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Monday, July 4, 2011


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Now Belarus.....

Belarus after they were detained during an anti-government protest on Sunday. Witnesses say police used tear gas and beat activists as they tried to round up the latest silent demonstration marked only by clapping. 

The Independence Day celebrations come as the government struggles with a financial crisis, hoping to secure a multi-billion-dollar bailout from the IMF. The country's currency has been sharply devalued, while the budget deficit mounts. 

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U.S. Worst than Greece

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Despite Congressional Ban, Obama’s HUD Is Still Funneling Tax Dollars To ACORN

Why is the Obama administration defying federal law by funding ACORN?

Judicial Watch discovered that the president is flouting the will of Congress by surreptitiously giving federal taxpayer money to ACORN, his former employer and legal client. This is the first such grant to surface this year but more are certain to follow.

Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave a $79,819 grant to a Florida office of the largest branch of the ACORN tree, the massive conglomerate known as ACORN Housing Corp. (AHC). AHC filed papers last year legally changing its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA). Despite the nifty new moniker, it’s the same old corrupt, antisocial organization.

As I wrote in my new book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, ACORN Housing grew out of crime: trespassing. It emerged from a 1982 squatting campaign in which ACORN built a squatters’ tent city behind the White House. Rampaging ACORN activists break in and illegally occupy property already owned by others – and your tax dollars subsidize this criminal activity.

The secretary of HUD is Shaun Donovan. Donovan and ACORN are tight. (Donovan and ACORN’s then-chief organizer Bertha Lewis are seen in the above screen grab from footage shot for the documentary film Battle for Brooklyn.)

“Perhaps no administration official has had more interaction with ACORN than” Donovan, the New York Times has reported. Reinforcing the newspaper’s point, ACORN’s Bertha Lewis praised the HUD secretary. “We grew to respect him, and he grew to respect us,” she said.

Roll Call said Lewis admitted “ACORN has friends in high places for the first time in a long time.” She acknowledged “that she has particularly good relationships with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and with Patrick Gaspard, the White House political director.”

Donovan’s close ties to ACORN might help to explain why the cabinet member went into overdrive two years ago publicly distancing himself from the group. That’s around the time Big Government began promoting the undercover brothels-for-pedophiles videos that showed ACORN employees giving two conservative activists helpful advice on how to break the law without getting caught.

No doubt Donovan was personally involved in making sure ACORN landed this new grant.

Moving along, it needs to be said that the $79,819 HUD grant that has gone to ACORN funds a political agitation and indoctrination program. Saul Alinsky himself couldn’t have devised better euphemisms than the ones HUD uses to describe the program:

Education and Outreach Initiative grants (EOI) – HUD awarded $6.8 million to organizations that educate the public and housing providers about their rights and obligations under federal, state, and local fair housing laws. Groups will also conduct fair lending workshops, community meetings, and individual counseling activities focused on homeowners at risk for discrimination.

According to HUD, the grant money came out of fiscal 2010 appropriations.
Andrew Breibart

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Gaddafi threatens to attack Europe over airstrikes

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has threatened to carry out attacks against "homes, offices, families, in Europe" unless Nato stops its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.

The Libyan leader, sought by the International Criminal Court for a brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters, delivered the warning in a telephone message played to thousands of supporters gathered in the main square of the capital Tripoli.

It was one of the largest pro-government rallies in recent months, signaling that Gaddafi can still muster significant support. A green cloth in Libya's national colour, several hundred meters long and held aloft by supporters, snaked above the crowd filling Tripoli's Green Square.

A series of powerful explosions later rattled the heart of the capital, apparently new Nato airstrikes, as Gaddafi supporters cheered, honked horns and fired into the air in the street. Black smoke could be seen rising from the area near the Colonel's Bab al-Aziziya compound.

Gaddafi spoke from an unknown location in a sign of concern over his safety. Addressing the West, he warned that Libyans might take revenge for Nato bombings.

"These people [the Libyans] are able to one day take this battle ... to Europe, to target your homes, offices, families, which would become legitimate military targets, like you have targeted our homes," he said.

The Telegraph

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Fukushima....here comes the truth

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Indonesian volcano erupts

A volcano on Indonesia's Sulawesi island erupted Sunday, spewing ash and smoke 5,000 metres into the air.

