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Friday, February 13, 2015

"Whaaaaaat? Blue Snow In Russia

Three Combat Ships Join Russia's Mediterranean Task Force

Currently, some 10 combat and service ships are stationed with the Russian naval task force in the Mediterranean Sea.

Russian Black Sea Fleet's Combat Readiness to Be Checked During TrainingThree combat ships of the Black Sea Fleet joined the permanent naval force of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean Sea, head of the fleet’s communication department Captain Vyacheslav Trukhachev said.

Currently, some 10 combat and service ships are stationed with the Russian naval task force in the Mediterranean Sea.

"Three combat ships – the escort vessel Ladny and amphibious ships Saratov and Yamal – joined Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea," Trukhachev said.

He added that operation command is executed from the large destroyer ship Severomorsk of the Russia’s Northern Fleet.

Russia began forming the Mediterranean squadron in March 2013, when it sent a unit of Pacific Fleet ships to the region. Now, ships of the Pacific, Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets make up the squadron on a rotation basis. Material support for the squadron comes from the naval facility located in the port of the city of Tartus, Syria.

89 people has more money than 3,500,000,000 people combined

How Martial Law Will Be Used to Force American Participation In World War III

martial law signs
American is presently riding the crest of emotion with regard to supporting President Obama’s declaration of war upon ISIS for the murder of humanitarian,  Kayla Mueller.  As I pointed out in yesterday’s article, avenging Kayla Mueller is not the goal, it is the excuse.  When has foreign policy ever been about one person? And why does Obama need three years to pursue ISIS when it should only take 3 days given the fact that they assets are fully exposed to American air superiority without a counter measure. No, this operation is about putting American boots on the ground in Syria in that short and medium range missile batters can be installed which will keep the Russians from intervening when America invades Iran. America  desperately needs to invade Iran in order to force them to stop undermining the Federal Reserve’s Petrodollar because Iran is selling its oil for gold. This is not about Kayla, this war is about the Federal Reserve’s continued existence.

America Is War Weary

America was sick of the Iraqi war and our people are tired of the Afghan war. It will not take long for the emotion over the death of Kayla to subside until we are sick of “pursuing ISIS”.
In large part, America may be largely a nation of sheep, but this country will not accept the sacrifice it will require of the American people to fully support a world war. For when Assad is unseated as Syria’s ruler. Make no mistake about it, Putin and his allies will acting decisively. For example:
  1. China could move on Taiwan
  2. Russia could attack Ukraine and Eastern Europe
  3. North Korea could attack South Korea
Any of these actions, and more, will quickly put the American people in the midst of a largely unanticipated all-out war that was unanticipated by the public. The American people are war weary and will not make this sacrifice willingly. Therefore, compliance and unquestionable obedience must be exacted.  And how will this be done? This will be accomplished , ultimately, through the control of food and labor. Of course, with all war efforts (e.g. Civil War, World I and World War II), dissidents will be negated by removal or worse under the National Defense Authorization Act.
I often wonder what goes through people’s minds as they read articles about Executive Order 13603, or the NDAA, and how the government will own and control everything from food to your life. Despite overwhelming documentation, do people really believe that the government is kidding when they arbitrarily enact executive actions and laws which are so unconstitutional and antithetical to our American traditions?

The National Defense Authorization Act

For the novice to the freedom movement, the NDAA is the single most draconian piece legislation in American history. The “law” allows the President, or his designees, to indefinitely detain an indivdual without legal counsel or due process. It is life imprisonment or worse for political dissidents. Click here to read about the ACLU’s assessment of the NDAA. The NDAA will be used to remove members of the alternative media and others deemed to possess dangerous ideas. This is one of the main reasons that the NSA monitors our every communication as a threat matrix score exists for every American. The implication should be clear as to why we now have massive data mining of our citizens.

Food Will Be used to Enforce Compliance

After the dissidents are removed, the second tier of this plan will come into play as food will become a measure of control. And as you will see, this plan has been in the works for several decades.
In December, 1974, National Security Council directed by Henry Kissinger completed a classified study entitled, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. The study was based upon the unproven claims that population growth in Lesser Developed Countries (LDC) constituted a serious risk to America’s national security.

