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Saturday, August 6, 2016

GERMANY: Illegal alien Muslim invaders complaining that the refugee center “smells bad”

fake-muslim-refugees1Well, DUH! Perhaps they should teach their fellow Muslims about the art of taking a shower. Ungrateful Muslim welfare queen wannabes have turned up their noses up at a plush refugee centre complete with a TV, gym and leisure activities, after insisting: “It smells.”


Express  The group of 40 asylum seekers said they would rather go back to their war-torn homelands than continue living in “inhumane conditions” at the German camp. 

The Iraqis and Syrians moaned that the accommodation, housed at a school in Meschede in north west Germany, smelled bad. And they did not wait to hear from local authorities before upping sticks and ordering a coach to take them away from the taxpayer funded facility. 


When the police arrived to the school on Monday night, the migrants had already booked transport to take them back to the nearby town of Bad Berleburg. 

From there, the migrants explained that they would rather move back home to Syria and Iraq than go back to the school in Meschede.

One of the migrants said: “Some would be willing to live on the streets, or even go back to our countries and be exposed to war, but we are not going back to Meschede.” (Buh Bye, don’t let the door hit you in the ass)


When the authorities examined the school in Meschede, they could not see any evidence of any inhumane conditions. One of the managers in Meschede, Jan Uelkes, said he even granted the migrants special requests.

He said: “One big family with children was offered a single room at the Haus Dortmund youth hostel as an alternative.” The managers have also said that the showers and toilets at the school are only a year old and are cleaned professionally twice a day. 

Perhaps it wouldn’t smell so bad if the Muslim invaders didn’t keep throwing their garbage out the windows:

Credit to Bare Naked Islam

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