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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Furious Vladimir Putin CANCELS visit to Paris after Francois Hollande insists they discuss Russia's support of Syria's President Assad

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Vladimir Putin has pulled out of a visit to Paris next week to meet with Francois Hollande who insisted they discuss Russian support for Syria's President Assad.

The Kremlin confirmed this morning that Putin had cancelled the trip to the French capital where he was due to meet with Hollande.

The long-planned visit to Paris, which would have taken place next Wednesday, would have seen Putin inaugurate a new Russian Orthodox church near the Eiffel Tower as well as visit a Russian cultural centre and an exhibition

But it is thought that Hollande had told the Kremlin that the only event he wanted to attend with Putin during his visit would be a 'working meeting' on Syria.

The French president's office then said that Moscow 'let it be known that it wanted to postpone the trip.'

But the Kremlin hit back saying Putin is happy to go to France but only when the 'French president is ready.'

Credit to dailymail.co.uk


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