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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

'Yankee, Go Home!' US Military Build-Up in Germany Resembles 'Occupation'

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The US is planning to deploy 2,000 additional soldiers in its military bases Katterbach and Illesheim in Germany to mark its presence in Europe, German newspaper Nordbayern wrote.

Critics have already slammed the initiative and accused Americans of possessing an "occupation mentality."

Despite certain financial difficulties, the US wants to maintain its presence in Europe with the help of so-called "rotational units," which replace each other every 9 months, the newspaper wrote. So far, the total number of soldiers at the two bases is 1,000. Around 2,000 soldiers are expected to be deployed at the bases next year, although these plans have not yet been officially approved.

The plan also provides for an increase in the number of military equipment at the bases. Later, the United States will transfer the corresponding number of helicopters to Germany, Nordbayern wrote. "And as in the case of any real occupation, the occupied country will pay for all this. Yankee, go home!" one of the newspaper's readers, Pepsi Max, commented. The "rotational units" are expected to later support NATO troops and participate in joint exercises, for example, in the Baltic states, Bulgaria or Romania.

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/europe/20160926/1045705728/yankee-go-home.html

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