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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Physicists Confirm Cris Putnam & Tom Horn’s Research—Say Physical Objects Could Cross Through Wormholes To Another Universe


A physical object could potentially pass through a wormhole at the centre of a black hole to another part of the universe, a team of theoretical physicists has said. While the object – be it a chair, a scientist, or a spacecraft – would be changed as it travelled beyond the event horizon (the edge of a black hole), it could technically remain as a physical object and be pulled through the theoretical wormhole. Traditionally, at the centre of a black hole lies a singularity. 

Matter is crushed into an infinite density and space and time no longer exist as we know them. Normally, any physical object that fell into a black hole would be crushed in one direction and stretched along another, being stretched out like spaghetti. If anything were to reach the singularity, it would be infinitely long and thin.

The researchers, from the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA) in Portugal, were building on previous work in which they found that without a singularity, there could be a finite-sized wormhole at the centre of a black hole.

Accepting this to be the case, the team then looked at the fate of an object that fell into a black hole and whether it could withstand the extreme gravitational field before arriving at the wormhole (and then continuing through to another part of the universe).

Credit to ibtimes.co.uk

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