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Friday, July 8, 2016

Britain to send hundreds of troops to Russian border

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The UK will deploy hundreds of troops in response to growing concerns over Russia’s presence on its border with the Baltic states, David Cameron is set to announce.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says 650 troops will be sent to eastern Europe to help Nato in its mission to “deter Russia from any further aggression”.

A battalion of 500 soldiers will be sent to Estonia while 150 troops will be based in Poland, Mr Fallon confirmed, with the UK assuming leadership of Nato’s standby force early next year.

He continued: “[Eastern Nato countries] feel enormous pressure from Russia doing large exercises on the border, flying over their airspace and so on.

“I think [President Putin] is flexing his muscles. He wants Russia to be treated as the world power it used to be and that’s why an alliance like Nato is very, very important, that we stand together.”

Mr Fallon added that the UK had a duty to “reassure those countries” of continuing Nato support.

Nato has reiterated its commitment to install four new battalions in eastern Europe, a promise made following Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 which caused international outrage.

Credit to Independent.co.uk

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