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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Has Censorship Of News Begun

This is the list of the world enemies!!!

The IMF Is Warning Governments About Rising Discontent Among The People

Russia TV/Putin Warn, Globalists May Kill Trump



Hillary Clinton's undercover nurse

PICTURED: Hillary Clinton's 'undercover nurse checks pulse' as Clinton clutches her heart
MYSTERIOUS photos reportedly showing a woman checking Hillary Clinton’s pulse have sparked online rumours that the US presidential candidate has a undercover nurse.


TWITTER Pictures of the woman have caused a stir online

Hillary Clinton was filmed collapsing at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial service in New York before being hauled into a van by a secret service staff.

Now photos have emerged of a woman, wearing a navy blue dress, as she holds the arm of Mrs Clinton while appearing to check Mrs Clinton’s heart beat.

Moments later she was whisked away to her daughter’s apartment.

TWITTER Hillary Clinton collapsed on Sunday

Undercover nurse checking Hillary’s pulse? Looks like that..

A Tennessee branch of the Republican Party tweeted the image alongside the caption: “Undercover nurse checking Hillary’s pulse? Looks like that…”

Another mystery snap shows the aide allegedly asking Clinton to “squeeze her fingers” - with many social media users saying that this is a “common test for neurological ailments”.

One social media user wrote: “Hillary squeezing her nurses fingers. Clearly she’s disoriented. Final stages of Parkinson’s disease?”

TWITTER It is claimed the woman asked Clinton to squeeze her finger

The woman pictured has since been identified as Dr Lisa Bardack.

It comes after the former First Lady finally admitted she had problems with dehydration and dizziness for several years.

Secretary of State Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday but the revelation was kept secret until her “medical episode” in Manhattan on Sunday. 

Credit to express.co.uk

CBS Caught Editing Clip, Transcript In Which Bill Clinton Says Hillary Fainted "Frequently"

For the latest example why much of the US population has lost trust in the mainstream media, consider today's snafu in which CBS News was caught editing a video clip and transcript to remove a Bill Clinton comment that Hillary Clinton "frequently" fainted in the past. 
Bill Clinton sat down with CBS's Charlie Rose on Monday to try to clear the air around questions regarding his wife's health after she collapsed while getting into a van at a 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday. It didn't quite work out as desired. 
As the Daily Caller reported first, when asked if there was any chance her faintness on Sunday could be a sign of some more “serious” illness, Clinton said he did not believe that was the case.
“Well if it is, it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently - well not frequently, rarely -  but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, and she’s worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of State, as a senator and in the year since."

However, the final edit of the "CBS Evening News" version cut Clinton's use of "frequently" out. Furthermore, according to a review by The Hill of the official transcript released by the network shows that Clinton saying "Frequently - well, not frequently," is omitted as well.  
Oddly, unlike the "CBS Evening News" version, Clinton's use of "frequently" can be heard on a version played on "CBS This Morning." 
To be sure, the bolded "frequently" section was in itself a particularly embarrassing slip-up: how Clinton can mistake that Hillary “frequently” faints or collapses, before correcting himself to say it "rarely" happened, will remain a mystery. Perhaps the fragment's deletion was the result of Bill realizing precisely this; and while we doubt that there was a subsequent 40 minutes "conversation about grandchildren" on a hot tarmac somwhere to rectify this mistake, what we do know is that when the segment aired, the bolded section was edited out, cutting to a reverse shot of Rose nodding to cover up the jump:
As The Hill notes, time constraints unlikely played a role, since it takes less than three seconds for Clinton to say "frequently — well, not frequently."
The edited CBS transcript is shown below:
Below is the excerpt that will air tonight on "CBS EVENING NEWS" WITH SCOTT PELLEY:
BILL CLINTON: She’s doing fine. She was even better last night before she went to sleep. She had a good night’s sleep. She just got dehydrated yesterday.
CHARLIE ROSE: Is that what happened? She just got dehydrated. Because when you look at that collapse, that video that was taken, you wonder if it’s not more serious than dehydration.
BILL CLINTON: Well, if it is then it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors. Rarely, on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing’s happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, and she’s worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of State, as a senator and in the year since.
CHARLIE ROSE: But, more importantly, she’s on a grueling campaign. And you know what that’s like, and she's older than you when you ran.
BILL CLINTON: And she had two and a half hard days before the day when she got dizzy. Today she made a decision, which I think was correct, to cancel her campaign day to take one more day to rest.
CHARLIE ROSE: Is it possible she'll be away for weeks from the campaign trail?
BILL CLINTON: No, not a shot. I’ll be lucky to hold her back another day.
As Mediaite observes, it’s not at all uncommon for networks to edit down interviews to fit for broadcast or to clean up an interview subject’s response. But, as it points out, "it is interesting that they chose to edit out an error that could have very well been newsworthy by itself."
Naturally, there would be no comment from either Clinton, and if anything it would be assigned to the "great alt right conspiracy theory" compost heap, along with everything else that has been said about the Clintons, only to be confirmed the not too distant future. 