In November 1975 President Ford, based upon the tenets of NSSM 200 outlined a classified plan to forcibly reduce population growth in LDC countries through birth control, war and famine. Ford’s new national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, in conjunction with CIA  Director, George H. W. Bush, were tasked with implementing the plan and the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture assisted in the implementation of these insane genocidal plans. Today, we also see the manifestation of NSSM 200 through Bill Gates’ eugenics policies of mass sterilizations and vaccinations on the continent of Africa.

NSSM 200 formally raised the question, “Would food be considered to be an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?” Kissinger has answered these questions when he stated that he was predicting a series of contrived famines, created by mandatory programs and this would make exclusive reliance on birth control programs unnecessary in this modern day application of eugenics in a scheme that would allow Henry to have his cake and eat it too in that the world would finally be rid of the “useless eaters!”

Third world population control, using food as one of the primary weapons, has long been a matter of official covert national policy and a portion of President Obama’s Executive Order (EO 13603),National Defense Resources Preparedness is a continuation of that policy. Only now, the intended targets are not the LDC’s but, instead, the targets are the American people. With one out of six Americans on food stamps, and a reduction of these benefits under way, the policy of using food as a weapon against the American people already has a significant beachhead.

With the stroke of his pen, Obama has total and absolute control over all food where his EO 13603 states:
  1. e)  “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.  “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.
(f)  “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer…”
This unconstitutional EO is particularly disturbing in that it clearly states that the government has control over anything that is “capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals…”  If you thought that you and Fido were going to get through the coming food crisis by storing and consuming dog food, think again.
How will farmers maintain the nation’s food supply when all fertilizer, their farm equipment and all of their vehicles are under the control of this sociopathic President or the next power-hungry President?

The Wide-Ranging Food Control Policies of EO 13603

13603The term “all food storage facilities” includes your refrigerator, your pantry and even the very food in your cabinets as well as what is on your kitchen table. In short, anywhere you keep food is now under the control of the government and can be seized and redistributed. Those who are storing food, you better find a way to hide at least a portion of your stockpile.

Have you recently been scratching your head in bewilderment as you watch on the news as the Amish have had their farms raided, raw milk producers have been jailed and the kids running lemonade stands have been shut down and ticketed? Now you know why these abuses are being perpetrated by the government in that it represents a mere conditioning process designed to get all U.S. citizens used to the idea that the government owns all food and food production. Welcome to the Hunger Games, American style.

The most clever aspect of this EO is that no Hegelian Dialectic (i.e., false flag event) is needed as a pretense to seize food and imperil survivability. Section 201(b) of the Obama EO clearly states that this EO is enforceable under both emergency and non-emergency conditions.”

The lack of food will make people comply with a war effort.

What will Be the Impetus?

Nobody can be sure on how this will be rolled out. However, I believe that former DHS director, Janet Napolitano left a huge clue in her last speech in office. Below is an excerpt from her speech.

“A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely and on its way.” 

A successful cyber-attack would greatly inhibit the transport of food, thus leading to food shortages. This would undoubtedly allow President Obama to utilize the option to invoke EO 13603.
Food will make people comply, but there is a second and more nefarious part to EO 13603 and it has to do with civilian and military conscription.

How You Will Be Made to Participate In WW III

According to EO 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall designate, can conscript “persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation,” in both peacetime and times of national emergency.”  I can hear the Obama supporters now as they will write to me and say, “Obama would never do that, you are drinking from the Kool-Aid”.  Well, here it is, you can read it for yourself.

Sec502.  Consultants.  The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations.  The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.

This means that Obama, and his fellow communists, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including being able to force that person to perform assigned labor without being paid.

