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Thursday, November 8, 2012


The Valley of Achor

UN Representative Calls For Establishing A 'World Capital'--In Islamic Istanbul

The world needs a global capital and it should be the capital of Islamic Turkey, Istanbul, according to a UN special representative. Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, wrote a Nov. 1, 2012, opinion piece for the controversial al Jazeera English site calling for a "global capital" because of integration "by markets, by globally constituted battlefields, by changing geopolitical patterns."

While Turkey is a longstanding U.S. ally and a member of NATO, its nearly 80 million population is 99.8 percent Muslim, according to the CIA Factbook. Its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has had several run-ins with Israel over access to Gaza. In March, he urged Israel to "stop the brutal attack against Palestinians and stop the massacre and bloodshed."

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey sent out an "emergency message" for U.S. citizens in September warning of "a planned anti-American march/protest" in Istanbul. The march was tied to protests against the YouTube video claimed by critics to be anti-Islamic. "The Department of State strongly recommends avoiding the march/protest location as well as any other large crowds that may gather in Istanbul to protest against the controversial video that has created other demonstrations throughout the world," explained the warning.

Falk recommended what al Jazeera called a "modest proposal" that should move the world past "the persisting tendency is to view the hierarchy of global cities from a West-centric perspective: London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles placed in the first rank." Along with his UN duties, he is the Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Falk said there were two sides on where to locate such a capital - hard and soft power dynamics. He defined hard power as a view "that history is principally made by those who prevail in warfare, and little else."

His description of soft power included "culture, political vitality, religious identity and ethics shapes and forms what unfolds." He listed "several factors" why to choose Istanbul. Those included the city as a tourist destination, it has "also become a secure and acceptable place to hold the most delicate diplomatic discussions," it is convenient, and Turkey has "gained economic and political credibility at a time when so many important states have either been treading water so as to remain afloat."

He credited Turkey for "achieving a stable interface between secular principles and religious freedom" and for "moving away from the 'over-secularisation.'" Falk said choosing Istanbul as a world capital would be good because Turkey could provide the "satisfactions of a post-Western world civilisation."


Record snow, new power outages as storm slams Northeast

Residents across the Northeast woke up Thursday to more than 100,000 new power outages and record early snow from a nor'easter that struck just 10 days after Superstorm Sandy battered the region.

"We're right back to the same situation," Kirk Walker of Hackensack, N.J., told NBCNewYork.com after power went out for the third time at his home since Sandy struck.

"They said it was gonna be a rough winter," Walker added. "Sign of things to come, I guess."

The number of new outages was estimated at between 110,000 and 120,000 homes and businesses, according to NBC.

The storm boasted wind gusts of more than 50 mph and dropped heavy snow on already-weakened tree limbs, leading to the new outages.

With the new outages, some 700,000 customers are without power across the Northeast.

Record snowfall totals were recorded across the area:
New York’s Central Park received 4.4 inches of snow on Wednesday -- a record for a Nov. 7 and the earliest 4-inch total in the park's history, NBCNewYork.com reported. By Thursday morning the total had reached 4.7 inches.
A record snowfall of 2 inches was set at Newark, N.J., breaking the old record of a trace amount set in 1981.
Bridgeport, Conn., received 3.5 inches of snow, beating the Nov. 7 record of 2 inches set in 1953.

Some areas inland got 12 to 13 inches of snow.

"This is a classic nor'easter," NBC meteorologist Al Roker said on TODAY, "just very early."

Conditions were still miserable Thursday morning. In New York City, winds were around 25 mph and it was 36 degrees with showers forecast before sunny skies on Friday.

In New Jersey, parts of which saw 9 inches of snow, police said ice and snow contributed to the deaths of two people in a car whose driver was speeding, NBCPhiladelphia reported.

Two people also died in Connecticut in traffic accidents attributed to snow, The Associated Press reported.

Throughout the region, people wore coats indoors as they endured yet another night without heat.

