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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look how Japan Moves!!!!!

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Trump: How did Obama get into the Ivy League?

Donald Trump, speaks at the Conservative Political Action conference

Donald Trump on Monday suggested he had broadened the scope of his investigation regarding President Obama's background, arguing that - in addition to making inquiries into Mr. Obama's citizenship - he was "looking into" the president's college career.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Trump alleged that Mr. Obama had been "a terrible student," and wondered how he could have been accepted to prestigious schools like Columbia and Harvard Universities.

"I heard he was a terrible student, terrible," Trump told the AP. "How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? I'm thinking about it, I'm certainly looking into it. Let him show his records."

Mr. Obama received an undergraduate degree from Columbia University in 1983. (He transferred from Occidental College in 1981.) He then got his Juris doctorate from Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1991.

Trump provided no evidence of Mr. Obama's "terrible" marks, but did offer the fact that "I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard."

"We don't know a thing about this guy," Trump said. "There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president."

Trump, who says he is seriously considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, has made waves in recent weeks by reviving the thoroughly-debunked "birther" claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States.

The business magnate has also stepped up criticism of Democrats on policy-related issues.

In a video recently posted to his YouTube page, Trump accused Democrats of attempting to lead Republicans "into a trap" in regard to certain entitlement programs.

"Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security must be saved," said Trump, in one of his weekly video chats. "The Republicans cannot be led into a trap by the Democrats, and that's what happening. They must be saved....We must take care of our senior citizens, we can't let anything happen, anything, negative to our senior citizens. Medicare we have to take care of you."

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U.S. orders some embassy staff to leave Syria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. State Department said on Monday it has ordered some non-essential U.S. embassy officials in Damascus and all embassy dependents to leave Syria because of the "uncertainty and volatility" in the country.

News Daily

At the world's largest port, China's inflation problem boils over

Policemen take away a truck driver and his wife holding their child in Shanghai April 21, 2011. Container truck drivers protested on Wednesday and Thursday in Shanghai over rising costs and surcharges, drivers and bystanders said. - Policemen take away a truck driver and his wife holding their child in Shanghai April 21, 2011. Container truck drivers protested on Wednesday and Thursday in Shanghai over rising costs and surcharges, drivers and bystanders said. | REUTERS

At the world’s busiest container port, China’s inflation problem is becoming an obstacle to global trade.

Incensed by spiking fuel costs and consumer prices, truck drivers hauling goods to and from the Port of Shanghai went on strike Wednesday, triggering a major confrontation that drew hundreds of police officers after truckers reportedly blockaded the entrance to a local logistics company

Even as the crackdown turned violent, the truckers vowed to continue their protest at the port, which moved almost 80,000 containers a day in 2010 and overtook Singapore to become the busiest container port on the planet. The standoff, which is already making an impact on the flow of goods in and out of Shanghai, highlights the challenge that worsening inflation poses to policy-makers in China.

Spurred by a 12-per-cent jump in food prices, China’s annual inflation rate surged to 5.4 per cent in March, the highest in more than two-and-a-half years. The potential for runaway inflation is a serious concern for the Chinese government because, in the past, major consumer price increases have led to civil unrest. Inflation has become the hot-button issue among China’s 1.3 billion citizens: many are struggling to make ends meet as the price of basic necessities such as food has skyrocketed following a frenzied run-up in real estate values.

The Globe

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Turkey sees Israel becoming 'apartheid island'

Gul: New generation of Arabs wants democracy Photo: Reuters

Turkish President Abdullah Gul writes op-ed for NYT saying Israel-Palestinian peace necessary for democracy to be established after Arab uprisings. Turkey ready to resume role as mediator for negotiations, he says

Turkish President Abdullah Gul wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times saying his country is interested in returning to its former role as mediator of Mideast peace talks – between Israel and the Palestinians, and the entire Arab world.

Taking into account demographics and recent turmoil in the region, Gul says the Middle East will soon be democratic and every state must therefore take into account the wishes of its people.

"The new generation of Arabs is much more conscious of democracy, freedom and national dignity," he wrote in the piece published Thursday.

"In such a context, Israel cannot afford to be perceived as an apartheid island surrounded by an Arab sea of anger and hostility."

Gul believes a Palestinian state will strengthen Israel, and says Turkey will do all it can to assist negotiations.

The article, entitled "The Revolution's Missing Peace", says Israel is instrumental in leading the Arab countries around it towards democracy following the uprisings.

"Israel, more than any other country, will need to adapt to the new political climate in the region. But it need not fear; the emergence of a democratic neighborhood around Israel is the ultimate assurance of the country’s security," Gul writes.

He also calls on Israeli leaders "to approach the peace process with a strategic mindset, rather than resorting to short-sighted tactical maneuvers".

For Gul, this means "seriously considering the Arab League's 2002 peace initiative, which proposed a return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders and fully normalized diplomatic relations with Arab states".

The US, Gul says, must adopt a more impartial outlook when mediating the peace talks. "The United States has a long-overdue responsibility to side with international law and fairness when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process," he writes.



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Comex default nears

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Gold powers above $1,500 as inflation worries mount

NEW YORK — Gold rallied above $1,500 an ounce for the first time on Wednesday, extending this week's record run as investors hedged growing inflation risks and bought into a broad commodities rally as the dollar slumped.

Mounting evidence of quickening inflation in major Asian economies such as China and India were echoed in Latin America on Wednesday, with Brazilian prices nearing a government ceiling and Mexico's yearly rate exceeding a key target.

The break-even rates on U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), which measures investors' inflation expectations, rose for a second day.

A second day of deep losses for the dollar and rallies in oil and grain markets that fueled further inflation concerns also buoyed bullion, which once again rose in tandem with riskier assets like equities as investors turned to gold as a store of value.

"The U.S. government at this point of time has not corrected its fiscal imbalance, and the Federal Reserve continues to maintain exceedingly loose monetary policy, which has the risk of further debasing the dollar," said Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist of broker-dealer Janney Montgomery Scott, which manages $53 billion in client assets.

Gold prices tend to rise with a declining dollar.

Spot gold rose to an all-time high of $1,505.70 an ounce. It was last up 0.4 percent at $1,500.50 by 3:31 p.m. EDT, having risen almost 4 percent over the past eight days. The metal is set for its 11th successive quarterly gain.



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