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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alert! Putin orders surprise readiness check of Eastern Military District

Russia Responds To The Latest European Sanctions: "You Leave Us No Choice"

As usual, every European snaction (sic) has an equal and opposite Russian reaction. Here is how the Russian Foreign ministry responded to what van Rompuy announced earlier today would be a new round of Russian sanctions, which wil finally be enforced tomorrow. First from the Russian foreign ministry:
And from Russia's European ambassador:
Below is the official statement, Google-translated:
In connection with the statement of the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy from September 11 regarding the introduction of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, we can state the following.

By taking this step, the EU has actually made a choice against the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian domestic crisis, whose support was expected of all responsible powers in Europe.

Today Brussels and heads of EU member states should give a clear answer to the citizens of the European Union why they put them at risk of confrontation, economic stagnation and the loss of jobs.
And the punchline:
Finally, give peace a chance.
So Obama channels Dubya and Putin channels John Lennon. The New Normal sure is strange.
Credit to Zero Hedge

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The Army’s Plan for Martial Law Carried Out Under UN Authority

Since February of 2014, I have written about a series of planned actions, on the part of the US Army which would give them martial law power over the people of the United States. In the same time frame, I have written extensively about the futuristic plans of the United Nations Agenda 21 to create densely populated megacities.
This article examines the “perfect storm” that is presently occurring which is witnessing the manifestation of Agenda 21 living conditions in America and a vicious martial law occupation force which will be presiding over these megacities.
No speculation is required; the government admits complicity in this plot by their own actions and in their own documents. The title page of this PDF is displayed below.


The smoking gun document that virtually guarantees an Army enforced martial law way of life, within an Agenda 21 megacities framework:
June 2014
nyc martial law

Chief of Staff of the Army, Strategic Studies Group
Megacities Concept Team:
Colonel Marc Harris, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Dixon, Major Nicholas Melin, Command Sergeant Major Daniel Hendrex, Sergeant Major Richard Russo
and Mr. Michael Bailey
An Army report boldly proclaims that American troops need to be ready and willing to enter New York City and other global “megacities” in the “near future”.  The purpose of this instruction by the Army in the nation’s domestic affairs, in violation of Posse Comitatus would be to prevent civil unrest (i.e. “precrime”), political uprisings and protect key infrastructure and natural resources in the national interest. In other words, the American Army will be deployed because what the American people “MIGHT DO”. The official Army report is entitled “Megacities and the United States Army” (PDF), and it was released by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Strategic Studies Group.
The report disturbingly states that, “It is inevitable that at some point the United States Army will be asked to operate in a megacity and currently the Army is ill-prepared to do so.”

Megacities and the U.S. Army

Previously, on August 27, 2014, I reported on the rapid progress of the “megacities” concept. It is an United Nations created Agenda 21 plan initiated by the global elite to establish 11 megacity regions, each containing approximately six million people. Please note that somebody apparently forgot to tell the United Nations that the United States has 310 million people, not 66 million as their future plans call for housing. Nobody, in an official capacity, dealt with the numerical discrepancy between the present population of the United States and the planned population of the United States. And now, and very disturbingly, the Army has announced that it is inserting itself into this process. Before proceeding, you may wish to read “The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens“, as it details the well-researched psychological reasons that the U.S. military would fire upon American citizens if ordered to do so. I would also recommend that you read my previous report “The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future“. These two reports will psychologically prepare the reader to fully understand the clear intentions of the Army as detailed in the following paragraphs.

The Army and Their Planned Megacity Intervention

megacities map2
The aforementioned Army report details the reasons given for why the U.S. Army would insert itself into major cities to deal with “civil unrest”. With regard to the power of the people vs. the power of the state, this Army document leaves no doubt as to which group is the sovereign and the Constitutional principle of the sovereign people controlling its government is officially dead and buried.
Some of the other reasons that the Army will “occupy” the megacities will include “income disparity,” “natural disasters,” and “illicit networks” that would dare to challenge the “authority of state power”. The document goes on to state that the military will be training its forces to oppose those who could engage in the “precrime” activity of influencing the lives of the American population while undermining the authority of the state.You must feel like you have stumbled upon Part Two of Orwell’s  classic book, 1984.
At this point, a summary statement needs to be made. The Agenda 21 megacities plan, often referred to America 2050, will be enforced under the dictates of martial law in which absolutely no political dissent will be allowed. 