"I thought I was lucky when power was restored last Thursday, but last night it went out again," said Michael Platt, an electrician from Toms River, N.J., who estimated a foot of snow fell in his area. "The kids have been home for nearly two weeks and I'm not working, and when I'm not working I'm not making any money. This hasn't been easy."

"Can you believe this? Enough is enough," added Cindy Casey, whose Belle Harbor home one block from the beach in the Rockaways was swamped by Sandy, as she looked out at the snow blanketing the neighborhood devastated by flooding and fire.

Some of those who had weathered Sandy told NBCNewYork.com they felt like a cruel joke was being played on them.

"Kind of laughing about it at this point," said Danny Arnedos, of Oyster Bay, Long Island. "To go from a hurricane to a nor'easter and driving in the snow in 10 days is pretty unbelievable."

"I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Wednesday.

The National Weather Service forecast that the storm will affect New England on Thursday before heading out to sea.

Coastal flooding proved minimal, but commuter bus and train services were disrupted by the storm, with the Long Island Rail Road briefly shutting down all operations to the city's eastern suburbs on Wednesday night.

Gasoline remained in short supply in the New York City area, and regional airports saw 1,600 canceled flights on Wednesday due to the storm. Some 600 more flights were scratched Thursday, according to the flight tracking service FlightAware. The majority of those are in the New York area.

U.S. News

'Greece faces civil war if it can't face bankruptcy'

Gerald Celente - Alex Jones Show Nov 7

America Has Voted

Joseph Herrin (11-07-2012)

If you understood and accepted those things I recently shared in the series titledDragon Flood , you will agree that it didn’t matter whether Obama or Romney were elected to the top political office in the nation. Both men were picked by the hidden hand that guides this nation. They are both servants of the same masters.

Two Heads, Same Beast

As I perused the news coverage online this morning I encountered numerous pictures of Democrats rejoicing with extreme jubilation because Barack Obama had been re-elected to another four year term. There were also photos throughout the main news portals showing Republican supporters of Mitt Romney with expressions of great disappointment and sorrow. Some were even weeping.

Both responses reveal the success of Satan’s deception. He has convinced the majority of Americans that their vote actually makes a difference, that the nation’s course would have been better, or worse, depending on who got elected. Truly, the whole earth lies in the power of the evil one, the great deceiver who deceives the whole world (Revelation 12:9). The truth is, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Luciferian government, and a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for Luciferian government.

In the series Dragon Flood it was shown that America was founded by men under the inspiration of Lucifer. They were predominantly Freemasons. The Headquarters of the American Revolution was the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, owned by Freemasons. A Masonic lodge occupied the upper story of this building. The men who planned and carried out The Boston Tea Party were members of St. Andrew’s Lodge of Freemasonry which met at the Green Dragon.

It was shown that every government building in Washington, D.C. was initiated with a Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony. This involved in every instance as far back as George Washington the offering of corn, oil, and wine, following the pattern of the Baal offerings of the Old Testament.

Hosea 2:8
For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for Baal.

The capitol of the Nation, Washington, D.C., was laid out according to occult designs by Freemasons. The White House, the home of the President, is located with specific design to show forth the Luciferian control of the nation and the influence of Freemasonry as its guiding light.

Washington, D.C. Occult Street Plan

Note that the bottom point of the pentagram rests upon the White House. Thirteen blocks above the White House is the House of the Temple, the headquarters of Freemasonry in all of North America. When one sees that this is actually a representation of Satan as Baphomet, they can discern the darkness of the governmental system in America.

Baphomet/Goathead of Mendes

This symbol of Satan found on a tarot card is laid out in the street plans of the nation’s capitol. Note that the bottom point of the pentagram rests upon the head of the beast. This symbolizes the mind of Lucifer, and in Washington, D.C. this point is fixed directly upon the White House. The flame above the head of the goat corresponds to the House of the Temple. It symbolizes that the esoteric teachings of Freemasonry serve as the light of America.