Mount Soputan in North Sulawesi province erupted at around 6:03 am (2203 GMT Saturday) but people living in the sparsely populated area have not been evacuated, Iing Kusnadi, a scientist at the volcano's monitoring post told AFP.

"The volcano erupted this morning. Besides spewing ash and dust particles, it also spewed hot gas but that's limited to around its crater," he said.

"The recommended evacuation zone is set at a six-kilometre radius around the volcano but there's only forest in that range," he added.

"At the moment, it is still a safe distance from people but we'll continue to monitor the activity," he added.

The nearest village is eight kilometres away on the western side of the volcano, which towers 1,783 metres (5,800 feet) over North Sulawesi province.

Soputan, one of Sulawesi's most active volcanoes, last erupted in 2008 with no fatalities recorded.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" where continental plates collide, causing frequent seismic and volcanic activity. The archipelago nation is home to 129 active volcanoes, including 21 on Java.

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US Nuke Expert: N.Korea Could Have Super EMP Weapon

A U.S. nuclear weapons expert said North Korea may have developed a super electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb that could destroy South Korea’s telecom and electricity grids.

Voice of America (VOA) says, Dr. Peter Pry, who was a nuclear weapons expert in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said that a Russian scientist who developed the EMP bomb said the technology was leaked to North Korea.

Pry said that Russian scientists predicted in 2004 that North Korea would develop a super EMP bomb within several years, and North Korea conducted its first nuclear test two years later.

The nuclear expert added that a large number of experts erroneously believed that the test had failed considering the weak explosion, however, such magnitude is characteristic of the Super EMP bomb explosion.

The Super EMP bomb does not afflict radiation damage when exploding. Instead, it releases powerful electromagnetic pulses to disable the electric power and telecom grids in the target areas.



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New York to Lose Place as World's Financial Capital: Bove

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

New York soon will no longer be the financial capital of the world thanks to a hostile government that has served up a menu of punitive regulations aimed at driving big banks out of the country, says analyst Dick Bove.

In his latest broadside against the post-crisis regulatory environment, Bove asserts that a recent spate of layoffs, particularly by Goldman Sachs, is just the latest sign that large financial institutions will have to take their operations overseas.

The result, he says, will not be good both for New York and the nation.

“The United States has adopted, as part of its core financial policy, the view that big banks are not good for the country, its economy, or its financial system,” the Rochdale Securities analyst writes in an analysis for clients.

“Simply stated, the United States does not want them. A series of rules have been put in place to assure that these banks are inhibited in both their growth and profit goals.”

Rules governing a variety of fees, capital requirements and trading rules are hammering at Wall Street giants, he says.

Bove points specifically to Bank of America ,Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley as institutions that have closed branches, decentralized and otherwise made moves to take their operations abroad.

BNY Mellon, State Street and Northern Trust, meanwhile, have moved transaction centers “outside New York and in many cases outside the United States.”



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United States puts Israel on its terror watch list

Department of Homeland Security says Israel one of 36 countries whose citizens might have terrorist ties; doesn't reflect gov't policy.Talkbacks (49)
WASHINGTON -- Israel is on a list compiled by US immigration authorities of countries that might harbor terrorists, it was reported this week.

The Department of Homeland Security list of 36 nations does not fault government policies and instead recognizes the likelihood that a suspect traveler from that country might have terrorist ties.

If a traveler from one of the countries is detained, the country's inclusion on the list triggers a special check by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division.

The list, attached to a May 10 document from the DHS Inspector General's office, was first reported this week by CNS News, a Christian news service.

An ICE spokeswoman, Gillian Christensen, told CNS that appearance on the list did not suggest a country backs terrorism.

"The US does not and never has considered Israel to have links to terrorism, but rather they are a partner in our efforts to combat global terrorism,” Christensen said. “Countries may have been included on the list because of the backgrounds of arrestees, not because of the country’s government itself. The United States maintains close intelligence-sharing relationships with many of these countries in order to address security issues within their own borders and in our mutual pursuit of safety and security around the globe."

Jerusalem post

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Let Greece Go Bankrupt

Jim Rogers:

Through out history, when countries get on situations like this, the longer you delay reality, the longer you delay the inevitable, the worse it is in the end.

Look at Argentina 20 years ago. We could go on and on. Let Greece go bankrupt. - in Bloomberg