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Friday, July 15, 2016

Economist Magazine Shows Roota Pulling The Plug

Bix Weir

I have always asserted that in the end of this global chess game of manipulation of the gold and silver markets, that the Road to Roota Theory would be the closest thing to the actual TRUTH about the reasons, strategies and tools used to run the fiat monetary system. In the beginning (Jan 2007) everyone said I was crazy. There was no way that the Federal Reserve was creating more and more unbacked fiat money on purpose to destroy the monetary system and those who are in charge of it behind the scenes.

All my doubters have long since gone silent as we get closer and closer to the END of this game.

This analysis of the latest Economist Magazine Cover is constructed as seen from the Road to Roota angle so it's important that you brush up on what the Road to Roota Theory is all about and what Alan Greenspan's overall agenda is. Here are the articles that you should be familiar with...

The Road to Roota Theory
Greenspan's Golden Secret
Greenspan's Golden Testimony
Now let's move onto the latest cover on the Economist's Annual Magazine called "The World In 2016".

A few facts you should be aware of:
- This is not their weekly Economist Magazine publication but rather a Special Edition they do before the beginning of each new year.
- This is the 30th year it is being published.
- Last year's publication caused quite a controversy as it seems to have predicted the Paris Terrorists Attacks thus making people think it was pre-planned and orchestrated by a group other than the identified terrorists.(which of course it was!)
- Like the 2015 artwork, the 2016 cover is only represented partially as reproduced on the cover. Only the left side of both full pictures were put on the covers with the full artwork reproduced inside the magazine.
- In both years it seems the more controversial items are placed on the right side of the picture and not presented on the cover of the magazine. 

In my analysis I will be discussing items that are relevant to the Road to Roota Theory and leaving out other items and issues that they are clearly trying to present a message but not one that is too relevant to the Road to Roota Theory. Time permitting I will release a second analysis where I discuss other issues.

Above is the cover of the magazine that you will see sold to the public with the left side of the artwork only presented. Below is the full piece that can be found on page 15 of the magazine...

CRAZY STUFF!! There is so much hidden meaning here it's hard to know where to start. For the purpose of this article I will start at the heart of the Road to Roota Theory - that Alan Greenspan IS Roota and there he is on the right side - the "Conspiracy Side" of the artwork...

Here's my take on what is being said in this section and where it will lead us in 2016.
- First of all, out of all the people pictured he is one of the few cartooned people and in color.
- Judging by his facial expression he's clearly not happy with something in this picture OR, and more likely, the BAD GUYS are not happy with what he has done and portrayed him as a bitter fading old man. Could go either way.
- Below him are 4 magazines with dates corresponding to significant years in his attempts at taking down the system.

1) 1987 - Just a few months after his appointment as the Fed Chair the market suffered one of the worst crashes in history "The Crash of 1987." Many analysts found that the ultimate cause of crash was triggered by automatic stop loss orders that were triggered in the computer trading models that had just been introduced to the markets. Yes, Greenspan did trigger the crash with his computer programs.

2) 1993 - In Greenspan's first attempts at flooding the system with "easy money" he kept lowering interest rates until they rates bottomed in late 1993 giving way to the Bond Collapse in 1994. Greenspan even suggested selling gold on May 18, 1993 Fed Meeting to "break the thermometer"...
Greenspan Suggested Gold Price Suppression in 1993
"I have one other issue I'd like to throw on the table. I hesitate to do it, but let me tell you some of the issues that are involved here. If we are dealing with psychology, then the thermometers one uses to measure it have an effect. I was raising the question on the side with Governor Mullins of what would happen if the Treasury sold a little gold in this market. There's an interesting question here because if the gold price broke in that context, the thermometer would not be just a measuring tool. It would basically affect the underlying psychology."

3) 2000 - Again Greenspan's easy monetary policies greatly contributed to the MASSIVE dot-com bubble that blew up in March of 2000. Greenspan's response was to even further lower interest rates and flood the system with even more money.

Greenspan Era
"The most notable actions taken during Greenspan's tenure as chairman began in 2000. He raised interest rates several times in 2000 which was likely this cause of the bursting of the dot-com bubble.

4) 2006 - Greenspan officially retired as Fed Chairman in 2006 and had President Bush appoint Ben Bernanke to the position who promised to flood the system with even more money.

Those are the 4 dates on the magazines but it is the date right above these magazines that is the most important - 2008. It was in 2008 that the entire system almost shut down. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson had to literally beg Congress for $700B to bailout the banks. Many attributed the crash to the lack of derivative regulations that Greenspan had fought for...and they were right. The other contributor was the housing bubble that Greenspan created by keeping interest rates too low for too long (note: in Greenspan's missing graduate thesis an entire section was dedicated to blowing up a housing bubble and then having it pop).

Looking At Greenspan's Long Lost Thesis
"We were tickled to find that the work's introduction includes a discussion of soaring housing prices and their effect on consumer spending; it even anticipates a bursting housing bubble. Writes Greenspan: "There is no perpetual motion machine which generates an ever-rising path for the prices of homes."

He was trying to blow the bubble so big that there was no other choice but to crash everything.