I have had correspondence with Christians in recent days about the election. One brother mentioned hearing a sermon by pastor David Jeremiah where he urged all Christians in America to vote. It was clear from his message that Mitt Romney was the best choice for American Christians. It was suggested in this minister’s message that Christians would be sinning if they did not vote.

Matthew 24:24-25
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.

The word “Christ” means “anointed one.” A prophet is one who purports to speak for God. In suggesting that Romney was God’s man for America, Christians are declaring him to be God’s anointed. If it is God’s will to vote for this man, and it is a sin to fail to do so, then this must be God’s anointed.

Deception truly abounds in the church today. The eyes of the people of God have grown dim. They have become spiritually blind. They believe a vote for Satan is actually a vote for Christ. How is it that Christians have not considered that this man they were supporting is an adherent of a false religion? Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a religion that has adopted a false and lying book as equal to Scripture. Indeed, the Book of Mormon supersedes the Bible among Mormon’s for all that is in the Bible is interpreted through the filter of the Book of Mormon.

Have Christians not considered the origin of Mormonism, that it began in Masonic Lodges called Mormon Lodges, and that most of the founders of this false religion were Freemasons?

The Mormon undergarments worn by Joseph Smith bear the symbols of the compass and the square over the breasts. These are Masonic symbols. Mitt Romney, as all faithful Temple Mormons, wears similar undergarments today. The Mormon religion originated in Nauvoo, Illinois where it met in Masonic Lodges. Today there is a Mormon Temple in Nauvoo. Its facade is decorated with numerous pentagrams.

Nauvoo Temple Pentagrams

Note especially the inverted pentagram set in a round window. All occultists recognize this as a symbol of Satanic worship.

Sigil of Baphomet


Despite the assertions of those who claim that Mormon’s worship the Christ of the Bible, this saying is false. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as Mormonism is called, teaches a false image of Christ. It asserts that Lucifer and Jesus were brothers. It teaches that Yahweh is a procreating God (He has sex and produces offspring carnally). Salvation is achieved much as it is in the teachings of Freemasonry. As men grow in the knowledge of the mysteries of Mormonisn/Freemasonry, they ascend closer to a state of godhood. The Temple Mormon’s are initiated even as are Freemasons. They share a great commonality.

The Nauvoo Temple is not the only Mormon building with Luciferian/Masonic symbols. The Mormon Tabernacle in Salt lake City is adorned with the same.

All Seeing Eye on East and West Entries to Mormon Tabernacle

All Seeing Eye with Masonic Handshake

Pentagram Inside Circle on Salt Lake City Tabernacle

I am sure Mitt Romney would have been right at home in the White House, for he has spent much time in buildings marked by the inverted pentagram. The Mormon religion is as false as the Muslim faith that Barack Obama adheres to. Lucifer is the author of both. No matter what man had been elected, the same Satanic policies would have been carried forth. Barack Obama has been a champion of homosexuality. He has been a supporter of abortion without restrictions. He has promoted that which is abominable in the sight of God, and nothing would have changed under the Presidency of Mitt Romney.

In 2003 Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts. That same year gay marriage was approved by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Despite having a self-professed pro-life, pro-family governor, gay marriage became the law of the land under Romney’s governorship. This is how Satan operates. He raises up men who profess to stand for that which is moral and right, but these men appear to be thwarted in their desire to promote morality.

For four years during the Presidency of George W. Bush, in the years 2003-2007, the Presidency was in the hands of the Republicans, and both the Senate and the House of Representatives had a Republican majority. Yet, nothing changed policy wise. Abortion continued to be available in all the land. The murder of the unborn proceeded unabated. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, permitting homosexuals to serve in the military, was not challenged. States, such as Massachusetts began to embrace gay marriage. An unbiased reflection of actual events reveals that the immoral policies of America’s government are not hindered in years that Republicans are in office. Whether Democrats or Republicans are in the majority, the degeneracy of America continues to advance, while righteousness is further trampled.

