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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mastercard, Visa Say Head & Hand Scanning Is The Future Of Buying


To keep transactions as secure as possible, the MasterCard is taking a multi-layered approach. “We know about device identification, geo location, forensics and analytics on behaviors. 
So you take everything that we already have, and you add another layer on top of that which would be a biometric authentication.” Say you’re ready to buy something on a merchant website, and you’ve already signed up for your bank’s mobile biometric payments option. 
“As a cardholder, that’s just another tool that your bank would offer, that MasterCard facilitates,” Reany says. You hit the pay button, and a message goes from the merchant through MasterCard to the bank. “At that point, we would have sent a notification back to the person’s phone saying ‘hey, are you really trying to buy something?’ You press the phone once to say ‘yes,’ and then it says hold your phone up. 
You hold your phone up to your eye level, you blink your eye, and you never press another button. The blink triggers the fact that the consumer is verifying themselves and that they’re alive. Then we do a quick facial recognition match and give the approval,” Reany says. “Just blink and buy, it’s really that quick.”
Credit to skywatchtv.com

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