observed on the day Pope Francis’ election was announced. There is a chimney at the Vatican that is used to signal whether the Cardinals (also the name of a bird) have elected a new Pope. The ballots are burned after each vote. If a Pope has not yet been chosen chemicals are added to the fire to produce black smoke from the chimney. If a new Pope has been elected, a different combination of chemicals is added to make the smoke appear white.

Thousands were gathered at the Vatican, and all eyes were upon the chimney at the Sistine Chapel watching for the smoke signal when a seagull came and alighted on it.

This occurred on March 13, 2013, just prior to the election of the new Pope being signaled. This seems to be a foreboding sign of a much more predatory spirit being observed in the church in coming days.
[End Excerpt]

The ravenous, violent, unclean seagull represents the nature of the man elected to be Pope as well as the character of the leadership of this worldwide religious institution. Don’t be fooled by the mask he is wearing, the image that the global media has painted of him.

This is NOT a man of peace. Yahweh has shown us the man’s true nature as the predatory seagull attacked the dove of peace.
I would make mention of what I perceive to be a related story in the news. It is that of the upcoming Super Bowl. The two teams that will be meeting will be the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

Here is a further testimony of that predatory spirit that is loosed upon the earth at this time. It is coupled with the image of the horse, of which Denver is famous for more than one. When the Denver International Airport was constructed, a sculpture of a Mustang was commissioned for $300,000. The sculpture has become known as the “Devil Horse,” “DIAblo,” (DIA capitalized for the name of the airport), and “Satan’s Stallion.” Because of its blue coloration, some locals also refer to is as “Blucifer.” It is uncharacteristic for a publicly awarded sculpture, being grotesque and very evil in appearance.

The sculpture shows veins and ribs bulging. The artist even emphasized the anus of this beastly creature, giving it a raging, violent and grotesque aspect.

Those familiar with the Denver Airport recognize it as an Illuminati showplace. It is adorned with murals of bizarre scenes of death and violence. There was a great controversy over the cost overruns which ran into the billions of dollars, and there is evidence that a secret underground installation was constructed during the building of the airport. Some have suggested that it will be used as a sanctuary for the global elite in a time of worldwide distress and upheaval.


For a time, Blucifer even had Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, to keep it company.


This seems fitting since in a further bizarre event, the sculptor Luis Jimenez, was killed when the statue fell over and crushed him against a wall in 2006. The horse wasn’t unveiled until 2008, eventually costing $650,000, more than twice its original commission price.

As I have considered the spiritual implications of the upcoming Super Bowl, I was mindful that just a few days prior to the event the Chinese Year of the Horse begins. To be specific
2014 is the Chinese year of the Wood Horse. When I think of wooden horses I am reminded of the Trojan Horse.

For those unfamiliar with the Trojan War, the Trojan horse represented a turning point in a ten year battle between the Greeks and the city of Troy. Not having been able to conquer Troy after many years, the Greeks resorted to subtlety and deception to accomplish what might alone could not do. They built a great wooden horse, a symbol venerated by the people of Troy, and pretended to sail off, leaving it behind as an offering to the goddess Athena, whose temple the Greeks had desecrated at Troy. The Greeks burned their tents and then sailed off, leaving one man behind outside, while an elite force also hid within the hollow innards of the great statue.

The man left outside pretended to have been abandoned by his people. He explained to the citizens of Troy that the horse was built to win the favor of Athena and to secure a safe passage home for the Greeks. Despite warnings from those with insight in the city, the great wooden horse is wheeled inside the city gates. In the night the Greek warriors exited the horse, slew the guards at the gates of the city, and opened the city gates to the Greek army who had sailed back under cover of darkness. The entire tale is recounted in Virgil’s Aeneid. Following are a few key lines.

What a thing was this, too, which that mighty man wrought and endured in the carven horse, wherein all we chiefs of the Argives were sitting, bearing to the Trojans death and fate!...

But come now, change thy theme, and sing of the building of the horse of wood, which Epeius made with Athena's help, the horse which once Odysseus led up into the citadel as a thing of guile, when he had filled it with the men who sacked Ilion.

The Trojan horse is described as “carven” like the sculpture in Denver. It is also referred to as “a thing of guile.” It was presented as a gift, but was actually an instrument of treachery and death. Troy fell that night as the mighty walls of their city were breached through this act of deception.