Yesterday, election day in America, two states, Washington and Colorado, voted to make recreational use of marijuana legal. Four states had legislation favorable to gay marriage pass. In Maryland proponents of gay marriage had been defeated 32 times prior to the vote yesterday. Wisconsin elected the first female from their state to serve in the Senate, and she is also the first openly lesbian member to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

The trend in America is toward decadence. The nation is in moral, spiritual, political and economic decline. The majority have voted. The majority are celebrating their victories. Watch the crowd celebrating as Tammy Baldwin, the new Senator from Wisconsin, boasts of her victory. She begins by stating “The voice of the people has been heard.”


The words of Tammy Baldwin are typical of the hour. They are words of deceit. She says she will fight for the family, yet she is in favor of the murder of the unborn. She says she will fight for the family, but she has abandoned the role of the woman as wife and mother. She has even abandoned the natural function of the woman, and has embraced that which is unnatural and contrary to the righteousness of God. She seeks to rule over men, and the world applauds. How different are the judgments of man and Yahweh!

Isaiah 3:11-12
Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him. As for my people, youths are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

In the video above the citizens of America are celebrating unrighteousness. The loudest applause is not found when the economy is mentioned, nor protecting senior citizen’s retirement, or the rights of returning soldiers. The most enthusiastic response comes when it is mentioned that a woman will now rule over the people of the state, and that this woman is a homosexual.

Isaiah 5:20-24
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!... Therefore, as a tongue of fire consumes stubble and dry grass collapses into the flame, so their root will become like rot and their blossom blow away as dust; For they have rejected the law of Yahweh of hosts and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

America has voted. She has chosen abominations. In an hour when the country is in great economic decline; when millions are out of work and have exhausted all unemployment benefits; at a time when 46 million Americans are receiving food stamps and 49 percent of Americans live in households that receive some form of government benefits, the citizens of the nation have shown no regard for God. There is no turning away from sin, but rather a continual celebration of all that Yahweh has declared unrighteous. Yahweh has judged nations that have embraced abominations. Judgment even now stands at the door of America.

Please read the following words carefully. They are words for America. They are words for the hour that is now at hand. America has voted and God will recompense her for her actions.

Ezekiel 7:4-9
“For My eye will have no pity on you, nor will I spare you, but I will bring your ways upon you, and your abominations will be among you; then you will know that I am Yahweh! Thus says Yahweh God, ‘A disaster, unique disaster, behold it is coming! An end is coming; the end has come! It has awakened against you; behold, it has come! Your doom has come to you, O inhabitant of the land. The time has come, the day is near - tumult rather than joyful shouting on the mountains. Now I will shortly pour out My wrath on you and spend My anger against you; judge you according to your ways and bring on you all your abominations. My eye will show no pity nor will I spare. I will repay you according to your ways, while your abominations are in your midst; then you will know that I, Yahweh, do the smiting.’”

As disciples of Christ, the Christian is a citizen of a heavenly kingdom. The Bible describes the elect of God as “aliens and strangers” in this earth. The saints should not have a terrestrial concept of their identity, nor a nationalistic point of view. Those who have advocated that the Christian should vote, even of their vote is for the “lesser of two evils,” have not comprehended the mind of Christ. A vote for evil is a vote for evil.

I have shared with a number of saints the admonition of the apostle Paul. He declared:

I Timothy 5:22
Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.

The laying on of hands was a sign of endorsement. Laying hands on someone was to give them a vote of confidence. Voting today is similarly a form of endorsement. When a Christian casts a ballot for a wicked man, the sins that man commits become their sins. They become sharers in the responsibility for the actions he takes. The counsel of Paul is to “keep yourself free from sin.” Do not be hasty to “lay hands upon anyone.”

In an hour of great darkness where liars abound and the emissaries of Satan masquerade as ministers of light, the Christian needs to show great caution in identifying with others. Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. Come out from among them and be separate. Keep yourself free from sin.

Israeli PM Netanyahu 'ready' to order strike on Iran

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said he is ready to order a strike on Iran if international sanctions do not stop its nuclear programme.

"I am, of course, ready to press the button if necessary," he said.

