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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please look this video of the Moon

When we opened the blog idea was to warn people about how close is the coming of the Lord Jesus.

I have not much time to write so the best way to do it is to publish the news that my sources of information provide me.

I have always published news that I consider serious, but have not found any that talk about what is happening in the heavens.
Something is not normal and the media do not seems willing to release it under any circumstances.
But I think people deserve the truth and therefore published the following video, I searched the Bible something that could talk about it and the closest I can find is Revelation 6.

There is too many evidence to be ignore, and definitely there will be consequences for our planet.

I think this is the reason why the Moon has shifted.
If you want more info on this PLEASE let me know.
God bless

Look how many suns rise on this video!!!!

Here is the final view of the NBC´s television series The Event...look how Creative !!!!!

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