The suggested link I see between men like Pope Francis, Barack Obama and the Broncos playing in the Super Bowl and the Chinese year of the wood horse, is that all of them point to a false and deceptive outward appearance. Inside the Trojan horse were deadly enemies of the people of Troy. Yet outwardly it appeared to be a gift. From this event came the famous phrase, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

The Christian would be wise to heed this ancient proverb. It puts me in mind of a similar admonition from the Son of God that also relates to doves.

Matthew 10:16-17
“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents, and innocent as doves. But beware of men; for they will deliver you up to the courts, and scourge you in their synagogues...”

The true disciples of Christ are symbolized by doves in their innocence. Though the disciples of Christ are to be harmless in their words and actions toward others, they are admonished to behave wisely and to “beware of men.”

There is much that is false and deceptive in this hour. Men who pretend to be workers of light and truth are in actuality full of darkness and deceit. Things that are offered to humanity in this hour as gifts (Obamacare for example) actually contain the seeds of death and enslavement to this world’s global masters.

Beware of that which is presented to man as something that is beneficial. Whether it be the latest vaccine that promises protection from disease, or some financial benefit from the government, beware. Death and tragic loss is lurking.

I recently read an article that related how under Obamacare changes have been quietly made to Medicaid as millions of Americans are being led to enroll in this greatly expanded government health service. Hidden among the fine print is the statement that those receiving medical care through Medicaid will have a lien placed upon their property which upon their death will give the government legal authority to seek reimbursement for all medical expenses before any inheritance is disbursed to the family or loved ones of the deceased. This will result in the impoverishment of millions of American families as their wealth is no longer passed along to their descendants, but is confiscated by the government. Interestingly, this truth was first reported in the Seattle Times newspaper.


What I am discerning through these many signs is that it is a time for Christians to act with great wisdom and shrewdness, being wary of the posturing and pretensions of political and religious rulers who say one thing but mean another. Beware of those who offer gifts that outwardly appear attractive, but inwardly contain a snare.

We live in that hour when men are proclaiming “Peace, Peace,” but there is no peace. Even as the doves released by Pope Francis were attacked by the crow and the seagull, the people of God must be wary for the Devil has many disciples who are waiting with predatory hearts to pounce upon the naive and unwise.

Credit to Joseph Herrin

3,000-year-old text may prove biblical King Solomon existed

The Ophel inscription -- 3,000-year-old characters found in Israel in July -- is the earliest alphabetical written text ever found in Jerusalem. It proves the real basis behind the parables and stories in the world’s most famous book, said Gershon Galil, a professor of ancient history and biblical studies at the University of Haifa.

"We are dealing here with real kings, and the kingdom of David and Solomon was a real fact," Galil told FoxNews.com, in a phone call from Israel.

But the world's leading archaeologists are still hotly debating the meaning of the inscription. Gershon offers what he calls the "only reasonable translation," noting at the same time that the very existence of the text is as important as its meaning.

Haifa University professor Gershon Galil:

"The most important thing this tells us is that somebody during this time knew how to write something," he said.

Three letters of the inscription are incomplete, and Galil translates them to read, "yah-yin chah-lak," which is Hebrew for "inferior wine." The first half of the text indicates the twentieth or thirtieth year of Solomon's reign -- making the entire inscription a label of sorts for the jug's contents.

He explains that the text must be written in an early form of southern Hebrew because it is the only language of the time to use two yods(Hebrew letters) to spell the word wine. Galil also suggests that the "inferior wine" was probably given to laborers who were helping to build the burgeoning city of Jerusalem.

If Hebrew as a written language did exist during the time of the inscription, it places the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem earlier than previously believed, under a time the Bible indicates was King Solomon's rule.

According to Galil's understanding of the text, the writing ability demonstrated by the inscription proves the existence of a fully functioning administration that collected taxes, prepared storage jars and performed other duties as early as the second half of the 10th century BC.

"The Bible claims that Solomon built the temple and that he was the man that enlarged the city," explained Galil. Outside of biblical texts, there has not been any evidence that Solomon in the mid-10th century ordered the building of the First Temple, the ancient Israelites' place of worship where the Dome of the Rock currently stands.

