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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

North Korea crisis getting WORSE warns US admiral

North Korea is now more likely to launch a nuclear attack than this time last year, Mike Mullen warned.

The former admiral and chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff said the situation on the peninsula scares him “to death”.

He told ABC’s This Week North Korea was working “really hard” to build up its nuclear strength and would achieve Kim Jong-un’s reckless goal to develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting the US mainland unless serious deterrents were introduced.

Mr Mullen said: “I still worry about the peninsula and the potential outcome there. I worry there is more uncertainty than there was a year ago.”
He warned, even with US President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on North Korea, the situation was volatile and dangerous.

Mr Mullen said: “I know that the Trump administration has addressed this issue from day one, so they're very serious about creating options and have created options.

“It's still a very difficult place to know what's actually going on. I think Kim Jong-un is really working hard to achieve the nuclear capability. And I think he'll get there short of some deterrence.”

All this is leading to an increase in the likelihood of a nuclear attack, he said.

When asked whether nuclear weapons will be used, Mr Mullen replied: “I don't know. I think it's more probable than it used to be. And it scares me to death, quite frankly.

“They're the most dangerous weapons in the world. And certainly if we have someone in North Korea that has a lethal legacy, is very, very unpredictable, and sees this as a way to solidify his future, that he could well not just attain them but potentially use them.”

Credit to express.co.uk


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