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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

North Korea holds drill targeting US aircraft carrier

US aircraft carrier USS George Washington. (File photo/CNS)

Kim Jong-un personally commanded a North Korean military exercise in late January, which was centered around the attack of a US aircraft carrier, reports China's Global Times.

Kim urged the Korean People's Army to increase its combat readiness against US aircraft carrier striking groups. The dictator is confident that the carriers can be beaten if the army diligently studies and improves its strategies for guerrilla warfare and looks for weaknesses in the enemy, the report said.

During the exercise, Kim learned about the deployment methods and orders in an island invasion scenario. The island reportedly doubled as an mock aircraft carrier. The first order that Kim gave was sending out the North Korean Air Force.

He said the country's enemies have been arrogant because of their state-of-the-art military technology. However, a country's military power should not simply be assessed by its weapons and physical strength alone but also on its spirit and ideology, said the report.

Kim denounced the group of "mad dogs" calling North Korea's ideology and system totalitarianism and claiming that they will change the country's socialist system, the report said. Kim said the country will face the US in any war, in any battle and prepare for any condition, conventional or nuclear.

South Korea's Arirang TV said the exercise was the second one that Pyongyang has held in last month. The first was held on Jan. 23.

Credit to China Times

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