Credit to Fox News

Christian Singer Walks Out on Grammys After ‘Satanic’ Performances

Paul Joseph Watson
Popular Christian gospel singer Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammys after witnessing a series of performances that even the mainstream entertainment media admitted were occult in nature.
Grant, who was nominated for two Grammys last night, tweeted her excitement upon arriving at the event but soon made it clear that she left early because what she witnessed conflicted with her Christian beliefs, stating, “We left the Grammy’s early. I’ve many thoughts, most of which are probably better left inside my head. But I’ll say this: I’ve never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus. And I’ve never been more sure of the path I’ve chosen.”
Although she remained coy on the exact circumstances, Grant was probably referring to Katy Perry, who was surrounded by demons as she danced around an upside down broomstick before being encircled by fire during a performance of her song “Dark Horse”. Perry wore clothing bearing an illuminated Knights Templar cross.
Even E! Online tweeted that Perry’s performance resembled “actual witchcraft”.
Christian music website BreatheCast complained that Perry’s performance was “filled with satanic imagery and witchcraft.” Viewers also expressed their shock at the occult overtones of the show.
However, Grant could also have been offended by the mass gay wedding ceremony which took place during a performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
Not to be outdone, Beyonce and Jay-Z attempted to up the ante by performing a risqué duet which provoked fury from parents who complained that the spectacle was too explicit for children. Jay-Z’s acceptance speech, during which he said, “I would like to thank God… a little,” also prompted claims that the rapper was invoking the Illuminati.
The International Business Times reacted by claiming that Perry, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s antics were merely an example of the Grammys, “trolling Illuminati conspiracy theorists.”
Watch analysis of how the Grammys were yet another ceremony to the entertainment industry’s occult leanings below via Mark Dice. Katy Perry’s best efforts at summoning Beelzebub appear at the end.

Credit to Infowars

Prepare For 'Massive Wealth Destruction'

Take immediate steps to protect your wealth . . . NOW!

That’s exactly what many well-respected economists, billionaires, and noted authors are telling you to do — experts such as Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Donald Trump, and Robert Wiedemer. According to them, we are on the verge of another recession, and this one will be far worse than what we experienced during the last financial crisis.

Marc Faber, the noted Swiss economist and investor, has voiced his concerns for the U.S. economy numerous times during recent media appearances, stating, “I think somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction. I would say that well-to-do people may lose up to 50 percent of their total wealth.”

When he was asked what sort of odds he put on a global recession happening, the economist famous for his ominous predictions quickly answered . . . “100 percent.”

Faber points out that this bleak outlook stems directly from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s policy decisions, and the continuous printing of new money, referred to as “quantitative easing” in the media.

Faber’s pessimism is matched by well-respected economist and investor Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. Schiff remarks that the stock market collapse we experienced in 2008 “wasn’t the real crash. The real crash is coming.”

Schiff didn’t stop there. Most alarming is his belief that daily life will get dramatically worse for U.S. citizens.

“If we keep doing this policy of stimulus and growing government, it’s just going to get worse for the average American. Our standard of living is going to fall . . . People who are expecting Social Security can’t get all that money. People expecting government pensions can’t get all their money . . . We simply can’t afford to pay them.”

Equally critical of the current government and our nation’s economy is real estate mogul and entrepreneur Donald Trump, who is warning that the United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin.

Trump doesn’t hesitate to point out America’s unhealthy dependence on China. “When you’re not rich, you have to go out and borrow money. We’re borrowing from the Chinese and others.”

It is this massive debt that worries Trump the most.

“We are going up to $16 trillion [in debt] very soon, and it’s going to be a lot higher than that before he gets finished,” Trump says, referring to President Barack Obama. “When you have [debt] in the $21-$22 trillion [range], you are talking about a [credit] downgrade no matter how you cut it.”

In a recent appearance, Trump went to so far as to say the dollar is “going to hell.”

Where Trump, Faber, and Schiff see rising debt, a falling dollar, and a plunging stock market, investment adviser and author Robert Wiedemer sees much more widespread economic destruction.

In a recent interview to talk about his New York Times best-seller Aftershock, Wiedemer says, “The data is clear, 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market drop, and 100 percent annual inflation… starting in 2013.”

Editor’s Note: Watch the disturbing interview with Wiedemer.