Speaking on Israeli television, Mr Netanyahu also indicated Israel was prepared to act unilaterally.

His government has failed to get the US to set a clear "red line" for military action against Iran.

This has put a strain on relations with the administration of President Barack Obama.

Channel Two interviewed the prime minister as part of an investigative report detailing Israel's efforts to stop Iran from what it says is a drive to develop a nuclear weapon.

Iran insists its nuclear programme is purely for peaceful purposes.

As long as I am prime minister, Iran will not have the atomic bomb”Benjamin Netanyahu

The Channel Two report said that in 2010, Mr Netanyahu and his defence minister, Ehud Barak, had given orders for the military to get ready to attack Iran within hours if required.

The programme described this as "the closest Israel has come to attacking Iran".

The orders were later withdrawn in the face of opposition from two top security officials at the time - chief-of-staff Lt Gen Gabi Ashkenazi and the head of the intelligence service, Mossad, Meir Dagan.

According to the programme Gen Ashkenazi considered such an attack on Iran, "a strategic mistake" because of the risk of a war, while Mr Dagan deemed it "illegal", saying a full cabinet decision was needed. Both men have since retired from their posts.

When Mr Netanyahu was asked about the reported exchanges he did not comment directly.

"In the final reckoning, the responsibility lies with the prime minister and as long as I am prime minister, Iran will not have the atomic bomb," he said.

"If there's no other way, Israel is ready to act."

In the documentary, there was also criticism of the handling of the Iranian nuclear threat from the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. He suggested that the current government had jeopardised its close relationship with Washington.

Mr Olmert is considering making a political comeback ahead of a general election on 22 January.

Like its US ally, Israel has consistently refused to rule out a military option to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. It believes such a weapon would threaten its existence.


Farage: Mrs Merkel, tell Cameron it's time for Britain to leave EU

The Stock Market Should Have Fallen 50%, And You Should Buy Yourself A Machine Gun

“I am surprised with the reelection of Mr. Obama. The S&P is only down like 30 points. I would have thought that the market on his reelection should be down at least 50%...I think Mr. Obama is a disaster for business and a disaster for the United States. Not that Mr. Romney would be much better, but the Republicans understand the problem of excessive debt better than Mr. Obama who basically doesn't care about piling up debt. You also have in the background Mr. Bernanke, who with artificially low interest rates enables the debt to essentially escalate endlessly.”

On where he sees the equity markets given Obama’s reelection:
“You have offsetting factors. The problem with Mr. Obama is that you get more regulation and it’s disincentive for businessmen to hire people. You probably also get higher taxes, so in terms of the economy, he is very negative in my view. But you still have Mr. Bernanke, and you still have because of money printing very high corporate earnings. They are now coming down, but they are still at the elevated level. You have money printing supporting the market and on the other hand, you have an economic slowdown globally which will affect earnings negatively. It is difficult to tell where the market will go because we have so much manipulation. I think, minimum, it will drop 20%.”

On how investors should protect their assets:
“They should buy themselves a machine gun…I need to buy a tank. Joking aside, look, we have manipulated markets. Whenever you manipulate markets, you will get unintended consequences. i think the reelection is unintended consequence of money printing, that favors the so- called 0.25%. It was easy for the Democrats to attack the wealthy fat cats of Wall Street, the elite, and the privileged people to portray them as a profiteer of the system, which to some extent, they are. Not because they wanted to but because Mr. Bernanke enabled them to be profiteers. We have a situation where you have today Mr. Obama, I doubt he will stay at the presidency for another four years. I think there will be so many scandals, but that’s another story.”

On why he believes Obama won’t make it another four years as president:
“There is so much smoke. I suppose there is some fire. That is my observation. We don't know how the world will look in five years' time. I am pretty sure central banks will continue to print money and the standards of living for people in the western world, not just in America, will continue to decline because the cost of living increases will exceed income. The cost of living will also go up because all kinds of taxes will increase. Like Proposition 30 today in California is of course negative for the Californian economy. That is the state of the world. We have worsening economic conditions, but we have money printing.”

