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Monday, July 24, 2017

The REAL Reasons American Children Are Killing Themselves At Record Rate

There are some important factors in youth suicide the USA Today-cited experts don’t address: • Break-up of the family — kids today are far more likely than previous generations to grow up in broken or unstable homes. And much fear and uncertainty are caused when children know their “family government” is incomplete, weak and/or unstable. • Snowflake mentality — coddled kids raised in “safe spaces” by parents indulging their every whim will have more trouble handling the rejection, denial of desires, and disappointment common in the outside world. • Moral corruption — it’s ideal to have a child’s heart and an old soul. 

Today’s decadent culture, where kids are inundated with sin, creates childish souls and dark hearts. Yet sin is essentially psychological poison, which is why Greek philosopher Aristotle noted that living a moral life is necessary for happiness. As Thomas Jefferson put it, “Without virtue, happiness cannot be.

” Yet perhaps the deepest reason for youth suicide, one lying at the heart of all the rest, is our loss of faith. And a person doesn’t have to believe in God, only in human psychology, to understand this factor’s relevance. For while children aren’t wont to indulge deep philosophical thought, the truth is this: 

If we’re mere chemicals-and-water organic robots, if nothing can truly be right or wrong, better or worse, because there’s no God and “Who is to say?” what is the point of life? What inherent meaning is there? With the peddling of the godless brand of evolution and with at most six percent of teens believing in Moral Truth (absolute by definition), it’s evident this nihilistic message has taken hold…

Credit to http://skywatchtv.com/2017/07/23/real-reasons-american-children-killing-record-rate/

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