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Thursday, October 13, 2016

North Korea PURGE as Kim Jong-un sends senior official to ‘farm in the countryside’

Kim Jong-un

Kung Sok-ung, the country’s vice foreign minister, has been sent from Pyongyang for his part in a major embarrassment for Kim this summer.

North Korea’s deputy ambassador in Britain defected to South Korea in July - infuriating Kim, who holds 72-year-old Kung responsible.

As punishment, Kung has now been sent from the North Korean capital to a collective farm somewhere in the country’s vast countryside.

A source revealed: “Since late July after Deputy Ambassador Thae Yong-ho’s defection, there has been extensive monitoring of Vice Minister Kung Sok-ung.

"He took responsibility for the management of the embassies in the European region and was purged.”

The banishment comes as Kim Jong-un battles growing opposition in the country, with Kung's punishment possibly meant as a warning to other officials.

Kim is desperately trying to quell angel and protest among citiens - especially among the country's youth.

Young citizens are now refusing to accept the maverick state’s institutionalised propaganda and are instead seeking out the truth about their country using technology.

Credit to express.co.uk


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