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Hey Dave!  Thank you so very much for your vigilant pursuit of the truth and to get the information out to all of us !!  God Bless you for that.  I was just giving you some FYI information.  Here in Wheatland, Wy we have seen a huge amount of what looks like military caravans in the area.  Was driving to Laramie, Wy on a back road and met a possible 75-100 vehicles of some sort in a few convoys!!  I will attach video below.
Also saw this truck with AMES on it.  Armed Mobile Emergency & Safety.  Do you know anything about these…government, military, UN Etc.  Have seen a couple more but no pictures of them. 
Thanks again if you can help identify the truck pictures or a good guesstimate would be great also!     J

Secret military movements in Wyoming
Secret military movements in Wyoming

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Almost nobody knows who the heck these guys are (Armed Mobile, Emergency and Security *AMES). I found one ARSOF officer who had come across AMES.
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For years, Ames has been the glue that would tie together several first responder agencies, intelligence operations and on-scene military. They have been used at critical shooting events. However, in recent years, my source tells me that they have been involved with coordinated drills with foreign troops in high profile activities such as Jade Helm 15 and now UWEX 16.  This is also happening in conjunction with the presence of foreign mercenaries in nearby Northern Colorado.  Ames is the perfect coordinating group from which to fight a guerrilla war against rogue American units.

Also In Nearby Northern Colorado

My friend and trusted colleague, Paul Martin sent me information on mercenaries operating in Northern Colorado, in an around the LaPorte,, CO. area.
laporte, co
Weeks ago, I received this email from a person about UWEX 16 and I have to confess that I did not understand the message in the proper context I started connecting these dots.
Gurkha’s in training.

This was sent on 4/11/16
Dear Mr. Hodges, 
My son is in a branch of the military that is part of the drill you write about called UWEX.  He has told us of foreign troops who train with the soldiers when they are fighting guerrilla war battles. He told us of a group of for-hire soldiers he calls berka or gerkas and soldiers from Singapore as well. He said they fight with the Brits and they are highly trained in guerrilla war strategies. My son said that they are using these soldiers to train to fight against American tactics and weapons in a guerrilla war Texas.  
My son is freaked out because he said he will not fire on American soldiers or citizens. He says wont have to, the foreigners will do it for the government… 

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Paul Martin has a longtime family friend, whose husband was in the
“sophisticated” part of the Army had an encounter with foreign mercenaries known as  Gurkhas. Although the spelling is different, I believe the above emailer is referring to what Paul is referring to. There are just too many similarities for their not to be a connection. The Gurkhas are a member of any of several peoples of Nepal noted for their military prowess. They are a a member of units of the British army established specifically for Nepalese recruits in the mid 19th century. They are the Spartans of the modern age, the ultimate soldier and that is all they train for. They are often compared to Russian commandos. And they are in Northern Colorado. They are trained to fight against guerrilla forces. To the south, in Texas, they are fighting against imaginary American military units that have gone guerrilla. Does anyone else see the connection?
Isn't it time to start paying attention to UWEX?
Isn’t it time to start paying attention to UWEX?

And while you are thinking, do they also have air tactical which is a pre-requisite to fighting a guerrilla war.

 Russian Spetsnatz In La Porte, CO.

spetsnaz in la porte
ROUTINELY, Paul Martin and his friends from La Porte, have seen Russian commandos. They are most frequently cited at the local gun range and are engaged in target practice. They are aloof and travel in groups of three to four.

Rawlins, Wyoming

As these story updates were breaking yesterday, Katy Weylan, the Health Reporter to The Common Sense Show, contacted me with this information from Rawlins, Wyoming. Katy was provided the following information from a friend in the area.
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 4:11 PM
To: Katy W
Subject: Look What Came To Our Town
This military convoy was here May 2016 Wednesday today. At our fairgrounds in Rawlins. This is only a beginning of the convoy there’s more and throughout the whole day we have been swamped with military convoys coming in and we don’t even have a military base . surprise!
IMG_1028 (2)
Here is a brochure distributed by a local Wyoming business to its employees about an upcoming martial law drill. It was obtained from a friend of the Common Sense show’s health reporter, Katy Whelan.

APRIL 22, 2016
There should be no reason for panic
On April 22nd  an Emergency Response Exercise will be carried out by:
·         Carbon County First Responders
·         Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company Emergency Response Team
·         Office of Homeland Security
·         Memorial Hospital of Carbon County
·         Life Flight
·         Wyoming National Guard
·         Union Pacific Rail Road
·         and the Laramie Police Department
This will be a full-scale, joint exercise with SWRC’s Response Team playing a significant role in the Exercise and Command Center
The exercise will be  Hazardous Material related with the main event in the Town of Sinclair.
The public will be seeing the presence of the National Guard, First Responders in Hazmat Suits,
several fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles, as well as other support vehicles, and Life Flight.
There will be (2) mock incidents, one in Sinclair, the other in Rawlins.
**** We want you to be aware that this is an exercise only ****
If there were an incident within Sinclair Refinery during this exercise SWRC will notify
contractors and others as they would normally do, on how to proceed.
APRIL 22, 2015
Supervisors – copy and post this notice 
Please forward this information to our contractors

The Rawlins that is referenced is home to an old territorial prison, lies along railroad tracks and with minimal refurbishing, would make an ideal FEMA Camp.

Some people have no idea that they hold lightening in a bottle until they share the information.