U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances

 I have also previously reported on the Army’s, August 15, 2014, of how they plan to deal with dissidents and protesters. The new Army manual, known as ATP 3-39.33, provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and crowd control operations that occur in the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS).
The following are diagrams lifted from  ATP 3-39.33 which instructs soldiers how to kill and disable American citizens.
How to best kill and maim an American.
How to best kill and maim an American.

army use of lethal force

ATP 3-39.33 speaks to the Army strategy of deploying snipers at public events and protests and “eliminating” the leadership of any such activity. This document not only marks the death of the leaders of any civil disobedience, but it marks the death of the First Amendment to the Constitution as it eliminate any right of the people to “peaceably assemble” and to allow the people the full expression of the right “to express grievances” against the government.
On February 22, 2014, I revealed the existence of a classified Army document which has been leaked online, is entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF). The document was originally to be kept secret, but everyone in the military command structure, as we know, is not on board with the encroaching tyranny sweeping across this country.

The Army Did Not Wait To Begin Training for the Martial Law Takeover

The Army has been diligently training to lock the country down in an Agenda 21 megacites imposed martial law. They did not wait for the release of the aforementioned martial law documents. Specifically, I am referring to the Army’s building of a ‘fake” $96 million dollar Northern Virginia town which is being used to train the military to enforce martial Law. Of course, the government says that this is a foreign town being used to train our troops to occupy. If this is true, then someone needs to explain why the town has a Christian church, handicap parking spots, Washington DC subway logos, loading zone signs and road signs in English. A picture is worth a thousand words as you will see in the following video.

No Martial Law Takeover Would Be Complete Without Detention Camps

Since the Army documents make it clear that no public dissent against the policies of the prevailing state authority will be permitted, the Army would be compelled to establish detention centers to house “dissidents”. As an aside, please note that the Army does NOT refer to the prevailing civil authority as “duly elected officials”, or, “Constitutionally mandated authority”. Further, there is strong evidence, based upon more government documents that the coming and planned detention camps will be manned by foreign troops.

 In the Words of the Army

Straight from the Internment/Resettlement article (12 February 2010 FM 3-39.40 1-5) it states the following:
“…I/R operations may place Soldiers in continuous contact with or near insurgents, terrorists, or criminals who will exploit every opportunity to escape and kill or injure U.S. personnel or multinational partners“.

An occupation force is being mobilized.
An occupation force is being mobilized.
Please allow me to remind the reader that back in late may and early June, that The Common Sense Show devoted a lot of attention to the sightings of UN vehicles on American soil, particularly in and around the southern border area of the United States.
Whether you believe there are Russian troops training on our soil, along with other UN “Peacekeeping” troops is an irrelevant argument at this point. The above excerpt and the following paragraphs will make it clear regarding the INTENT to use “multinational partners” to round up and detain American citizens.
un vehicles 2
The following is a list of involved agencies involved in the soon-to-be roundups of American citizens who are not drinking from globalist Kool-Aid.
The following are excerpts from this martial law doctrine which reveals the true intent as to what is happening behind the scenes in America.
1-40. External involvement in I/R missions is a fact of life for military police organizations. Some government and government-sponsored entities that may be involved in I/R missions include—
International agencies.
The UN
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
International Organization of Migration.
U.S. agencies.
Local U.S. embassy.
Department of Homeland Security.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Federal Emergency Management Agency.

There can be no doubt as to the meaning of the above quote from the manual. This government plans to enlist the aid of foreign troops in conjunction with the UN, DHS and FEMA for the purpose of rounding up and detaining American civilians.

Segregation of Civilian Detainees

I have previously been told my military sources that when families are transported to the I/R camps, husbands will be segregated from wives and children from parents. Some scoffed at the details of the report. To those people, I would suggest reading from the I/R Resettlement documents:
Detainees may also be segregated by ethnic and family groups and further segregated to protect vulnerable individuals. Additionally, detainees may be categorized by behavior (cooperative, neutral, or combative) to accurately resource guards and facilities”. Juveniles within the I/R population are typically segregated from the general population. (See DODD 3115.09.)

