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Monday, October 10, 2016

Where You Are At Is Where You Will Soon Stay..... WW3 Is Almost Here

One of my best sources has issued the most stern warning that I have ever received.
You are going to awake on a lazy Sunday morning and realize that the world as you knew it, could be changed in a moment. Appearing on the The Common Sense Showabout 6 months ago, Steve Quayle said “What is coming is no longer coming, it is already here”. Truer words were never spoken.

World War III

World War III is upon us. Perhaps, there will be a temporary respite and the hostile forces will withdraw like what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis which took place during the JFK administration.However, I am not optimistic based upon what I have learned in the past 72 hours.
Many times, the collective words of the Independent Media has stopped planned false flag attacks by the globalists through exposure of the event (eg H1N1 scare of 2009).Today, my words and nobody else’s words from the Patriot community will have any impact except to warn the general public to prepare as best as they can. IF there is going to be a war, we the people have no say in the manifestation of World War III or the cessation of hostilities which could prevent a war. On the present course we are on, World War III is going to happen. Below is a conversation I just had with my very best ex-military/intelligence source who is still very connected.
“…Dave, whatever vacations you have planned, cancel them. When you leave for work work in the morning, take supplies with you and a way to protect yourself.”
I asked, “Why, what is going on?”
“There are plans in place under The Continuity of Government (COG) that will close roads, bridges and highways and shut off access to cities. There will shoot to kill orders for violators. When the war starts, you will have a 60-90 minute window, if you are lucky, to do some limited travel and then you will then be confined to the area that you are in. And that is assuming that you are not in a targeted area in which case your preparations will not matter. The notion that there will initially be FEMA camps open that will feed and house you until the crisis is over is false. You won’t be going to the high school gym to sleep and be fed. THIS COUNTRY HAS NO CIVIL DEFENSE PLAN IN PLACE TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS. COG exists to not save American lives, but to  help the government and other key personnel to survive during war or a natural disaster as well as to prevent a counter-revolution in times of war, or anticipated war with key corporate-banking-government officials as the target of the people, paramilitary groups and rogue American troops who have defected. You know that I am correct because you have covered UWEX 16. 
COG is designed to neutralize any organizing efforts from the people, local law enforcement and various military units who are not going to be on board with what is coming. The COG could be rolled out first, but that is not likely because it would tip off the Russians that war is imminent and that would trigger a Russian or Chinese first strike! So, I think we have 60-90 minutes once the decision is made to go to war to get home and there you will be trapped
You have done a great job warning the public to be self-sufficient. However, most have not heeded the warnings from yourself and others. You will have to be able to defend yourself 24/7 and I hope your alliances are in effect because you cannot go it alone. Our country has never experienced anything like what we are about to experience…”
I have not been able to sleep since I had this conversation. This conversation is very similar to the one that Paul Martin has had with his best source.

This Is Not the Lone Voice In Wilderness

If I suffered from cognitive dissonance, I would dismiss what has been written to this point as one point of view from an anonymous source. However, there are multiple well-placed sources saying the same. For example, Paul Martin of Revolutionradio.org contacted me yesterday and stated that Putin had moved tactical nuclear weapons into Estonia and Lativa. Russian troops are mobilized on the Polish border. I wrote to Steve Quayle and asked if he was aware of this and he said “Yes”. I contacted two other sources and they had slightly different versions, but essentially the facts were confirmed.
Additionally, as I began to inquire from previous sources about their awareness of these events, I learned why we are back in Iraq. We are not chasing ISIS (lol), we are are installing tactical nuclear weapons with modified missile shields. This was a clear signal that we are planning on attacking Syria AND Iran. This, in part, is what has set Putin off when he demanded NATO vacate Eastern Europe or be attacked. Further I learned that Vietnam’s military has upped their level of readiness. The Chinese, on their artificiality constructed Islands in the South China Sea, have gone on high alert as have the North Koreans. This is why the US and the South Koreans have been engaged in massive military drills over the past six months. Further, we are arming the South Koreans to a high degree. When war breaks out in either Syria or Eastern Europe, China and North Korea are expected to make their move as well.
I was told by a secondary intelligence source that if I should lose my satellite signal on my TV, war is already underway and I would have 30 minutes to react and be in place in an area that I would want to be. I knew instantly what he meant as I have recently written an article that World War III will actually begin in space as all sides will try to take down the eyes and ears of their command and control and that means the use of killer satellites to take down the satellites of the other side.

The Paul Martin Interview

Based on the seriousness of the events and lateness of the hour, Paul and I decided to do a hurried interview that would be released early this morning. This was decided because we don’t know how much longer that we are going to have our communications available and working.
The following interview contains some stunning revelations such as UN Peacekeepers on American soil that are embedded into American society (e.g. Seattle area).
This article will close with the Paul Martin interview which was recorded in the late 10/8 early 10/9 time frame. The are stunning details in the unrehearsed unscripted interview. This interview also reviews the progression of threats coming out of Russia over the past 3 days. Updates will be provided so long as communications are functioning.
Credit to Common Sense

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