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Thursday, June 8, 2017

From Baby Mice To Designer People, The INHUMAN Age Has Begun

With IVG, creating life no longer would require a man and a woman: Two men could make a baby biologically related to them both using the skin cells of one to make an egg, and the sperm of the other. A woman could make a baby by herself using her cell-turned-sperm and her egg, almost like cloning. 
A group of three or four people could create a baby by creating two embryos, and then taking an egg from one and a sperm from the other, creating another embryo with multiple parents. Such scenarios inevitably would affect the traditional understanding of parenting. The article also addressed the potential for “unauthorized” use of biomaterials: Someone retrieves a skin cell from a hotel room bed or bathroom, creating a baby biologically related to someone without their knowledge. 
“Should the law criminalize such an action? If it takes place, should the law consider the source of the skin cells to be a legal parent to the child, or should it distinguish an individual’s genetic and legal parentage?” the authors wrote. They also raised the potential for bioethical issues on a massive scale. “IVG may raise the specter of ‘embryo farming’ on a scale currently unimagined, which might exacerbate concerns about the devaluation of human life,” wrote the authors… 
Credit to skywatchtv.com

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