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Monday, November 7, 2016

British intelligence warns Russian Tank is 'the most revolutionary design in the last half century'

British military intelligence officers have issued a warning over a new Russian 'super tank' which they claim is far superior to anything which is available to Nato.

The document claims that Britain's Challenger II main battle tank could be overpowered by the Kremlin's new Armata tank.

Officials believe the new Russian tank is 'revolutionary' and blames the government for failing to provide a proper response. 

Russia displayed its new Armata main battle tank at the Victory Day parade in Red Square in May this year

The new tank has several highly advanced features including an un-manned turret which makes the machine safer for crews

Military analysts have warned the tank is more advanced than Nato's current heavy armour including Britain's Challenger II

The new Armata is the first Russian tank which considered the crew's ability to survive

The current policy is to not consider a new main battle tank for at least 20 years as heavy armour is not suited to countering the threat posed by lightly-armed Jihadis.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the internal military document said: 'Without hyperbole, Armata represents the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century.'

Credit to Dailymail.co.uk
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3910052/British-intelligence-chiefs-warn-Government-Vladimir-Putin-s-new-super-tank.html#ixzz4PGFKfX8q

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