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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chinese Military Developing Autonomous Truck

China Ministry of Defense (MND) video from July 16, 2017 shows its autonomous military supply vehicle.

China’s army is developing technology to deploy an unmanned cargo supply truck, according to recent intelligence.

An unarmed 8-wheel, 4-axle prototype vehicle designed to carry supplies was revealed in a video recently released by the Chinese Ministry of National Defense (MND), and documented by British military and aerospace publishing company IHS Jane's.

Released July 16, the English-language PLA Today video does not contain specifics about the purported autonomous "battlefield smart supply" vehicle, other than to assert that China's military capabilities are on the rise, Jane's noted.

As Chinese military suppliers have in the past been known to base their heavy manufacturing on Western designs and platforms, the origins of the supply truck — appearing remarkably similar to a US military supply vehicle — are not known. Jane's observed that the Chinese truck appears to have an option for a human driver.

Credit to Sputnik

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