Before you dismiss Wiedemer’s claims as impossible or unrealistic, consider this: In 2006, Wiedemer and a team of economists accurately predicted the collapse of the U.S. housing market, equity markets, and consumer spending that almost sank the United States. They published their research in the book America’s Bubble Economy.

When the interview host questioned Wiedemer’s latest data, the author unapologetically displayed shocking charts backing up his allegations, and then ended his argument with, “You see, the medicine will become the poison.”

The interview has become a wake-up call for those unprepared (or unwilling) to acknowledge an ugly truth: The country’s financial “rescue” devised in Washington has failed miserably.

The blame lies squarely on those whose job it was to avoid the exact situation we find ourselves in, including Bernanke and former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, tasked with preventing financial meltdowns and keeping the nation’s economy strong through monetary and credit policies.

Shocking Footage: See the eerie chart that exposes the ‘unthinkable.’

At one point, Wiedemer even calls out Bernanke, saying that his “money from heaven will be the path to hell.”

But it’s not just the grim predictions that are causing the sensation in Wiedemer’s video interview. Rather, it’s his comprehensive blueprint for economic survival that’s really commanding global attention.

The interview offers realistic, step-by-step solutions that the average hard-working American can easily follow.

The video was initially screened for a relatively small, private audience. But the overwhelming amount of feedback from viewers who felt the interview should be widely publicized came with consequences, as various online networks repeatedly shut it down and affiliates refused to house the content.

Bernanke and Greenspan certainly would not support Wiedemer publicly, and it soon became apparent mainstream media would not either.

“People were sitting up and taking notice, and they begged us to make the interview public so they could easily share it,” said Newsmax Financial Publisher Aaron DeHoog. “But unfortunately, it kept getting pulled.”

“Our real concern,” DeHoog added, “is the effect even if only half of Wiedemer’s predictions come true.

“That’s a scary thought for sure. But we want the average American to be prepared, and that is why we will continue to push this video to as many outlets as we can. We want the word to spread.”

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"Mutated" Bird Flu Kills 19, Infects 96 In 2014 Already

The H7N9 mutation of the bird flu virus is "more prone to human infection"
 than the H5N1 virus, with the fatality rate reaching 20-30%. China's National Influenza Center (CNIC) has reported athat H7N9 has killed 19 in China this year already and the total number of infections has reached 96. Although , as always, details are few and far between, CNIC's Shu Yuelong states that "the risk assessment of H7N9 epidemic outbreak is unchanged," despite the admission that the virus is more difficult to prevent as there is no obvious symptom for H7N9 infected poultrySouth Korea has expanded a poultry cull on fears of contagion.

Via Xinhua,
H7N9 bird flu has killed 19 in China this year already, and the total number of human infections has reached 96, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Shu Yuelong, director of the Chinese National Influenza Center (CNIC), said on Monday that a large-scale H7N9 epidemic is unlikely during the Spring Festival holiday, as no H7N9 virus mutation that could affect public health has been identified so far.

"There is no evidence of constant inter-human transmission, and the risk assessment of H7N9 epidemic outbreak is unchanged," said Shu.

Shu reiterated that H7N9 is more prone to human infection than H5N1, with H7N9 case fatality rate reaching 20 to 30 percent.

The virus is more difficult to be prevented as there is no  obvious symptom for H7N9 infected poultry, and at present the  CNIC is not able to precisely predict the direction of the  mutation of the H7N9 virus.

"We will continue to strengthen monitoring and carry out research," said Shu.

On Sunday, the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a paper on H7N9 diagnosis and treatment, noting that early report, diagnosis and treatment are the best ways to prevent and control the virus.
South Korea is expanding a poultry cull in a bid to contain the spread of bird flu that has been found on an increasing number of farms around the country and in migratory birds.

The country's agriculture ministry said the H5N8 strain of bird flu had been detected on six poultry farms and that there had been 13 cases in migratory birds since the first outbreak earlier this month.

No human infection has been reported, while the ministry is looking into four additional reports from poultry farms and more than 50 other suspected cases in migratory birds, it said in a statement on Monday.


South Korea will slaughter over 1.4 million farm birds, including 644,000 that have already been killed, according to the ministry. That would be under 1 percent of the country's total 160 million poultry population.

The first case of H5N8 bird flu was found on January 17 at a duck farm in the southwestern province of North Jeolla, about 300 km (186 miles) from Seoul.

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