Critical Economic Shifts Happening Right Now

Iran Threatens to Shoot Down US Jets Over Persian Gulf in New Escalation

“That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of papyrus upon the waters! Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation tall and of glossy skin, to a people terrible from their beginning onward; a nation that is sturdy and treadeth down, whose land the rivers divide!” Isaiah 18:2 (The Israel Bible™)
Image result for Navy P-8 Poseidon

In the latest in a string of provocations by the Iranian military, Iran threatened to shoot down two US Navy surveillance jets flying near Iranian territory in the Persian Gulf on Saturday, Fox News reported.

The incident took place on September 10. In a reconnaissance mission, a Navy P-8 Poseidon with a crew of nine and an EP-3 Eries with a crew of 24 were flying about 13 miles off the coast of Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, the scene of a recent altercation between the Iranian and American navies.

During the flight, the Iranian military contacted the jets and threatened to shoot them down if they did not change course, though they were over international waters, military officials told Fox.

Iran’s territorial waters extend 12 miles into the sea, as dictated by international maritime law. The American aircraft, while close, were not inside Iranian territory.

The planes ignored the warning and continued in their flight path. Iran did not pursue.

“We wanted to test the Iranian reaction,” one US official told Fox News. “It’s one thing to tell someone to get off your lawn, but we weren’t on their lawn.”

The US military classified Iran’s behavior as “unprofessional”, though not “unsafe” as, according to intelligence, Iran did not have missile launchers in the area.

“Anytime you threaten to shoot someone down, it’s not considered professional,” the official said.

Iran’s aggression follows a pattern of recent provocations against American military in the Gulf. Last month, four Iranian warships harassed a US Navy destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz, chasing the ship out of international waters.

In another incident in the Persian Gulf, a US Navy patrol vessel was forced to fire warning shots at a small Iranian craft which charged head-on at the American vessel after refusing to heed warnings by radio and flare.

The Iranian boat came within 200 yards of the US Navy vessel, forcing it to change course to avoid collision.

Credit to 
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/75574/iran-threatens-shoot-us-jets-persian-gulf-new-escalation/#wJpid1rHRAXg1827.99



The Soviets built a single Antonov An-225 cargo jet — the longest and heaviest airplane ever built — to carry the Buran space shuttle. Now China wants a fleet of them.

A recently announced deal with Ukraine’s Antonov firm is the latest evidence of Beijing’s strategic aspiration to be able to deploy military forces rapidly, anywhere in the world.

“It would provide China with the large and global lift that not even the U.S. has possessed, except by rental,” said Peter Singer, a strategist and senior fellow at New America who tracks Chinese military technology on his Popular Science blog. “It’s large enough to carry helicopters, tanks, artillery, even other aircraft.”

The six-engine aircraft, which can haul more than 250 tons, would help on the civil side as well, Singer said.

“It opens all sorts of new frontiers in both commercial and military air transport for China,” he said. “A fleet of civilian An-225s could quickly ship heavy, bulky cargo of massive scale ranging from construction equipment to a massive scale of consumer goods.”

Then there are uses that haven’t even been thought of, such as space launch or a mother ship for drones, Singer said.

Antonov announced last week that it had entered a pact with the Aerospace Industry Corporation of China to finish building an An-225 which has sat half-built inside a Ukrainian aircraft hangar for more than 20 years.

“[T]he parties expressed their intentions as for long−term cooperation,” Antonov said in a statement. The second An-225 will be built in Ukraine and the third in China, to be flown by the mid-2020s.


Credit to defenseone.com

The Centers for Disease Control are Now Deploying Rapid Response SWAT Teams