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Friday, March 24, 2017

DNA Discoveries That Are Making Supermen Possible

Human-Animal Chimeras A Reality, And Where A Woman Can Have Her Favorite Movie Star’s Child Simply By Collecting A Few Of His Skin Cells

Imagine a world where parents can give birth to superbabies with bones so strong they’re impervious to a surgical drill and a heart less prone to failure. A world where a child has DNA from three parents [or a human-animal mix]. 

A world where it’s possible for a woman to have her favorite movie star’s child simply by collecting a few of his skin cells. Genetic technology is making it all a reality, horrifying some and heartening others. Reproductive advances are arriving so rapidly, we’ve already entered the realm of science-fiction and are on the verge of making truly astounding leaps […] “Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ imagined a world of totalitarian population control; we should take the warning to heart,” the nonprofit Center for Genetics and Society tweeted in 2015 […] 

Many of these technologies are about a decade away, running the risk of their arrival without public debate or careful consideration. Gene editing using CRISPR, for example, is overseen by the FDA, but many embryo selection procedures are left up to the individual fertility clinics. 

One particular concern is that all this science is expensive, and could lead to a society even more unequal than it already is. It’s not hard to picture a world in which rich people give birth to engineered children who are smarter, prettier and more immune to disease than their poor counterparts — an advantage that would quickly compound with subsequent generations. (READ MORE)

Credit to Skywatchtv.com

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