You Are An Enemy Combatant

Most of us who are detained in these I/R camps will be classified as enemy combatants. The following reads like the MIAC Report on steroids.
“Enemy Combatants
1-15. An enemy combatant is, in general, a person engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners during an armed conflict. (JP 3-63) Enemy combatant includes EPWs and members of armed groups.
1-16. Enemy combatants are divided as follows:
An enemy prisoner of war is a detained person who, while engaged in combat under orders of his or her government, was captured by the armed forces of the enemy.
Member of an armed group is a person who engages in or supports acts against the United States or its multinational partners in violation of the laws and customs of war during a named conflict that do not meet the criteria of a prisoner of war as defined within the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War”

The last sentence is frightening. It says that anyone who supports acts against the United States or its foreign mercenaries, is not entitled to humane treatment under the Geneva Convention. An offense against the US government could include the failure to turn in your gun or to not pay your taxes. This also opens the door to torture and summary extermination as you will not likely have any rights. For those who think this is an exaggeration, ask yourself what does “do not meet the criteria defined within the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war”, actually mean?
We already know that the present administration holds the US Constitution in complete disdain and utter contempt. Do you remember the domestic terrorist designations which are contained in the MIAC Report?  An authority not recognized by this criminal government would include LibertariansConstitutionalists, a former Ron Paul supporter, a Bible believing Christian, a Second Amendment supporter and a veteran. If you belong to any of these groups, you are a domestic terrorist, an enemy combatant, a sovereign citizen and a stateless person.

The Legal Justification to Snatch You From Your Home

The following definition of an “evacuee” should concern all Americans. The definition of the term indicates the right of the military to remove a citizen from their home.
“EvacueeAn evacuee is a civilian removed from a place of residence by military direction for reasons of personal security or the requirements of the military situation.” (JP 3-57)
Do you remember when the globalists began to use the term “sovereign citizen”? This term was applied by DHS to Americans who claimed that they followed the Constitution, but not the “legitimate” governmental authority. The first time that I saw the term utilized by the government was in the Stacy Lynne case in which this anti-Agenda 21 activist had her son stolen by a NWO Judge, Julie Kunce Field, without so much as an allegation of parental wrong doing. This former World Bank and IMF consultant, turned judge, referred to Stacy as a “sovereign citizen”. As a result, Stacy was not allowed to call witnesses or object to the illegal practices she was subjected to while in Fields’ courtroom on the basis of any of the “constitutional violations” of law.  This designation by this globalist judge was used as the impetus to steal Stacy’s son from her custody for her part in anti-Agenda 21 political activities. Fields was signaling what was coming for all of us by her application of the law in the Lynne case. The following defines a sovereign citizen as a stateless person.
Stateless Person. A stateless person is a civilian who has been denationalized or whose country of origin cannot be determined or who cannot establish a right to the nationality claimed.
If one is a stateless person, they are, by default, an enemy combatant. I have been assisting the Larimer County resident, Stacy Lynne, for 26 months. Stacy has not been able to see her son in almost a year and a half. I always wondered what kind of chicken outfit could steal someone’s child without cause. When I read this I/R manual, my eyes were opened and chills went up and down my spine. What was done to Stacy was accomplished because she was an anti-Agenda 21 advocate. And through the complicity of this globalist judge, Stacy was declared to not be a citizen and, as such, was not entitled to any Constitutional protections because a “sovereign citizen” is in effect a stateless person. Go back to original document in this article in which the Army declares that it will impose martial law in the megacities.
When martial law comes to our land, we will be snatched from our homes because of our collective verbal and behavioral resistance to the tyranny that is sweeping our land. We will be met by the likes of  the self-appointed authority that globalist judges like Julie Kunce Field represent. These despots will use their unconstitutional powers to declare a wide swath of Americans to be stateless, or sovereign citizens. This will be the excuse designed to steal our children from us and to imprison us in the new I/R Resettlment camps.
This mentality already exists in places like Ft. Collins, CO., and in Austin, TX. Soon, the entire nation will be declaring any perceived dissident to be a sovereign citizen.