On Speaker Boehner’s comments to Congress today on the fiscal cliff:
“I am sure that they will solve it. They will increase cosmetically some taxes and they will cut cosmetically some spending and it will all be back loaded 10 years from now. So in reality, not much will happen. But the market tends to rally towards year-end, and i think from a low of around 1360, we could have a rally to January, but I think sometime next year will be again lower.”

On whether he sees the U.S. in recession in 2013:
“Yes, I think that if the figures were compiled properly. If nominal GDP was adjusted by a proper price deflator, we would probably already be in recession…But I would like to point out one thing about the economy. GDP is not a very relevant figure. It consists of many different sectors of the economy, so you can have some sectors that are improving like housing and others that are worsening.”

On his dollar and euro positions:
“This is the choice in life. You choose what is less bad. I don't particularly like Mr. Obama, but I think he is less bad for the world than Mr. Romney. It is a tragedy of life that both candidates did not lose the election. They would have deserved both to lose.”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/marc-faber-obama-is-a-disaster-the-stock-market-should-have-fallen-50-and-you-should-buy-yourself-a-machine-gun-2012-11#ixzz2BdqioieV

Video of Greek protesters fire Molotov cocktails, police shoot teargas

Barack Obama wins reelection: Mid East faces nuclear Iran, Brotherhood grip

Barack Obama has won re-election as President of the United States, according to all the projections of the Nov. 6 vote - albeit ahead of the final count of ballots. The prospect of another four years of Obama in the White House fills some Middle East nations, including the Persian Gulf and Israel, with trepidation.

They envisage a foreign policy that continues to focus on hitching US influence in the Muslim world – Sunni and Shiite alike – on to a wagon led by Iran as the first Islamic Shite Muslim nuclear power and the sponsorship of Muslim Brotherhood rule of Sunni Arab nations.

For Israel, this policy translates bleakly into American backing for the two most forbidding ideological foes it has faced in all its 63 years: Iran, whose leaders call openly for Israel’s extinction - even from the UN platform – although this is achievable only by nuclear aggression; and the hostile Muslim Brotherhood.
Only four days ago, senior Israeli Defense Ministry official Amos Gilead called the Brotherhood-ruled Egyptian government “a terrible dictatorship.” After years of close ties with Egyptian rulers and military chiefs, Gilead said: “There is no official contact between the top tiers of Egyptian and Israeli government, and I don’t think there will be.”

According to DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources, Gilead offered a glimpse of a grimmer prospect which Israeli leaders are discussing behind close doors: They fear that the second Obama term will usher in a nuclear-armed Shiite Iran which will quickly reach out to the Sunni Muslim Brothers, starting with Egypt, for a joint bid to terminate the life of the Jewish state.
Before dismissing this scenario as paranoid hyperbole, it is worth taking a look at an opinion poll conducted in Egypt in late August of this year by the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Institute. It aimed at canvassing popular ratings of Iran after the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Cairo.
Stanley Greenberg, who is close to Democratic Party leaders, was recently hired by Israel’s Labor Party as senior campaign strategist for the Jan. 22, 2013 election.
This American pollster found that 61 percent of the Egyptians surveyed approved of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, compared with 30 percent who disapproved. In 2009, the comparable figures were 40 percent for and 34 percent against a nuclear Iran.

The same poll in 2012 found 65 percent of Egyptians in favor of resuming the long-severed diplomatic ties with Tehran, as against 30 who were against.
The undisguised discord between Barack Obama and Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu is usually presented as sparked by their falling-out over military action for preempting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This is both simplistic and misleading. Their differences are far broader in scope: Netanyahu and most other Israeli leaders contest Obama's signature Middle East objective of bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya - and ultimately Syria - by presenting the MB as a moderate movement with whom America can do business and conduct a balanced Middle East policy.
This goal actuated the Arab Revolt – or Spring - which erupted in December 2010. It has condemned Israel to an ever-tightening Islamist noose around its borders with worse to come: The last gap will be filled after the Brothers attain power in Damascus and ultimately set their sights on Jordan as the springboard to Saudi Arabia.