Unfortunately, the banksers won that fight and were given a bailout in 2008 to save the system. In retrospect, most people in the United States have come to believe this was huge mistake as the banksters seem to have gotten away with everything as not one of them went to jail.

Now look at that "slot machine" in front of Greenspan as represented on the full artwork. It is clearly being turned once again as the lever is 1/2 way down and the 8 is clearly shifting down. I'm not sure but the 3rd digit looks like an apple with a bite out of it...could it represent New York City (the Big Apple) where Wall Street takes the brunt of a large financial meltdown?

My final analysis is that the slot machine is a representation of Greenspan's computer programs and the take down of the banking system is already in progress only to culminate in 2016. There is no other reason to put Alan Greenspan in the middle of this Illuminati-ish artwork as Greenspan has been out of the mainstream for 10 years and he is NOT even talked about in the magazine articles in the hard copy or in the digital copies. Not a word where as most of the rest of the people (at least on the left side of the artwork) are discussed and addressed in the publication. 

There are those who read the slot machine as turning to 2018 which is the planned year for the Bad Guys to implement their "One World Currency" according to the Economist 1988 Cover but I'm not too sure as they clearly tried to block out the "1" before the 8. I guess time will tell.
And the baby reaching for the world below it all...perfect analogy of how the Bad Guys believe that the people CANNOT take care of themselves. They believe themselves to be our parents that will make all the large decisions for the child. 

Now let's take a look at some of the other potential meanings and symbols in this magazine. I put together a collage of pictures that I got from the specific articles in the magazine as they are easier to see then the small representations on the large picture.

Flying Cell Phone - At first I had no idea what this was but I found a better picture inside the magazine in an article about peer-to-peer transactions growing rapidly in 2016. Sounds GREAT for the Price of Bitcoin if you ask me as the phone is clearly moving upward at great speed with a Superman cape!! There is even an article written by "The Wicked Witch" Blythe Masters touting the technology - don't freak out. She shouldn't scare anyone anymore as she turned down a huge job at Barclay's just to get in the crypto game...but let's still keep a close eye on her as she may be going to jail after the crash!
Hippee on a Bike - I thought there was a lot here but upon further inspection I think it's just another example of a peer-to-peer wallet in use. Or maybe a warning to anyone trying to use peer-to-peer for illegal purposes like drugs. The message is:
"LDL" = Long Distance Lover
"VIENMO" = Payment sharing program
On the phone it says "DUMB PHONE" and there is a skull on his bag.
Not going to read too much into it here as it was on the left side of the artwork.
Same goes for the next two pictures (artificial reality glasses and the brains in a jar) as they are related to the articles in the magazine and on the left side of the artwork.
The Gold Coin on a Parachute - Here we have an obvious but HUGE message being sent for what's about to happen in 2016. At first I thought it was a random gold coin attached to a fiat money parachute but upon closer inspection it is a Gold Euro Coin attached to a Paper Euro Parachute which tells me there is some kind of Gold Backing going to be placed on the current unbacked Euro. That's big stuff as the Euro is clearly struggling today but if they did some kind of Gold backing then it would instantly become the strongest currency on EARTH...
And that would totally and completely DEVALUE the unbacked US Dollar!
Will it happen? Who knows but it is one of the many things on the table for 2016.

And what about this...
On the cover it is Angela Merkel front and center wearing a GOLD SHIRT and Germany holds the second largest gold hoard in the world behind the USA!! Will Germany try to keep the Euro alive by backing it in some way with their gold?(with parachute strings attached?) Also look at the huge chunk of gold represented in the picture above! Will all the hidden gold come into mainstream knowledge in 2016?
Maybe this is what Obama's Staff was freaking out about when Germany wanted it's gold back! Watch Obama and Larry Summers kick the press out of the Oval Office so they can beg for more time(7:15 into the segment)...

Here was my original analysis...

Gold Panic in the Oval Office

Panic in the White House - Part2
Time will tell what happens next.
A Euro Gold backing would be a HUGE move and send (purposefully) the US Dollar tumbling, gold skyrocketing(taking silver along for the ride) and set off the Derivative "Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction" for any trader long the Dollar and short the Euro in 2016!!!

Don't know what to make of this sign but it is the only silver object in the entire picture. Could it actually say...

I may just be me reading something I WANT to see into the picture...but maybe not. Sure looks to me like Chris Duane is holding up that sign! :)
That's all I have for now but obviously there is much, much more to this cover and I will be refining this article with updates throughout the new year.

Things to think about:
1) Clearly Hillery Clinton is the "Bad Guys" choice for US President as she is the only candidate in the picture.(note the gold on her earring as she is hiding BILLIONS in secret funds off shore!)

2) Why is Bill Clinton featured so prominently on the artwork and in color. Clearly something is planned for Bill to come out of the shadows...which is never a good thing!

3) All the people on the left of the picture have clear reasons for being there as the articles in the magazine addressing them in 2016 - the people on the right are ALL there for symbolic reasons.

and there are a million more mysteries to solve in this photo! 
Have fun trying to figure out why they are there. I will post Part 2 when I get more things figured out. Send me your guesses at bix@roadtoroota.com


Look what I found on the inside of the magazine...

So much for a peaceful transition.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
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Credit to Roadtoroota.com

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