Do I have to spell it out for you? All of us are Stacy Lynne. The NDAA is for you and for me. Sixty six million of us will be “stacked and packed” into an Agenda 21 nightmarish existence enforced by the U.S. Army.
By virtue of the fact that you have visited this website, or a website that linked into this website, your every keystroke has been cataloged by the NSA and you and your family have been declared to be non-citizens and are targeted for forced Internment/Resettlement at some future date. This will most likely occur following a false flag event.
In the eyes of this criminal administration, we are all enemy combatants. We are all “sovereign citizens”. We are all stateless people not protected by either the Constitution, in the pre-arrest period, or, by the Geneva Convention, in the post-arrest period.In the next part of this series, I will spell out what losing your Geneva Convention rights will mean to you and your family.
You will never stand before a judge and jury and have your freedom stripped from you. You will likely be taken from your home at 3AM, loaded into a transport vehicle with other designated sovereign citizens with only the clothes on your back, and shipped to your final designated I/R camp.
Also in the next part of this series, I will expose more details on the upcoming mass incarcerations and what the dead banksters and fired generals have to do with all of this.
Credit to Common Sense

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Putin, the War and the Return of Mercenaries

Many people have written asking about Putin. The pundits are claiming the Russian Army is weak and could not wage war. Russia is actually looking at expanding its military policy re-targeting Europe and the USA as enemies, and rewriting protocols for justification of a defensive first strike with nuclear weapons. The greatest mistake that the West has made so far is to judge Russia through their own eyes based upon themselves with extreme arrogance and prejudice. Just because you would not want war does not mean your opponent has the same view. Additionally, the arrogance of the politicians can force war by their unyielding posture and inability to realize that they have left their opponent with no other option.
The arrogance that Russia is weak and could not afford war is a huge mistake because it is the West who cannot afford war in the middle of an economic implosion where we have a Sovereign Debt Crisis brewing on an unprecedented scale. War also gas been an escape valve for fiscal mismanagement and in this respect, war become desirable as a decoy to hide the inability of politicians to cope with managing the state.
The Russian military forces are composed of 150,000 officers and 766,000 soldiers on active duty. There are about 2,485,000 reservists. The Russian Ground Forces have 15,500 tanks, 27,607 armored fighting vehicles (AFV), 5,990 self-propelled guns (SPG), 4,625 towed artillery guns and 3,781 multiple rocket launcher artillery systems (MLRS), according to reports of the Military portal Global Fire Power. For the Air Force, Russia has about 3,082 airplanes, jets and helicopters. Russia has only about 114 combat helicopters compared to the USA’s 914 attack helicopters – not counting those bought by local civil police as in Florida.
The Russian Navy has 352 ships and boats. However, Russia has only one aircraft carrier – the Admiral Kuznetsov class. This was in the service in 1991. Moscow would like to supplement his holding by two helicopter carrier Mistral class from France.
Moreover, Russia has over 4,600 nuclear warheads ready for use in their collections. Additionally, Russia has 7,300 nuclear warheads in reserve. Furthermore, Russia has about 330 intercontinental ballistic missiles that could be targeted against the USA domestically. In addition, ten nuclear submarines are equipped with 160 missiles and there are another 576 nuclear warheads.
In the next few years, the rocket classes Bulava (SS-N-30) RS-24 Jars (NATO code SS-24) and Iskander-M (SS-26 Stone) are to be built. Russian technology in rocket manufacture is not to be under-estimated. Just in the past decades since the Cold War began, Russia has 117 different missile technologies that have been used. These systems are partly to extensions of older technologies. The missile defense system A-135 (NATO code ABM-3) is in Moscow and is ready for use. It protects the capital and the surrounding area from possible attacks. Unlike Iraq or Syria, the USA cannot simply invade with impunity. This is not a war that could be won in such a manner and the capability of nuclear attacks/defense warn that those levels of warfare are off the table.
Uncle_Sam-DraftIn Russia there is conscription or the draft. Military service extends over twelve months. Like the 1960s in the USA, young Russians are trying to escape military service. In 2012, about 245,000 young Russians had evaded military service. Often doctors are bribed paying thousands of dollars to seek confirmation of some health unsuitability. Others have simply just not appeared at the recruiting office. General Nikolai Makarov complained that only 11.7% of Russians are suitable for military service between the ages of 18-27 years. An amazing 60% of the male population was unfit for military service according to the statistics. Either Russia enforces its conscription and uses only military doctors to provide rejection notices, or it moves to a private army.
Part of the problem is known as the “dedovshchina”, which is a rather brutal initiation ritual. The dedovshchina consists of humiliation, rape and torture of conscripts by older servicemen. The rumor that many have even died during such rituals has ironically been a deterrent to increasing the military. In 2010, there were more than 1,700 Russian military dedovshchina victims, reported Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies.
Add to this nightmare, far too many military barracks did not even have showers until the end of 2013. Then there is the notorious problem of Alcoholism, which is a widespread phenomenon throughout Russia. Approximately 40% of all working age Russian men die from the effects of alcoholism, reported the Guardian. There are countless Russian women almost everywhere these days from Tokyo and New York to the cities in Europe. Many are looking for husbands and do not want to have anything to do with Russian men for this very reason. It has been this macho attitude in Russia that creates the problem. The excessive consumption of vodka in Russia is seen as proof of masculinity.
To cope with these problems, Putin is actually looking to alter the entire system by adopting the privatization of the military sector. Yes – you read correctly! During the next few years, we will see the rise of private armies taking over tasks of the defense. This will break-the-back of the problems with the Russian military and propel it into a new era.
The largest private army in Russia’s Federal State is the Unitary Enterprise Okhrana. This was launched in 2005 by the Home Office and has proven to be a tremendous success. It now has more powers as regular security forces. Competitors in the market complain about the state privileges enjoyed by Okhrana, for it is becoming far more responsive than standard military units and has set the tone for a crack military force. Russia will cut its government military forces in half by as early as 2020 (war aside) and it will replace this with private armies consisting mostly of Russian ex-soldiers. This is the new Russian formulated Military Strategy. Most in the West do not even comprehend that this is a major trend.
Russian troopsThis trend of altering the structure of the Russian military forces must be understood within its proper context. This has added to the Strange War that the West cannot quite grasp which has been going on in Ukraine. We have referred to these Russian soldiers without insignia as “Russian Tourists” with weapons. Our sources in the East even posed with one to provide direct evidence that they were in fact there (pictured to the right with our source cropped out).