There is only ONE word for forced, “uncompensated employment”. That would is slavery. Congratulations President Obama, you have effectively repealed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.
Section 601 of the act specifies, in part, how far the government can go in terms of making you their slave.
Sec. 601. Secretary of Labor. (a) The Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:

(1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense;
(2) upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination
with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;
(3) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order, consult with that agency with respect to: (i) the effect of contemplated actions on labor demand and utilization; (ii) the relation of labor demand to materials and facilities requirements; and (iii) such other matters as will assist in making the exercise of priority and allocations functions consistent with effective utilization and distribution of labor;
(4) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order: (i) formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and
(ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements and promote necessary and appropriate training programs

If the above section was merely going to be a military draft, then the Secretary of Labor would not have to be involved. However, as you will note the “Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall: …assist in the development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;… formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and (ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements and promote necessary and appropriate training programs…”.  Refer back to section 502 of sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c);  these are the people that the Secretary of the Labor will conscript in order “to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations”.
This, my fellow Americans, is a civilian conscription and this is why the Secretary of Labor is in charge instead of the head of the Selective Service! Under these provisions, the government believes that they can send you anywhere, to work on anything of their choosing.


It is time that America wakes up to the fact that when the government passes laws like EO 13603 and the NDAA, they anticipate and plan to use these laws. It is time to remove the cognitive dissonance blinders. This coming war is not about revenge for Kayla, only the woefully ignorant and the hopelessly naive believe this fiction. The coming war is about control.
Credit to Common Sense

Why Transhumanism Isn’t Going To End Well


The Communists spoke about building the “New Soviet Man,” a “selfless, learned, healthy and enthusiastic” person who would help build the Utopia described by Karl Marx. Fascism spoke of a “New Man who is a figure of action, violence, and masculinity,” free from the taint of individualism. 

Well, both failed, but not before causing previously unimaginable suffering. Now it’s scientism’s turn to take a crack at reinventing the human species. And fittingly for a worldview that holds that empirical science is the only measure of truth, its approach is to reduce people to biological machines and see if they can produce something new by swapping parts and tinkering with the “software.” These efforts are known as “transhumanism.”

In 2000, Craig Venter, alng with Francis Collins, joined then-president Clinton in announcing the mapping of the human genome.

Since then, Venter has been a leader in the field of synthetic biology, a multi-disciplinary field related to genetic engineering.

And what he recently told the Wall Street Journal sent chills down my spine. Venter said, "We're going to have to learn to adapt to the concept that we are a software-driven species and understand how it affects our lives. Change the software, you can change the species, who we are."

The Journal's selected headline of the article described how we can now "control our evolution," which because evolution is supposed to be an unguided process, must be a misnomer. What Venter was actually describing would be better characterized as playing Creator to everyone else's Adam.

Humans, by the way, have quite a history of trying to reinvent our species. The Communists spoke about building the "New Soviet Man," a "selfless, learned, healthy and enthusiastic" person who would help build the Utopia described by Karl Marx. Fascism spoke of a "New Man who is a figure of action, violence, and masculinity," free from the taint of individualism.

Well, both failed, but not before causing previously unimaginable suffering.

Now it's scientism's turn to take a crack at reinventing the human species. And fittingly for a worldview that holds that empirical science is the only measure of truth, its approach is to reduce people to biological machines and see if they can produce something new by swapping parts and tinkering with the "software."

These efforts are known as "transhumanism." The goal of transhumanism is to "fundamentally [transform] the human condition by developing technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities."

For a long time, transhumanism was thought to be a kind of fringe movement, the stuff of science fiction movies. But now you have Venter, who is as significant as it gets in the field of genetics, talking about "changing the software." Transhumanism is not fringe anymore: It's mainstream. In fact, just last week the British Parliament approved a procedure to create babies with genetic material from three different parents!

Now any attempt to reinvent the species is an unbelievable act of hubris, because the experimenters cannot admit that human knowledge and competence are limited. Mapping the human genome is a far cry from knowing how our genes and our environment work together to yield a particular result.

Yet Venter glosses over this problem, saying "The challenge … in this space is finding out how to read the software," as if he were debugging the code for an app.

In 1990, Craig Gay, who teaches at Regent College, wrote a terrific book called "The Way of the (Modern) World." In it, he identified that one of the characteristics of modernism was control. With God out of the picture we are free to make the world in our own image. Which is why, he continues, another characteristic is anxiety. Why? Because our arrogant attempts to control everything, including human nature, place the weight of the world on our own shoulders. And the world is far heavier than our Enlightenment forbears ever imagined.

