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Thursday, September 22, 2016

On September 21, 2016, in the MORNING, a terrifying shelf cloud darkened the sky over Chicago, Illinois within seconds.

And all of a sudden, the sky went dark!
Look at the amazing moment the sky goes dark as an omnious shelf cloud moves over Chicago! That’s scary!
No this is not Independence Day!
The sky goes dark as an ominous shelf cloud moves over Chicago

On September 21, 2016, in the morning, a terrifying shelf cloud darkened the sky over Chicago, Illinois within seconds.
Independence Day?

Now look at the color of these clouds… Creepy!

A shelf cloud is a low, horizontal wedge-shaped cloud, associated with a thunderstorm gust front – or occasionally with a cold front.

A sharp line cutting away any light…

A rising cloud motion often can be seen in the leading part of the shelf cloud, while the underside often appears turbulent, boiling, and wind-torn.
And the lake is quiet… Just before the boom.

The light is gone:

And the light fades away…

Shelf clouds are low-hanging, horizontal cloud features attached to the front side of lines of storms or even a single storm. Usually there isn’t any persistent rotation on a vertical axis within shelf clouds or within individual cloud fragments that extend downward from the shelf cloud, therefore they are just another scary-looking cloud.

Shelf clouds often resemble snow plows, big waves or tsunamis and can be very scary-looking since they are usually low-hanging. Sometimes they may found only a couple hundred feet above the ground.

WOW! This apocalyptical cloud makes me think of what Judgement Day will be when the Lord comes.

Credit to strangesounds.org

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