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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Phil Robertson On ISIS: Convert Them To Christianity, Or Kill Them

Finally someone with a brain !!!

Phil Robertson recently made an excellent point: ISIS must be either converted to Christianity or killed. I absolutely agree, as this is the way to extirpate the wickedness of Islam. This was the mentality of the Spanish throne when Christendom was maintained. Phil said:
Convert them or kill them. One or the other … It’s not like a county with a standing army, and we line up and do battle with a certain amount of rules…we’re going to have to deal with this group way more harshly than we have up until this point … I’d rather have a Bible study with all of them, and show them the error of their ways, and point them to Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of having your sins removed and being raised from the dead. I would rather preach the gospel of Jesus to them, however, if it’s a gun fight, and a gun fight alone, if that’s what they’re looking for, me, personally I’m prepared for either one.
Here is the video:
God bless Phil. We need people affirming the realty of the situation. The world needs to be purged of Islam, either through conversion or suppression.
Credit to Shoebat

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