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Monday, March 13, 2017

FEMA Camps Await Many If the Deep State Wins

With the election of Donald Trump, a huge roadblock was thrown into the plans of the globalists with regard to their completion timetable with regard to the takedown of the United States. However, the forces of the Deep State have reared their ugly heads in unison and are preparing to depose Donald Trump and reassert their progressive march toward brutal totalitarianism.
The concern is almost universal. Everyone from Paul Martin to ex-CIA Robert Steele to Paul Preston, we all feel the same. The game is almost over and America is about to experience its darkest days. Trump must lead the way with very bold and decisive actions directed against the Deep State and their elected figureheads.

This Was Almost America’s Future

Do you remember when Hillary made a joke, which really wasn’t a joke, about her belief that many could benefit from going to a “fun” camp? Everyone knew that Clinton meant FEMA camp and we all know what that means.
That belief is bolstered by the fact that the man who launched Obama’s political career, convicted felon Bill Ayers of the Weathermen Underground, once told FBI Special Informant, Larry Grathwohl that he would have to put 50 million American in re-education camps if they ever took over. Ayers also stated that he would do away with, meaning murder, 25 million. In light of the Trump populist movement, those numbers would be far higher. It should be noted that Ayers visited Obama, several times, at the White House, during the long 8 years of his reign of terror.

The United States came very close to experiencing a purge like none other in our nation’s history. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the guns would have been the first thing that she would have taken. From all that she stands for and all that she said, many would have lost their property and their First Amendment right to speak out. The Internet would have been well on its way to being controlled, and I mean that control would have extended way beyond the liberal-motivated, monopolistic social media stranglehold that presently exists.
In regard to the plans of the New World Order, Obama was opening act, the set-up man, if you will. Clinton was to have been the closer. These plans were interrupted by the “accidental” election of Donald Trump. Trump’s election temporarily interrupted the march toward the destruction of the country in order that global governance would be introduced and the world, as well as the USA, would have slipped into a modern form of neo-feudalism under the auspices of extreme environmentalism (ie carbon credits replace the dollar and all other paper currency).
There would have been push back from the people, but that is why
Obama fired over 300 command officers in the military. There could be no loyalty to the Constitution and the people if the coming revolution was to succeed. This is also why Jade Helm 15 was activated. This is why we saw new malls and shopping centers, post 2014, that began to appear that resembled prisons with their guard towers that were not aesthetically pleasing and were very costly.



Most don’t know that in 2012, Simon Properties, the largest owner of strip malls and malls in North America, signed an agreement with DHS which would have allowed them the ability to “assist” the government with the use of their facilities in times of “national emergency”. These agreements extended to every sports venue in America. The globalists needed FEMA camps, many FEMA camps. Many of us in the Patriot movement saw this for exactly was it was. Extreme martial law, just like in the USA Network show, Colony, awaited the American people. I want to reiterate, that if one wants a visual and story-line picture of what life would be like under our soon-to-be landlords, the globalists, one should intently watch Colony.
In summation, Americans barely escaped judgment day and the fulfillment of Obama and Ayers’ globalist plans for our country.

Temporarily Gone but Not Forgotten

I want to remind America, the Obama/Clinton/Ayers threat is only a stone’s throw away, just like Obama is from the Capitol as Obama and his OFA have taken up residence only two miles from the White House.
George Soros is organizing the thugs of America to riot and pillage. These thugs are beta testing whether or not they can get local law enforcement authorities to stand down during the coming American Spring.  America is 4 to 10 weeks away from this event. We will see rioting in this country like which will make the 1960’s anti-Vietnam protests look like an elementary recess.
Trump Is on the Way to Being Rendered Impotent
His administration is under attack like no other. Trump has mortal enemies in the Deep State. He has enemies within his own ranks who are actively helping the revolutionaries to take over this country.
The Deep State has, to a large extent, reduced Trump to a defensive posture and have taken him off point.
If Trump does not change the momentum by the end of April a
nd the American Spring is allowed to begin, this will mark the beginning of the end for Trump. This will also mark the beginning of the end for many of you and our country as a whole.
If the Democrats and the Deep State manage to reduce the Trump administration to a quagmire, the Democrats will be take over the House of Representatives and impeach Trump in 2018-19.  The game, at that point will be over and America will return to its journey towards its final demise.

Trump must take the initiative back. He must invoke the nuclear option, so to speak. Do you remember when Clinton fired all the attorneys at the DOJ? Trump needs to begin to clean house. He needs to sequester the CIA, nobody in or out until he puts his own people in. He needs to fire the majority of the employees at the State Department and the FBI. Comey needs to be fired, TODAY.
Trump needs to take the initiative and prosecute Hillary Clinton for the 33,000 emails. This is low-hanging fruit. She can easily prosecute and convict Clinton if Trump chooses the correct venue.


The so-called Pizzagate arrests need to be increased ten-fold. Deals need to be made. The turning point will come when the first Congressmen is indicted and does the perp walk. It will get ugly, but this is the price of freedom because if Trump does not begin to do something, our collective futures will go up in flames. Many of us will be headed to FEMA Camps under who would replace a deposed Trump.

Credit to Common Sense

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