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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dire Warning From Gregory Mannarino

Russia has now retaliated against both the US sanctions and deliberate manipulation of the price of crude oil, (by the US and Saudi Arabia), in attempts to hurt the Russian economy.
Russia in response has now cut energy to six European countries, and now it's just a matter of time before a shooting war develops between the US and Russia.
What is really being set up is a "blame game."
The global economy is in free-fall, and this includes the economy of America which is not immune to this slowdown despite what our policymakers and the mainstream financial channels want you to believe.
Late last night the Swiss central bank de-pegged it's currency from the Euro because it knows that next week, (as has been speculated), the ECB will begin full on Federal Reserve style/Japan style QE. The Swiss bank also cut it's benchmark interest rate to negative.
The world central banks have now become so desperate that they are not only continuing to slash interest rates, but are going NEGATIVE.
The politics of all this is frightening.
As we all now stand on the edge of a global financial meltdown, our policymakers are going to push us into a world war. They are going to blame this war for the financial cataclysm which will soon be engulfing the entire world.
Then the real blame game will begin, when this push to war was the plan all along.
I have been screaming from rooftops for years telling of all these events which are now occurring, and they are now unfolding quickly in a cascade of unstoppable events.
It is my hope that you start to pay attention.
The issue is debt.
The global debt issue is the largest financial bubble in the history of the world. But it will become a resource issue for you directly.
As the debt bubble continues to crack and eventually burst, every fiat based currency will become worthless, therefore the global economy as we know it will cease to function.
There will be bank runs, price controls, chaos in the streets in every corner of the globe, a suspension of the Constitution, and Martial Law right here in the US.
The breakdown of the global debt based economic model will be the single most apocalyptic moment in human history...
Are you ready?
Credit to Gregory Magarinno

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