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Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Disaster Waiting to Happen: China Deliberately Hiding Economic Financial Data

We already knew almost every piece of financial data out of China has been spun as to not show any cracks in the ever expanding Chinese economy, but now they are deliberately hiding data so as to not cause the 1.344 Billion populace to rebel and riot.

They are following the same trajectory as the Japanese bubble of 20 years ago: First manufacturing from all over the world and making products for the whole planet makes the country rich. Then with all this wealth there is a real-estate and stock market speculation binge. Then the bubble pops and it 20 years later the country is still in stagnation because everyone either lost everything in the bubble or are old grandmothers who keep their money in cash stuffed in their matreess.

Only there are a billion Chinese, instead of just 120 million Japanese. And their ageing society problems will be even worse than Japan’s because of the one-child policy.

China ‘Officially’ Moves From Made-Up Data To Hiding Data

When the official Chinese PMI printed a few days ago we noted the ‘odd’ fact that several of the key sub-indices were ‘missing’. While most put this down to some ‘hiccup’ or aberration, we wondered at the time what this might mean in a nation that has seemingly gone out of its way to baffle with Schrodinger bullshit for much of the last few ‘recovery’ years in the face of collapsing electricity production, copper/cement/steel prices, fake trade invoices, and a shadow-banking system so re-hypothecated that even the PBOC has decided enough is enough. Well, as Bloomberg reports, it turns out it wasn’t an aberration, but new policy from China’s Federation of Logistics and Purchasing which has now officially suspended the release of industry-specific data from the monthly survey of manufacturers. As one analyst put it, “the random absence of official data is disorienting,” which is likely exactly the plan.


China Suspends PMI Details in New Hurdle for Scrutiny of Economy

China suspended the release of industry-specific data from a monthly survey of manufacturing purchasing managers,

“We now have 3,000 samples in the survey, and from a technical point of view, time is very limited — there are many industries, you know,” Cai Jin, vice president of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, which compiles the data with the National Bureau of Statistics, told reporters today in Beijing.

The disappearance of data on industries including steel adds to issues hampering analysis of the world’s second-biggest economy, after fake invoices inflated trade numbers this year. The manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index also omitted readings on export orders, imports and inventories without any explanation from the government.

“Suspension of the monthly data, without prior notice, makes the research work difficult for us,” Xu Xiangchun, a steel researcher and chief analyst at Mysteel.com, said by phone from Beijing. “The random absence of official data is disorienting.”

… the logistics federation told … that the figures would be “temporarily” suspended without giving a reason.

He didn’t elaborate on the reason for the decision beyond rejecting the idea that it was because the data showed too much weakness.

Yesterday, a person involved in producing a set of data on the country’s steel industry said that the release was suspended after the statistics bureau decided to change how the figures are compiled.

It isn’t yet clear what changes will be made and in what time frame, or if the data for July would be released next month, said the person, who asked not to be identified as he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

China’s Banks Stop Lending due to Liquidity Freeze – Giant Ponzi Scheme Wont End Well. Panic Sets In!

If one thought the schizophrenic lies out of Europe between 2010 and 2013 were bad enough (the bulk of which it now appears were orchestrated by Mario Draghi), here comes China, a country which already has a “credibility” issue so to say, which has no choice but to lie as blatantly as possible in order to preserve some semblance of stability.

Not unexpectedly following news that various retail and online banking services had been impaired in the early part of the week at China’s biggest banks, now Caixin reports that banks are simply shutting lending to both businesses and individuals.

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