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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Military Psychiatrists to be Used to Send Americans Into FEMA Camps

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I receive several tips per day about impending events which are usually catastrophic in nature. However, there is occasionally one that carries much weight and seems highly credible. This is one of these times.
I just received the following email from someone who works in behavioral health in the military. His projections about what is coming are very concerning, to say the least.

Dear Mr. Hodges,
I work in the military, in behavioral sciences, which involves direct intervention with military personnel with significant mental illnesses ranging from PTSD to treatment for addiction. 
In order that I might maintain my anonymity, I will not reveal the type of behavioral specialist that I am employed as and I will not identify my branch. Thanks for understanding. I would be prosecuted for revealing classified information in some of what I am going to reveal. I am so pleased that you have a background in mental health as you will be able to articulate this story correctly. 
You have previously written on the topic of mental illness being used as a political tool to silence, incarcerate and eliminate all who might be in opposition to the gang of hoodlums who have seized control of our government, economy and social structure. 
You must feel like a lone voice in the wilderness as I do not think this topic has received the coverage that it needs and deserves to. 
Please let me elaborate on what you have previously expressed. 
I attended several classified briefings about how my outfit would be utilized if and when it came time to incarcerate millions of Americans, either for their own safety, or what amounted to being a political prisoner under the guise of treating mental illness. 
Please allow me to focus on the incarceration of political prisoners. We were told that the economy is not sustainable and we will soon see rampaging hordes of people running through the streets in search of scarce resources such as food and water. 
Before this can happen, the DoD wants to incarcerate the most dangerous of these groups and that would be the veterans. Veterans are capable of mounting a defense as well as forming civil defense groups of regular citizens to resist the tyranny that is coming. We were told that America is attempting to covertly transition into a new form of government which will be geared towards maximizing survival of as many people as possible. The ideals of the Constitution are outdated according to what we were told. Millions will risk starving to death and/or becoming the victim of random violence. 
The counter to these threats is to eliminate all opposition to the transition. Although we have not been told this directly, it is easy to see where this is going. The new mental health rules are set up to produce false positives in order that a patient will be falsely diagnoses and incarcerated. This includes what you have written about before. 
I am speaking about veterans and general dissidents who will not accept the fragmentation of the United States and the dissolving our form of government. The establishment will use mental health as an excuse to incarcerate people. 
One, it is disguised incarceration and the general population will not become alarmed because only mentally defective people are being locked up. Our instructor told us that they believe they can incarcerate 10 million people before the agenda is exposed. “Agenda is exposed” is fairly close to a quote. The eventual plan is to incarcerate as many as 75 million people. 
The role of the behavioral units in the military will be to diagnose people with a disorder in which the patient must be confined for their safety and the safety of others. 
Secondly, we would be sedating as many in the population as possible for stress related disorders. This will make the population more docile and easier to control. 
Third, we were told that we would heavily sedate the new class of political prisoners so they cannot mount any resistance.  Dave, we already have about 1/5th of the country medicated on psychotropics. We are well on our way to accomplishing this goal. 
I have read much of what you have written and I have concluded that this will be the new form of martial law.However, I believe that this will only be an excuse to get people out of the way who might pose a problem for what is coming. 
Please republish some what you have written on the topic because we are there my friend. The move to increase the number of medicated personnel and confined “mental health patients” has already increased.  
I know you have written about the Clergy Response Team. We have trained with members of the CRT in order to achieve a more orderly incarceration scenario.
I cannot tell you my status in all of this without revealing my position and I am certain that you can appreciate that fact. 
By the way, Dave, one of the criteria for establishing mental illness is the ownership of a gun. I am not merely saying the PTSD sufferers will be denied gun ownership.  Already we are seeing patient questionnaires from doctors as about gun ownership.of their patients. The ownership of a gun will be linked under ICD to paranoid ideation. Please note that I said ICD, not DSM. This is because the UN is calling the shots on this criteria.
We were told that the trigger event will be both cyber-attack upon the grid and the interruption of critical resource shipments which will bring about Continuity of Government procedures. 
My advice to everyone is to hide your guns and ammo and begin to store medicine and food. 
Dave, please begin to once again spread the word because I believe that time is short. 
I will be in touch again soon. 

This parallels what Alabama talk show host, Joshua Coy, has reported about the goings on in No. Alabama, where transient mental health facilities are being constructed on private land while the owners are told to “stay away”.
In response to this communication, I will be soon calling attention, once again, to the government’s intention to use mental illness as an excuse to incarcerate many Americans as a ruse to send them to FEMA camps, using different names of course, for  the final disposition of these people.

Credit to Common Sense

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