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Monday, July 4, 2016

EU demands Britain pays £12 BILLION into Brussels budget despite Brexit vote

Britain will pay £12 billion euros to Brussels next year

The UK’s bill for membership of the Euro club will go towards bankrolling a Brussels border and coast guard, a new Agency for Asylum and the groundwork for an EU army.

The eye-watering figure has been revealed in a new draft budget released by the EU Commission and equates to a staggering £230million a week.

The figure represents a slight drop compared with our contribution for this year, which stands at £13billion.

Britain’s billions in contributions jumped up to double figures in 2014 when Brussels demanded a £34bn injection from the UK after realising it was facing a £259billion shortfall by the end of the decade.

The staggering black hole in funding was split between member states to balance the books up to 2020.

Image result for brussels economic hole

Brussels has this year cut the overall budget for the project from £120bn to £113bn amid growing criticism of its “bloated” institution and chronic waste.

The budget, which will need to be ratified by member states and the European Parliament, will raise questions over how long Britain will need to continue paying into the EU.

A spokesman for the Commission said: “The UK remains a member of the EU with all rights and obligations. Consequently, the results of the UK referendum have no impact on Draft EU Budget 2017.”

It is expected that British taxpayers will continue to fund the project for at least two years following the Brexit vote, though officials have privately admitted "nobody knows" how long it will take to disentangle the UK from Brussels.

Credit to Express.co.uk

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