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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

“Russia Will Continue to Send Troops Home In Body Bags….”-John Kerry


“Russia Will Continue to Send Troops Home In Body Bags…”

According to Russia Today, John Kerry has issued a war threat to Russia with regard to its activities in Syria. What could John Kerry be thinking? Russia is a sovereign nation, with a very strong military, who has shown extraordinary patience with the Obama and Clinton and their threats. However, John Kerry just took the conflict with Russia, over Syria, to a whole new level.
Both Kerry and Clinton favor a no-fly zone. This is a sure-fire way to start WW III. Putin is not going to stand for this, and if I were him, I would not either.
It seems as if Kerry is trying to provoke Putin into striking first, in order to give the U.S. the moral high ground from which to launch a retaliatory strike.
The following 3 minutes lay out how and why the Democrats are determined to start WW III and this is the issue.

Credit to Common Sense

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