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Monday, February 27, 2017

Arms Race 2.0? US, China Ramp Up Fleets

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Since US President Donald Trump took office in January, both China and the US have kicked off a massive naval buildup, and both cite fears of the other’s increasing maritime military power as the reason. Are we to see another arms race between the rival powers?

According to media reports, China is about to secure a massive funding increase for its Navy, as it seeks to balance the US threat on sea (in South China Sea, mostly, of course). This is exactly what the US Navy under Trump is about do with its plan to achieve a goal of amassing 350 ships to counter China's maritime renovation.

"It's opportunity in crisis," a diplomat from an unnamed Asian country told The Wire in Beijing. "China fears Trump will turn on them eventually, as he's so unpredictable, and it's getting ready."

While it is almost impossible to get reliable figures on how much China actually spends on its fleet, the official figure of overall military expenses of $139 billion is widely believed to be an understatement.

Credit to Sputnik

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