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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

For the second time in a week, a Calgary Islamic jihad indoctrination center has been vandalized

The glass on the front door of the Ranchlands Mosque in northwest Calgary was smashed, officials from the Islamic Association of NW Calgary (IANWC) discovered on Saturday morning.


CBC  A sign indicating that the mosque was open during construction was also thrown in the parking lot, they said.


Once again, the group has called for dialogue with the person who targeted the centre, not revenge. (Sure you are, once you find out who he is you will demand he be charged with a hate crime. We know the drill)

“IANWC firmly believes in harmony, peace, and love for everyone in and around our neighbourhood,” said Dr. Abdur Rahman, IANWC chairman in a statement on Saturday.


CBC The vandalism mirrors a similar incident last week at the southeast Islamic centre in Queensland, where the glass on the door was smashed, the Islamic book of violence, a Quran, was burned and a hateful letter greeted members of the Musallah Saturday morning, the centre’s president told CBC News.

 A southeast Calgary Islamic centre was vandalized late Friday evening, and a community leader, Junaid Mahoon, is hoping the person responsible comes forward, because he wants to start a conversation (right before he calls the police and the Canadian version of CAIR)

Junaid Mahoon says the incident was disturbing and shocking
Junaid Mahoon says the incident was disturbing and shocking

Mahoon says these and other incidents in the province, have some community members on edge. “People were quite disturbed and shocked because they have heard and seen all of this on media, but they never imagined that it could happen in their own backyard.”

Mahoon, however, wants dialogue with the person who targeted his centre, not revenge. “As Muslims, we are taught in Islam to love our neighbours, work with our neighbours, be part of their grief and happiness. In that spirit I would like to say we forgive the perpetrator, whoever did this, broke the glass and burned the Quran, and we offer our peace, love and harmony to him,” he said. (Sure you do)


Next month, the mosque will open its doors for all community members to visit, in an event called ‘Our House is Your House.’ (But only if we get you to convert to Islam, otherwise we will have to kill you)

Credit to barenakedislam

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