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Friday, January 16, 2015

University Of California Says Return Of The Watchers Is Closer Than You Think; Gates To Open For Cryptids, Werewolves, Zombies, Elves, Fairies, ETIs, Nephilim...

Cambrian Genomics has enabled the average citizen to modify or create DNA, literally inventing new life forms. Cambrian, the brainchild of Austin Heinz, has found funding from a variety of venture capitalists, raising $10 million to expand the business and anyone with the money — not an enormous expense, only five to six cents per DNA letter — can create absolutely anything, regardless of whether it is actually safe or not; a design for, say, a real-life werewolf or modified humans. 

Many fans of science fiction will be able to think of examples of genetic modifications gone wrong — “Jurassic Park” and “Resident Evil” are two series that come to mind — involving disasters that came about when someone with strong motives (curiosity, greed or something else) starts playing with DNA. 

Indeed, it does not take much material to build a virus, for making zombies or otherwise, and given a little time, the technology will probably advance to the point where extinct species may again walk the earth. Yes, these are both from science fiction, but then again, so is Cambrian’s technology--except now it is science fact, so perhaps the warnings of science fiction are more applicable than they may...

Credit to Raidersnewsupdate.com

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