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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Iran Shows Off Third Underground Missile Site

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Iran’s military recently publicized a third underground missile facility and showed the launch of a new ballistic missile through the top of a mountain.

U.S. intelligence agencies said in a recent internal report on the launch that the new underground missile facility was disclosed by Iran in March.

It was the third time since October that Tehran showed off an extensive network of underground missile facilities. The new video, however, for the first time shows a missile launch from one of the country’s underground launch facilities.

Disclosure of the new video comes as Iran this week conducted the third launch of a ballistic missile since January, when the nuclear deal aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear weapons development went into effect.
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Two missiles were launched in March, including one shown in the video, identified as a Qiam-1, or Uprising-1, that appears to be a smaller variant of Iran’s Shahab-3 missile.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said Monday that he could not confirm the latest Iranian missile test but is aware of the reports.

The Pentagon is developing special precision-guided bombs and missiles designed to penetrate reinforced deep underground bunkers like Iran’s missile facilities.

“Iran has to abide by U.N. resolutions with regard to ballistic missiles tests, and if they have violated or not been consistent with those resolutions, that clearly would be a concern for us,” he said.

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Credit to freebeacon.com

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