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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Derivatives Chain Breaking and the Market Collapse will happen Soon

02:00 US Stocks Manipulated Higher as 2016 Election approaches
03:30 More Stocks down on average than actually up
05:30 Negative Interest Rates make Debt worth more than Cash
07:30 Deutsche Bank Derivatives Risk; Europe/Italian Banks to Crash First
11:00 More QE, Helicopter Money; All Fiat Currencies to Be Destroyed
12:30 2016 Election: Clinton vs Trump, How crazy will this get?
14:00 Possible Election Suspension as Black Lives Matter Protests Rage
16:30 If Trump is Not a Trojan Horse he’d clean up the Government
17:45 NWO Has 100% Control; Reset Coming; Commodities to Skyrocket
18:20 Gold Price Suppression Scheme to End with Market Shutdown

Credit to Before it's News

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