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Friday, September 9, 2016

Genetically Modified Humans With Animals Genetics Will Have Cornucopia Of Sensory Perceptions, Maybe Even Be “In Communicato With Entities”

Because many members of the animal kingdom can perceive sensory signals humans can’t (but often wish they could), we also decided to take a look at nonhuman sensory apparatuses, some of which, like the hair cells of the fish lateral line system, are precursors of human cell types. 
A staff-written feature reports on some of these sensory organs and the responsible anatomy. We offer a whole universe of sensations beyond what humans experience: electro-, magneto-, thermo-, and mechanoreception (via the lateral line), and gravity detection by invertebrates, some of which, like the comb jellies, don’t even have a nervous system. 
In the future, researchers armed with a deeper understanding of these (to us) exotic animal senses may be able to enhance the human sensory repertory, writes hearing researcher Bernd Fritzsch in a Thought Experiment, “Acquiring Extra Senses.”
Credit to SkyWatchTV.com

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