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Monday, May 30, 2016

Pakistan: Proposals to allow men to beat wives who refuse sex

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AN ISLAMIC body which advises the Pakistan government has proposed a law to allow men to “lightly beat” their wives for refusing to have sex, wear a hijab or those who talk loudly “so the neighbours can hear”.

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) also suggested in its report men should use “limited violence” on spouses who do not bathe after intercourse or during menstruation.

It also provided guidelines on how to inflict the beatings.

Critics fear the legitimizing of spousal violence in one part of the Islamic world would inevitably lead to the same abhorrent mindset spreading to Britain.

CII leader Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani told a press conference in Islamabad this week: “Do not use shoes or a broom on the head, or hit her on the nose or eyes.

"Do not break any bones or cut her skin or leave any marks.

"Do not hit her vindictively, but only for reminding her about her religious duties."

Credit to express.co.uk


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