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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's undercover nurse

PICTURED: Hillary Clinton's 'undercover nurse checks pulse' as Clinton clutches her heart
MYSTERIOUS photos reportedly showing a woman checking Hillary Clinton’s pulse have sparked online rumours that the US presidential candidate has a undercover nurse.


TWITTER Pictures of the woman have caused a stir online

Hillary Clinton was filmed collapsing at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial service in New York before being hauled into a van by a secret service staff.

Now photos have emerged of a woman, wearing a navy blue dress, as she holds the arm of Mrs Clinton while appearing to check Mrs Clinton’s heart beat.

Moments later she was whisked away to her daughter’s apartment.

TWITTER Hillary Clinton collapsed on Sunday

Undercover nurse checking Hillary’s pulse? Looks like that..

A Tennessee branch of the Republican Party tweeted the image alongside the caption: “Undercover nurse checking Hillary’s pulse? Looks like that…”

Another mystery snap shows the aide allegedly asking Clinton to “squeeze her fingers” - with many social media users saying that this is a “common test for neurological ailments”.

One social media user wrote: “Hillary squeezing her nurses fingers. Clearly she’s disoriented. Final stages of Parkinson’s disease?”

TWITTER It is claimed the woman asked Clinton to squeeze her finger

The woman pictured has since been identified as Dr Lisa Bardack.

It comes after the former First Lady finally admitted she had problems with dehydration and dizziness for several years.

Secretary of State Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday but the revelation was kept secret until her “medical episode” in Manhattan on Sunday. 

Credit to express.co.uk

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