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Saturday, November 23, 2013

“The Largest Financial Collapse This Planet Has Ever Seen”

Over the course of the last six weeks, since the disastrous launch of health care exchanges mandated under the new Patient Affordable Care Act, we have been made privy to something most Americans didn’t believe was possible: that the government of the United States of America is being represented by thieves, liars and sycophants.

Every promise made by the President and Congressional democrats who supported Obamacare legislation has turned out to be a complete falsehood.

But what’s critical to our future well-being is that we understand that the machinations and conjecture are not restricted solely to the health care debacle. They pervade every aspect of government on the federal, state and local level alike.

We have been lied to on every front, as evidenced by revelations just yesterday that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics completely fabricated unemployment numbers in an effort to sway the 2012 election results. This is supposed to be an impartial, non-partisan agency whose sole purpose is to calculate numbers, and even that has been hijacked by agenda-driven politicians and special interests.

Whether we’re talking about health care, the economy, personal privacy, or national security, we must assume, unless proven otherwise, that we are being lied to.

Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains the motivations behind this narrative that the majority of Americans simply don’t understand, or worse, avoid at all costs because it would destroy the very foundations of the fantasy land in which they live.

The lies continue, non-stop. Govern by crisis, offer a lie for a solution, and continue to indebt this country. 

Why? Because it isn’t about serving We the People. It is about serving financial special interests, plain and simple. 

You’d better realize that and you better prepare for what’s coming, because inevitably, when this Ponzi scheme of stealing from our future in order to pay for fraudulence now comes to an end it is going to lead to the largest financial collapse this planet has ever seen… and most people are going to be absolutely blindsided by it.

As Charlie notes, no matter how deep one attempts to bury their head in the sand, you’d betterprepare for what’s coming because the collapse of our entire way of life is, at this point, inevitable.

Or, you can go on pretending it’s not happening, that government officials care about you, that you’re going to have platinum health care coverage next year, and that tens of millions of people in America are not actually living in a modern day depression.

Credit to the Activist Post

Khamenei: 'Israeli regime is doomed to failure, annihilation'

Iran's supreme leader says “Zionist officials cannot be called humans"; Israeli expert: Harsh talk meant “to set stage for deal.”

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Photo: Ho New / Reuters

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran would not step back from its nuclear rights, and his negotiating team had set limits for talks over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

Khamenei took swipes at Israel and France during his speech to tens of thousands of volunteer Basij militiamen in Tehran, broadcast live on Iran’s Press TV.
Iran asks China, Russia for support in nuclear talks against 'excessive demands'

“Zionist officials cannot be called humans, they are like animals, some of them,” said Khamenei. “The Israeli regime is doomed to failure and annihilation,” he said.

The “Zionist regime” says things that “only bring humiliation on themselves,” he said, adding that it is a regime that “emerged through force, and no phenomenon that has emerged through force has continued to exist – and this regime will not continue to exist either.”

The allegations that Iran poses a threat to the world are the “words of enemies,” he said, referring to some countries, such as the “rabid dog of the region, namely the Zionist regime,” as quoted by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

The leader also criticized France, after French President Francois Hollande assured Israel on Sunday that it would continue to oppose an easing of economic sanctions against Iran until it was convinced Tehran had given up any pursuit of nuclear weapons.

French officials, Khamenei said, were “not only succumbing to the United States, but they are kneeling before the Israeli regime.”

Khamenei’s comments about France are “unacceptable” and complicate nuclear negotiations, French government spokeswoman Najat Vallaud- Belkacem responded.

Negotiators from Iran and six world powers meet for two days of talks in Geneva for the second time this month after a first round narrowly missed reaching an interim deal due to what diplomats said was Iran’s insistence on its right to enrich uranium and French concerns over an Iranian heavy water reactor.

Brandon Friedman, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and a researcher at its Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, told The Jerusalem Post that Khamenei gave a hard-line speech because “he wants to set the stage for a deal.”

If Iran is going to compromise with the US and the West, then its leadership “needs to reinforce the remaining pillar of ideology: the little Satan, or Israel.”

“As Iran approaches some kind of d├ętente with the West, we can expect its rhetoric on Israel to become harsher,” said Friedman.

Commenting on how much of the Western press did not report some of Khamenei’s harsher remarks, Friedman said it was disappointing that the press seems reluctant to report both images coming out of Iran.

“They prefer the image of a new regime,” he said, “but the fact is [that] to understand the Islamic republic, the supreme authority resides with Khamenei.”