Look, we were created, we read in Genesis, to rule over God's creation for God. Every attempt to take God's place, however, ends badly. And this doesn't just apply to the arena of science: Witness the devastation wrought by the sexual revolution and our never-ending attempt to re-define the natural family and erase any moral or physical boundaries surrounding sexuality and gender.

And yet, as if the whole history of the 20th century didn't exist, Venter and his fellow transhumanists sound confident and put on the mantle of inevitable progress. But that's only because they are, to paraphrase that terrible song from the 80's, "blinded by scientism."

Every other would-be re-inventor of humanity has failed. And so will the transhumanists. The only question is how much suffering will they cause along the way.

Credit to CP Opinion

Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large Scale Exercises Across Country

Image result for Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

Image result for Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

Russia’s nuclear missile force staged large-scale exercises across the vast country Thursday consisting of drills to combat sabotage and chemical weapons attacks. More than 30 regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces were involved in 12 regions, according to Itar-Tass, a Russian news agency close to the government.
Image result for Russian Nuclear Missile Forces Conduct Large-Scale Exercises Across Country

“According to the drill scenario, simulated enemy’s sabotage groups planted mines on the combat patrolling route sections and used toxic agents in the field. Engineer troops, radiological, chemical and biological defense forces, as well as anti-sabotage units have been engaged in the exercises,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Igor Yegorov. Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces plan to test-fire their new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile in 2017. The Sarmat would replace the Cold War-era R-36 missile, nicknamed “Satan” by NATO, which is the largest ICBM ever made.

Russia’s stockpile of 8,400 nuclear warheads is the largest in the world, surpassing the U.S.’s 7,500. Both nuclear superpowers have taken steps over the last 25 years to reduce their stockpiles under landmark accords agreed upon following the end of the Cold War.

Meanwhile, the Russian navy launched nuclear combat exercises in international waters in the Arctic last week, which was rumored to be in response to NATO’s plans to bolster defenses in the ex-Soviet Baltic states on Russia’s western border. Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet was involved in the exercises and engaged in simulated ballistic missile launches and Arctic navigation, according to Newsweek.

The Russian government announced late last year that it would upgrade its nuclear weapons capabilities as a part of a wider military modernization over the next decade. That includes building a "guaranteed nuclear deterrent,” according to President Vladimir Putin.

Putin emerged Thursday morning from a marathon, 17-hour negotiation with his Ukrainian, French and German counterparts to hammer out a peace deal in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebels have fought a nearly yearlong conflict that's claimed the lives of more than 5,400 people. The West accuses Putin of directly intervening militarily on behalf of the rebels, but he denies that allegation.

High tensions over the Ukraine conflict have brought East-West relations to their lowest since the end of the Cold War. Defense officials in NATO member states expressed concern over Russia’s nuclear modernization plans at last week’s Munich Security Conference and discussed upgrading and modernizing their own nuclear deterrent forces in response, according to Reuters.

Credit to International Business Times

Obama Not Serious About Defeating ISIS, Iran Not Curtailing Nuke Program

Arizona cardiologist responds to critics regarding measles and vaccines

I recently did an interview which was aired on NBC Phoenix.[1] I was asked my opinion on vaccinations in response to the current measles outbreaks that have occurred at Disneyland in California. My reply[2] has generated quite a bit of anger in thousands of people. (Story byDr. Jack Wolfson, republished from VaccineImpact.com)

There has also been a tremendous amount of support to my comments and opinions. In short, The Society Against Injecting Our Kids With Chemicals (TSAIOKWC for short) has a lot of followers.

I want to address all this misguided anger and see if we can re-direct it where it belongs.

Be angry at food companies. Sugar cereals, donuts, cookies, and cupcakes lead to millions of deaths per year. At its worst, chicken pox killed 100 people per year. If those chicken pox people didn't eat cereal and donuts, they may still be alive. Call up Nabisco and Kellogg's and complain. Protest their products. Send THEM hate-mail.

Be angry at fast food restaurants. Tortured meat burgers, pesticide fries, and hormone milkshakes are the problem. The problem is not Hepatitis B which is a virus contracted by drug users and those who sleep with prostitutes. And you want to inject that vaccine into your newborn?