Whenever he is confronted with this allegation, Obama answers undeniably that he has done more than any American president for Israel’s security and raised US-Israeli military and intelligence cooperation to an unmatched level.
This cannot be gainsaid, but in the view of DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence experts, it is only one aspect of the general picture: While bolstering Israel militarily, the US president has also bolstered its worst Middle East enemies and enhanced their ability to strike at the foundations of Israel’s national security. The emergence of a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic, which Israel may soon despair of thwarting, would nullify all the military or intelligence assistance the Obama administration has rendered the Jewish state to guarantee its survival.
No Israeli leader, political or military, is willing to go further than Amos Gilead and publicly admit that Israel is laboring under a dual compulsion; It is being forced to contemplate active measures for extinguishing Iran’s nuclear program while at the same time standing ready to challenge Egypt over Sinai which has swung out of Cairo’s control and deteriorated into a lawless terrorist springboard against both countries.


Retahuleu, Guatemala quake kills at least 15

A 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the Pacific coast of Guatemala Wednesday morning, killing up to 15 people, according to preliminary reports from the country's president.

Otto PĂ©rez Molina told a news conference not all the deaths had been confirmed, but witnesses reported seeing people buried in some of the 30 houses that collapsed in the town of San Marcos, near the north-western border with Mexico, where most of the damage was reported.

Ovidio Perez, spokesman for the fire department in San Cristobal Cochu, San Marcos, told the Emisoras Unidas radio station that the 10, including a four-year old, were buried. At least two dozen were reported injured in the same area.

The quake, which was about 20 miles deep and centred 15 miles off the coastal town of Champerico and about 100 miles south-west of Guatemala City, shook buildings as far away as Mexico City and El Salvador.

Survivors on radio and social media talked of widespread landslides and scores of people trapped. But accounts of injuries and deaths were difficult to independently confirm as communication and roads to San Marcos had been severed.

It was the largest earthquake to strike Guatemala since 1976, when 23,000 people were killed during a similar disaster in the small central American country.

"I've been in Guatemala for almost two years I am used to earthquakes. This was a lot more severe, a lot more shaky," said a Peace Corps volunteer, Adam Baker, 27, of Carmel, Indiana, who tweeted a picture of a small landslide behind his house in the nearby state of Quetzaltenango. "Things fell in my kitchen," it said.

Nicaragua's disaster-management agency said it had issued a tsunami alert, but there were no immediate reports of a high sea wave on the country's Pacific coast.

People fled buildings in Guatemala City, Mexico City and the capital of the Mexican state of Chiapas, across the border from Guatemala.

A reporter in San Marcos, a mostly rural region about 80 miles north of the epicentre, told Emisoras Unidas that houses had collapsed on residents, while smashed televisions and other appliances had been scattered into the streets of the main town.

The local fire department tweeted that a school had collapsed and eight injured people had been taken to a nearby hospital. Local radio reported widespread power outages and cuts in telephone service.

Molina said in a radio interview that the country of 14 million had been placed on its highest disaster alert and he urged people to evacuate tall buildings as an emergency measure.

The country's minister of communications and infrastructure told Emisoras Unidas that landslides had cut off several highways in the west of the country, and it would take at least 24 hours to re-establish transport links to San Marcos.

A resident, who identified herself as Mrs Baglia, from the small town of San Pedro Sacatepequez near San Marcos, told the radio station that people had fled into the streets after being told of a tsunami alert. "People are in distress and no one can calm down," she said.

A spokesman for El Salvador's Red Cross branch said the quake had been felt throughout the country, sending people fleeing their homes in the capital, but there had been no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage. He said there had been no local tsunami warning issued.

El Salvador's civil protection agency said officials were evacuating some coastal communities as a precautionary measure.

No serious damage or injuries had been reported in the city, the Mexico City mayor said, although many people had fled their offices and homes during the quake.

The Guardian