This idea is not unique for Russia. The critics call Putin a liar and he has troops there in Ukraine. He has troops in Crimea yet can deny that they were there. Is Putin a liar, or just copying the USA in its use of private military units in Iraq? Nobody paid much attention to the privatization of the military even in the USA. However, if a head of state is then asked, are your troops there in someplace, they can SAFELY and HONESTLY deny that “their” troops are even there. Is Putin merely copying the USA, yet the Western press fail to make the connection to the fact that during the Iraq War, there were times when private armies for the USA had in fact outnumbered “official” troops on the ground. OOPS! It seems nobody wants to make that connection or comparison.

Nevertheless, let us look at this issue with unbiased eyes. The Iraq war just might best be remembered as America’s most privatized military engagement to date, with contractors hired by the Pentagon actually outnumbering troops on the ground at various points. That is CORRECT!!!!
HessianThis might come as a total shock, but mercenary armies are not new. The Hessians were 18th-century German auxiliaries contracted for military service by the British government. Britain found it much easier to borrow money to pay for their private armies than to recruit its own soldiers. The Hessians took their name from the German region of Hesse. The British used the Hessians in several conflicts, including in the Irish Rebellion of 1798, but they are most widely associated with combat operations in the American Revolutionary War.
The US moved to private contractors for the same reason. It was far easier to pay for private armies than to re-institute the draft for a war that was unpopular and undefined to begin with. The sheer number of private contractors used during the Iraq War was often overshadowed by events and the press did not comprehend this important trend shift. By 2008, the US Department of Defense employed 155,826 private contractors in Iraq – and 152,275 troops. This degree of privatization is unprecedented in modern warfare. It has been overlooked by just about everyone while Putin is being called a liar for troops without insignia that are in military uniform and are highly trained. Are they“official” Russian military or private contractors/combatants?
When the real history books are written, the most important lesson of the Iraq War will be the realization that this was the test case for a military privatization on an unprecedented scale. Large-scale use of private military contractors may relieve the government of pensions while it also entails risks for responsibility of private troops and raises the question are they even subject to the same standards of war crimes that would be committed by a government soldier?
Recent US experience with private security contractors, in particular, holds several critical lessons for the future.Private contractors have long been used in war in modern times, but they provided logistical support in Vietnam, the Balkans, and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. However, the expansion into actually mercenary forces has reemerged on a wide-scale level. The US Army spent approximately $815 million ($163 million per year, or about $200 million per year in 2012 dollars) to employ contractors under its Logistics Civil Augmentation Program between 1992 and 1997. But between 2001 and 2010, that expenditure grew to nearly $5 billion per year. Of course, this latter cost coincides with US involvement in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. What sets the Iraq war apart in this evolutionary process of the military has been the growing role of these private civilian contractors in providing troops.
Throughout the Iraq War, the majority of contracted jobs of 61% continued to be base-support functions. The next-largest group of Department of Defense contractors (18%) were security contractors. They provided security services, such as guarding installations, protecting convoys, or acting as bodyguards. This outsourcing trend continued in Afghanistan, where there were 94,413 private contractors in 2010, compared with 91,600 US troops. This is a trend that seems to be overlooked. The British are also moving to privatization of military operations.