Be angry at the companies who make your toxic laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. You and your children are wearing and breathing known carcinogens (they cause cancer). Call Bounce and Downy and let them know. These products kill more people than mumps, a virus which actually doesn't cause anyone to die. Same with hepatitis A, a watery diarrhea.

Be angry at all the companies spewing pollution into our environment. These chemicals and heavy metals are known to cause autism, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease and every other health problem. Worldwide, these lead to 10's of millions of deaths every year. Measles deaths are a tiny fraction compared to pollution.

Be angry at your parents for not breastfeeding you, co-sleeping with you, and stuffing your face with Domino's so they can buy more Tide and finish the laundry. Breastfeeding protects your children from many infectious diseases.

Be angry with your doctor for being close-minded and not disclosing the ingredients in vaccines (not that they read the package insert anyway). They should tell you about the aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal proteins, polysorbate 80, antibiotics, and other chemicals in the shots. According to the Environmental Working Group, newborns contain over 200 chemicals as detected by cord blood. Maybe your doctor feels a few more chemicals injected into your child won't be a big deal.

Be angry with the cable companies and TV manufacturers for making you and your children fat and lazy, not wanting to exercise or play outside. Lack of exercise kills millions more than polio. Where are all those 80 year olds crippled by polio? I can't seem to find many.

In fact, be angry with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for creating computers so you can sit around all day blasted with electromagnetic radiation reading posts like this.
Be angry with pharmaceutical companies for allowing us to believe living the above life can be treated with drugs. Correctly prescribed drugs kill thousands of people per year. The flu kills just about no one. The vaccine never works.

Finally, be angry with yourself for not opening your eyes to the snow job and brainwashing which have taken over your mind. You NEVER asked the doctor any questions. You NEVER asked what is in the vaccines. You NEVER learned about these benign infections.

Let's face it, you don't really give a crap what your children eat. You don't care about chemicals in their life. You don't care if they sit around all day watching the TV or playing video games.

All you care about is drinking your Starbuck's, your next plastic surgery, your next cocktail, your next affair, and your next sugar fix!

This post was created with love and with the idea of creating a better world for our children and future generations. Anger increases your risk of suffering a heart attack. Be careful.

Read more at VaccineImpact.com.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048588_Arizona_cardiologist_measle_vaccine_immunization_chemicals.html#ixzz3RaS5tUXI

The Minsk Peace Deal: Farce Or Sellout?