“It seems curious that Khamenei’s denigrating and insulting remarks about Israeli officials went under-reported in the Western media,” Friedman said.

Khamenei also said that “sanctions are not effective,” and the US knows this and that is why they resort to military threats. “They know sanctions are a nonstarter, not effective.”

“Instead of making military threats, you better go improve your dilapidated economy,” he said, adding, “You better do something to prevent a two-week shutdown of the government,” referring to the US government shutdown in October.

“We do insist that we will not step back one iota from our rights,” Khamenei stated.

“We do not intervene in the details of these talks. There are certain redlines and limits. These have to be observed.”

In a likely reference to UN, US and EU sanctions imposed over Iran’s nuclear activities, Khamenei said: “They intend to ratchet up the pressure on Iran. Iranians will succumb to no one under pressure.

“They should know that the Iranian nation respects all nations of the world, but we will slap aggressors in the face in such a way they will never forget it,” Khamenei said.

After the strong rhetoric Khamenei then went on to show the regime’s softer side.

“We want to have friendly relations with all nations, even the United States. We are not hostile to the American nation. They are like other nations in the world.”

“Death to America,” the militiamen chanted in response, repeating one of the main rallying cries for supporters of the Islamic Republic.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday in a meeting with his Italian counterpart in Rome that Iran is serious and that the world powers need to take a realistic approach and avoid being greedy in their demands, according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.

Credit to Jerusalem Post

The Absence of the American Godly Father and the Coming Day of the Lord

The family unit (i.e., Father and Mother) is Almighty God’s design to protect and insulate mankind from the immoral ravishings, which manifest themselves by the violations of the moral absolutes instilled at the beginning of the creation (Gen. 1:1-31, Ex 20:1-17, Mark 10:19, Rom. 13:9, Heb. 13:4). It is a strong family unit that rests and abides on the moral absolutes of time that will keep and preserve a society from decadence violence and social break down. When these moral absolutes are rejected, the horrific consequences that follow are devastating to the children and nation. Godly fathers are greatly needed today but there are very few of them to be found today and the result of their absence is seen throughout America's society and culture.

The family unit (i.e., Father and Mother) is Almighty God’s design to protect and insulate mankind from the immoral ravishings, which manifest themselves by the violations of the moral absolutes instilled at the beginning of the creation.

It was man’s rejection of Almighty God’s moral absolutes and Divine mandates for the family which led to the Genesis flood (Gen. 6) and it will be the global rejection of Almighty God’s moral absolutes for the family unit which will lead to the Day of the Lord (Rev. 6-19).

My dear friend, it is an ETERNALLY, HORRIFIC and a SOBERING thing to fall into the hands of the RIGHTEOUS judge and ETERNAL God of Heaven and earth (Heb. 13:4). When a man rejects and refuses Almighty God’s design for society and the family he will be held FULLY accountable in that Day of Judgment (Matt. 12:36-37, Rev. 20: 11-15). What one does not recognize is that the deeds of a man's life here in time have huge consequences on his family (pro or con) and on society in general and will follow him all the way into that Day to be manifested and to be judged accordingly (Matt. 12:36-37, Rev. 20:11-15).

It was man’s rejection of Almighty God’s moral absolutes and Divine mandates for the family, which led to the Genesis flood.

The American male today is a wild man and there is no taming him. He is lawless, a sexual deviant, a hunter of erotic pleasure and self gratification, irresponsible, godless and a destroyer of the youth of America. Today how many fathers truly seek Almighty God plan for their life and will for their family with all their heart, soul and mind? The God fearing father is near extinction today and is the butt of every joke from the lawless reprobate American culture. The fall out from his absence today in America has left a horrific social devastation everywhere throughout our land.


My dear friend, may it be our sincere desire to be ALL that Almighty God would have us to be to our wives and our children (Rom. 8:29). As the Day of the Lord is at hand, we as fathers have much to offer our children and loved ones. We have much to tell them of Almighty God’s WONDROUS LOVE and ETERNAL HOPE (John 3:16-17, Rom. 8:28-39, 2 Cor. 1:9, 20, 1 John 3:1-3, Rev. 21-22:1-5). For us who know the Lord, this world is not our home and Almighty God has rescued us from the destructive consequences that will FOREVER follow those who rebel against the Creator of Heaven and earth (John 14:1-3, 1 Cor. 9-11, Gal. 1:4, Rev. 20:11-15). We have a Heavenly Father who ETERNALLY loves us! What could ever be greater than that!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

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