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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Has humanity already lost control of artificial intelligence?

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From driving cars to beating chess masters at their own game, computers are already performing incredible feats.

And artificial intelligence is quickly advancing, allowing computers to learn from experience without the need for human input.
But scientists are concerned that computers are already overtaking us in their abilities, raising the prospect that we could lose control of them altogether.
Last year, a driverless car took to the streets of New Jersey, which ran without any human intervention.

The car, created by Nvidia, could make its own decisions after watching how humans learned how to drive.

But despite creating the car, Nvidia admitted that it wasn't sure how the car was able to learn in this way, according to MIT Technology Review.

The car's underlying technology was 'deep learning' – a powerful tool based on the neural layout of the human brain.

Deep learning is used in a range of technologies, including tagging your friends on social media, and allowing Siri to answer questions.

The system is also being used by the military, which hopes to use deep learning to steer ships, destroy targets and control deadly drones.

There is also hope that deep learning could be used in medicine to diagnose rare diseases.

But if its creators lose control of the system, we're in big trouble, experts claim.

In a recent study, a computer was tasked with predicting disease by analysing patient records.

Results showed that the computer was extremely accurate in diagnosing schizophrenia – but even its creators did not know why.

Dr Joel Dudley, who lead the project at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, said: 'We can build these models, but we don't know how they work.'

In the hopes of staying in control of these powerful systems, many of the world's largest technology firms created an 'AI ethics board' in 2016.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4401836/Has-humanity-lost-control-artificial-intelligence.html#ixzz4e0c0dk6j

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