From a High-Ranking Official In One of the Alphabet Soup Agencies

A very well-known media personality, known to all, provided me with this reaction to the Wheatland AMES photos from a high-ranking covert source. This person is not my source. It is the source of the media personality who wishes no public attribution.
In the following statement, there is sarcasm mixed in with some very frightening observations which have confirmed my worst nightmares, in that the present administration is not going to willingly leave office. They are going to have to be shown the door. However, before that can happen, we (the American military that these foreign troops are preparing to go to war with), will side with the people to defeat them. At this point, any foreign soldier on American soil must be considered to be a mortal enemy and an enemy of the people of the United States. Here is the response I received to the these foreign troop activities in and around Northern Colorado and Wyoming from  a highly placed source.
“Break, break, break, Tango Heavy to all check, how do you read me? Does anyone read me? …is this thing on? Oh theres the button..Time for a reality check Christians.
Ok so here’s the run down from the top to the bottom. Some weird and crazy stuff is being announced and discovered in this nation…to bad common sense is not one of them that made the list. 
Pay attention and pass on this intel so as to not let everyone freak out and go sprinting to the spider holes just yet..this is on the subject of the AMES convoy.
 I guess it was today but a company called AMES (advanced mobile enforcement and safety) ( who claims to do defense, policing, fire and rescue cool high speed low drag stuff) was spotted in Wyoming heading south to Cheyenne in an approximately 75 to 100 vehicle convoy, not strange at all……..
So heres the low down, the government contracts tons of “security” contractor companies that are used to primarily secure federal and DOD facilities. But none of them uses armored troop carriers nor do they have what appears to be “up-armored” f-250 trucks with a military escort. The only actual policing contractors that I know of work on DOD installations and they are more less just high speed security guards with arrest powers who can enforce federal law on federal installations and are federally contracted “police officers”. 
I dont think this the case. These AMES contractors would not be in a 75 to 100 vehicle convoy just cruising down the highway just to go do a shift change at a military post. And I doubt they just had all the stickers and emergency equipment put in their vehicles and are now being transported to the company office for distribution. If they needed to move assets like this it would be on tractor trailers that specializes in just that. No..this feels different.  And as a guy who tries to logically explain most “strange” things to an uninformed public..I feel that I can’t really explain this one..not in a good way at least.
From the videos and photos I’ve seen they look somewhat like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. When I was a “contractor” ..for a very well known..kind of bad and ruthless and feared company..we had armored ford f-250s that had armored cabs on the back of them as our main patrol and response vehicles. The passenger or driver was always some sort of spec ops and the rest were eugandans or kenyans, they were our fodder during a fight. So if anyone sees these vehicles..and sees that kind of personnel in the vehicles…I would assume you were looking at state department or DOD defense contractors..on our soil..these are warriors for hire..mercenaries we were called. Didn’t matter where we went just as long as that fat paycheck was enroot to the savings account. Look for one or two guys that look like they mean business and two or three or four guys who look out place. Like two linebackers standing next to two male cheer Chuck Norris standing next to Obama..or like the Marines standing next to the Air get the idea. Chuck you da man!
Anyhow there is no need for guys like us to operate in our own country unless the S is about to HTF.
You do not cry for havoc and release the dogs of war..unless there is a war going on or about to start..which I think the war has already started.
Now this convoy is heading from the North to the south, from Wheatland Wyoming to Cheyenne Wyoming. Whats the significance here? Well what’s south of Cheyenne Wyoming? Denver Colorado, where the second white house and other interesting stuff is located. Hint Hint. 
People in the Denver area, if you see this convoy give us a direction of travel and what cities they are cited in. If the convoy heads towards the mountains then I’m gonna get my go bag ready-er.  If the convoy stops at a military installation let us know which. If they head to a train yard let us know which. If they continue south give the highway or interstate. People in Colorado be vigilant..this may pertain to you now. 
Why is everything happening in the south west to central part of the Rockies? …UWEX16..Jade Helm 15…military moving the same directions as a very very large “security” convoy is or maybe headed? Is it because of the incoming earthquakes in SO-CAL? Is it the red dawn scenario finally coming to life? Is the new DC beefing up its security because of an incoming EMP that shuts down the presidential elections and power for part or all of the nation and triggers mass chaos and panic like the good doctor Carlson warned us of!!!!? Maybe it’s to secure the border?…ha..ha..ha…maybe it’s to secure a corridor for an access road that someone or some people of “importance” will need to get through a rough situation that would call upon such assets in a desperate time of need? Like a dirty bomb(s). I can’t really get anymore vague than that..
Look as one of the guys who helps run this sh*t show all I can say is that the most of DHS is in the dark. No one knows really what is going on but everyone knows something is about to go down…that should tell you something. And just to reiterate a fact here that most Americans deny..besides that 99.9% of ground pounding cops/law enforcement officers/military have no idea what going on with UWEX16 or other nefarious operations..only the elected official and career politicians do. That should tell you more than I care to say..”
The reality check is that its time you make sure you gear, food, water, shelter and weapons are squared away..go over your evac and bug in plans..fill up your gas or deisel cans..get your preparedness team together and go over your operation plans..You people may very well want to check yourselves before you wreck yourselves. 

My fellow Americans, there may not be an election and it is going to get very, very ugly because we have been invaded and the occupation troops are in place.

Credit to Common Sense