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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In Preparation Of the “ALIEN GOD” Arrival

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In Preparation Of Daniel’s “ALIEN GOD” Arrival, UFO Supernaturalism Increasingly Replacing American’s Christian Faith [SkyWatch Note: Daniel 11 Can Literally Be Interpreted As Antichrist Worshipping “An Alien God”)

Consider that roughly 30 percent of Americans report they have felt in contact with someone who has died. Nearly 20 percent believe they have been in the presence of a ghost. About one-third of Americans believe that ghosts exist and can interact with and harm humans; around two-thirds hold supernatural or paranormal beliefs of some kind, including beliefs in reincarnation, spiritual energy and psychic powers. 

These numbers are much higher than they were in previous decades, when more people reported being highly religious. People who do not frequently attend church are twice as likely to believe in ghosts as those who are regular churchgoers. The less religious people are, the more likely they are to endorse empirically unsupported ideas about U.F.O.s, intelligent aliens monitoring the lives of humans and related conspiracies about a government cover-up of these phenomena. 

An emerging body of research supports the thesis that these interests in nontraditional supernatural and paranormal phenomena are driven by the same cognitive processes and motives that inspire religion.


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