Pulitzer JosephPulitzer-HerschThe lobbying of private military contractors is a completely new segment that NEEDS war to make money. Any assumption that this was some trend that was used only for the Iraq War is totally unrealistic if not naive. The private military and security industry is now incredibly large, powerful, and is entirely adaptable going with the flow of events. During the late 19th century, war was needed by the media to sell newspapers. It was Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911) who was the father of Yellow Journalism making up stories that the Spanish Attacked the USA to create the Spanish-American War that was totally untrue. We are entering into a new era that nobody is paying much attention to these days and it is the private contractors who need war to exist.
There will be no scaling back of this industry. It is now broadening its territory, expanding into maritime security, providing security to business and governments in Africa, and exploring other new markets. We have returned to the age of roaming mercenary armies.
Merely disparaging Putin as a liar and using troops without insignia to pretend they are not Russian soldiers is missing the entire point. Putin was so successful in the Crimea and can also post the ceasefires in the Eastern Ukraine as a success of his policies, yet nobody seems to grasp the underlying trend that is NOT UNIQUE to Russia..
We must understand that this is a conflict between Russia and the United States. The German states are not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the German constitution states that matters of defense fall into the sole responsibility of the federal government. At the federal level, Germany’s military expenditures have amounted to only 1.35% of the GDP (2012) making it among the lowest budgeted military forces in the entire world in terms of share of GDP. As of June 2014, the Germany military (Bundeswehr) has a strength of roughly 183,000 active troops giving it a rank of only 30th in the world and the fourth largest in the European Union. France, Italy and the United Kingdom all have larger forces because of WWI and WWII. In addition the Bundeswehr has approximately 144,000 reserve personnel (2010).
The real trend of military forces in the future is moving toward privatization to eliminate pensions. The greatest danger lies in the weakness of the political leaders in East and West to even negotiate no less communicate. There is no moral responsibility left within society any longer. So this is not a valid tool to say someone would not invade only because you would not. We cannot judge others by ourselves, nor can we ignore the trend to privatization.
The sanctions against Russia embolden Putin – they do not weaken him. They allow Putin to shift the blame to the USA and that fuels the seed for war. The only resolution is to provide economic opportunity for the average Russia and encourage Putin to move his nation away from Oligarchy and into a real economic trend of expansion. Oligarchy is merely the privatization of government industry – it was not a move toward economic freedom for the Russian people. Unless this trend can be set in motion, then we are headed into a very dark period with rising privatized armies that NEED war to survive. This is the very precise way Roman fell – its military needed civil war to gain economically.
masqueradeHistory is composed of only patterns of human behavior. Like an onion, history is constructed from patterns laid upon patterns that then affect yet other patterns cascading through politics, economics, and society. Patterns can be in plain view, yet hidden by still other patterns within patterns. This is the structure that results in history doing nothing but repeating itself like a Shakespeare’s play where the story-line and plot are always the same, only the actors come and go with the march of time.
This inability to see the dynamic structure of the world leads the linear thinker to simply call it all just chaos for they remain blind to complex analysis of how interconnectivity creates patterns that simply mask the layers hidden beneath. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher and then what we can’t understand we call nonsense and a foreign language sounds like just gibberish. We cannot comprehend the present no less the future until we pierce the layers of patterns that mask everything. Life is one giant masquerade and if you turn around, there is simply another with a mask behind you.

Credit to http://armstrongeconomics.com