Image result for The Minsk Peace Deal: Farce Or Sellout?
Paul Craig Roberts
Judging by the report on RT http://rt.com/news/231667-minsk-ceasefire-deal-breakup/ 
I conclude that the Ukraine peace deal worked out in Minsk by Putin, Merkel, Hollande, and Poroshenko has little chance of success.
As Washington is not a partner to the Minsk peace deal, how can there be peace when Washington has made policy decisions to escalate the conflict and to use the conflict as a proxy war between the US and Russia?
The Minsk agreement makes no reference to the announcement by Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander of US Army Europe, that Washington is sending a battalion of US troops to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces how to fight against Russian and rebel forces. The training is scheduled to begin in March, about two weeks from now. Gen. Hodges says that it is very important to recognize that the Donetsk and Luhansk forces “are not separatists, these are proxies for President Putin.”
How is there a peace deal when Washington has plans underway to send arms and
training to the US puppet government in Kiev?
Looking at the deal itself, it is set up to fail. The only parties to the deal who had to sign it are the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk break-away republics. The other signers to the Minsk deal are an OSCE representative which is the European group that is supposed to monitor the withdrawal of heavy weapons by both sides, a former Ukrainian president Viktor Kuchma, and the Russian ambassador in Kiev. Neither the German chancellor nor the French, Ukrainian, and Russian presidents who brokered the deal had to sign it.
In other words, the governments of Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia do not appear to be empowered or required to enforce the agreement. According to RT, “the declaration was not meant to be signed by the leaders, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.”http://rt.com/news/231571-putin-minsk-ukraine-deal/
The terms of the agreement depend on actions of the Ukrainian parliament and prime minister, neither of which are under Poroshenko’s control, and Poroshenko himself is a figurehead under Washington’s control. Moreover, the Ukrainian military does not control the Nazi militias. As Washington and the right-wing elements in Ukraine want conflict with Russia, peace cannot be forthcoming.
The agreement is nothing but a list of expectations that have no chance of occurring.
One expectation is that Ukraine and the republics will negotiate terms for future local elections in the provinces that will bring them back under Ukraine’s legal control. The day after the local elections, but prior to the constitutional reform that provides the regions with autonomy, Kiev takes control of the borders with Ukraine and between the provinces. I read this as the total sell-out of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. Apparently, that is the way the leaders of the republics see it as well, as Putin had to twist their arms in order to get their signatures to the agreement.
Another expectation is that Ukraine will adopt legislation on self-governance that would be acceptable to the republics and declare a general amnesty for the republics’ leaders and military forces.
Negotiations between Kiev and the autonomous areas are to take place that restore Kiev’s taxation of the autonomous areas and the provision of social payments and banking services to the autonomous areas.
After a comprehensive constitutional reform in Ukraine guaranteeing acceptable (and undefined) autonomy to the republics, Kiev will take control over the provinces’ borders with Russia.
By the end of 2015 Kiev will implement comprehensive constitutional reform that decentralizes the Ukrainian political system and provides privileges of autonomy to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
Both Putin and Poroshenko are both reported as stating that the main thing achieved is a ceasefire starting on February 15.
The ceasefire is of no benefit to the Donetsk and Lugansk republics as they are prevailing in the conflict. Moreover, the deal requires the republics’ forces to give up territory and to pull back to the borders of last September and to eject fighters from France and other countries who have come to the aid of the break-away republics. In other words, the agreement erases all of Kiev’s losses from the conflict that Kiev initiated.
All of the risks of the agreement are imposed on the break-away republics and on Putin. The provinces are required to give up all their gains while Washington trains and arms Ukrainian forces to attack the provinces. The republics have to give up their security and trust Kiev long before Kiev votes, assuming it ever does, autonomy for the republics.
Moreover, if the one-sided terms of the Minsk agreement result in failure, Putin and the republics will be blamed.
Why would Putin make such a deal and force it on the republics? If the deal becomes a Russian sell-out of the republics, it will hurt Putin’s nationalist support within Russia and make it easier for Washington to weaken Putin and perhaps achieve regime change. It looks more like a surrender than a fair deal.
Perhaps Putin’s strategy is to give away every advantage in the expectation that the deal will fail, and the Russian government can say “we gave away the store and the deal still failed.”
Washington’s coup in Kiev and the attack on the Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the east and south is part of Washington’s strategy to reassert its uni-power position. Russia’s independent foreign policy and Russia’s growing economic and political relationships with Europe became problems for Washington. Washington is using Ukraine to attack and to demonize Russia and its leader and to break-up Russia’s economic and political relations with Europe. That is what the sanctions are about. A peace deal in Ukraine on any terms other than Washington’s is unacceptable to Washington. The only acceptable deal is a deal that is a defeat for Russia.
It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Russian government made a strategic mistake when it did not accept the requests of the break-away provinces to be united with Russia. The people in the Donetsk and Lugansk provinces favored unification with the same massive majorities that the people in Crimea showed. If the provinces had been united with Russia, it would have been the end of the conflict. Neither Ukraine nor Washington is going to attack Russian territory.
By failing to end the conflict by unification, Putin set himself up as the punching bag for Western propaganda. The consequence is that over the many months during which the conflict has been needlessly drawn out, Putin has had his image and reputation in the West destroyed. He is the “new Hitler.” He is “scheming to restore the Soviet Empire.” “Russia ranks with ebola and the Islamist State as the three greatest threats.” “RT is a terrorist organization like Boco Haram and the Islamist State.” And so on and on. This CNN interview with Obama conducted by Washington’s presstitute Fareed Zakaria shows the image of Putin based entirely on lies that rules in the West.
Putin could be no more demonized even if the Russian military had invaded Ukraine,
conquered it, and reincorporated Ukraine in Russia of which Ukraine was part for centuries prior to the Soviet collapse and Ukraine’s separation from Russia at Washington’s insistence.
The Russian government might want to carefully consider whether Moscow is helping Washington to achieve another victory in Ukraine.
Credit to Paul Craig Roberts