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Thursday, May 26, 2016

International Space Station under attack?

ISS under attack? Bizarre 'UFO or missile filmed by International Space Station'
ONLINE conspiracy theorists have released a video of what they claim shows the International Space Station (ISS) under attack by a mysterious "UFO or missile".

YouTubeThe "UFO or missile" can be seen in the centre of the screen

The extraordinary claim is made in footage released on YouTube by channel Pete WDHco.

The video, entitled "ISS Space Station Attacked or Attacks Missile or UFO Interesting Capture” claims to be recorded by the ISS's own live-stream camera this month before being sent to it by Heather Ortiz from California.

In the video, which has been broadcast as a series of still images rather than moving footage, a dark cylindrical-shaped object appears to have passed closely above the Earth to a portion of the ISS that can be seen to the left of the frame.

In the next clip, it appears to have moved away from and in front of the ISS.

A later clip shows it further away still, and seemingly descending towards the planet.

"Caught as it flew down and entered Earth. What is it? Any ideas?"

The video has led to a flurry of online speculation from conspiracy theorists.

Chuck Mcguire pondered if the ISS itself has been armed.

YouTubeWhat is it? cylindrical object passes or leaves the ISS

Credit to express.co.uk

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