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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Will Biometrics Eventually Lead To A Single Global...666

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The password-cracking techniques among hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, thus the rise in security breaches is constantly increasing. Like never before this has called for a stronger demand of SSO (Single Sign On) methods.

As a result the efficiencies and advantages of biometric authentication are being heavily considered by everyone, and it’s slowly but surely replacing passwords. This provides reliability and stronger security, especially if you have accounts with very sensitive information or money. This is why gambling sites are some of the enterprises that are very much interested in these methods, for example, Prism Casino Australia is considering the alternative.

Biometrics have proven to be more effective in helping enterprises and businesses achieve realized cost savings, convenience and increase security. Why Single Sign On will replace passwords and become the mainstream? Passwords can be easily stolen, hacked or guessed, and they are the only barrier between the thief and your valuable information like financial transactions, email accounts, access to offices, e-commerce etc. They are simply obsolete.

The recent rise of data breaches has shown that the current authentication technologies and weak password protocols fail to evolve in parallel with data breaches. So, enterprises are looking for methods to replace passwords, which has led to biometric authentication replacing passwords, or becoming a part of a two factor Single Sign On authentication.

There is no doubt that biometrics will eventually lead to a Single Sign On, it’s just a matter of question when. Biometrics are unique behavioral characteristics and traits that can be captured through voice, facial, iris, palm vein, finger vein or fingerprint recognition. Even twins have individual biometrics. Biometrics are not a password that can get stolen or forgotten, so it’s perfect for a Single Sign On method. It can even be used in combination with passwords.

The biometric technology is already available for enterprises and is more sophisticated than ever. The benefits of using biometrics for Single Sign On methods are beneficial both for the enterprises and end users. Users can conveniently authenticate themselves and stop fearing that their password can be hacked, while enterprises can easily reduce the difficulties that come from password management.

Secure Authentication – Biometrics are unique and can’t be shared, forged or duplicated.
Higher Accuracy – The right person has access to the right information.
Two-Factor Authentication – A Biometrics Single Sign On can be combined with a password.

No Need for Password Reset– Passwords can be a burden to remember, while biometrics are unique.
Ease of Use – Automated and fast identification recognition.
Cost Effective – Corporate data and assets are better protected.

The biometrics technology is very promising, and can easily lead to Single Sign On authentication methods much earlier than expected. That way users can be authenticated by their workstations or even personal computers to open a door, access control systems or even confirm bank transactions. All of these cases can become typical cases for biometric Single Sign On technology and replace weak and easily breached security protocols.

Credit to virtual-strategy.com

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