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Friday, June 3, 2016

Scientists test cancer vaccine on humans, trigger 'powerful immune response' by injecting chemo drug combo into tumors

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(NaturalNews) A drug company is now set to begin human trials on a new cancer therapy that allegedly uses chemotherapy drugs in a fashion more similar to vaccines, stimulating the immune system to wipe out the cancer on its own and prevent it from returning.

"Even though we are using chemo, this works on the immune system," said Dr. Ian Walters of Intensity Therapeutics. "The tumours die from the inside out. When that happens, the immune cells can 'see' that it's cancer, and form an extremely powerful immune response. It's almost a personalised vaccine."

If the therapy receives approval, it will remain to be seen what its long-term effects are on the immune system or on cancer recurrence.

Too good to be true?Traditional chemotherapy floods the body with toxic chemicals, poisoning not only cancer cells but also healthy cells. This produces a host of side effects, some of them highly dangerous.

In the therapy being tested, two chemotherapy drugs are injected directly into tumors, along with a third chemical that increases the permeability of the tumor's cell walls. This allows the chemotherapy drugs to directly target the cancer at much lower doses, theoretically producing a much lower toxic effect on other cells and therefore fewer side effects. 

Once the cells begin to die, the immune system attacks them and finishes them off. In the future, it is then able to recognize that cancer as a foreign invader, and remove it accordingly.

Credit to Natural News
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/054234_cancer_vaccine_immune_response.html#ixzz4AUVNRjaM

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